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Spiritual Brotherhood Basic Message

Article by Heidrun Beer (01/1998)

from a discussion on the Knowledgism mailing-list

On Thu, 15 Jan 1998 23:17:59 -0800, William J. Tripodi wrote:

>On Thu, 15 Jan 1998 08:34:03 GMT (Heidrun Beer) writes:

>> "No matter WHAT it is - COUNT ON ME!"

>Dear Heidrun,

>Say WHAT?


Be there when you need me where you need me doing what you need (greenzone!! - to be in the right place at the right time doing the right things with the right people!!)

I think this is transcending the old concept of A-R-C (affinity, reality, communication), as this basically depends on a distance.

Whereas my concept is to EMBRACE the spiritual brother in space and time and spiritual reality, rather than to CONNECT to him from a separated viewpoint, as done in A-R-C.

This is truly "being one": if I conceive of you having the same importance as myself (note that this is working only if done by both, or if the one-ness is covering more than two, then if it is done by all) - or better, as part of myself - FEELING your pain, feeling your PLEASURE - acting on your behalf like for myself - because this is what you TRULY are - myself - and I'm broken and shattered as long as I have not fully restored this basic TRUTH.

Instantly, any harm or mistake or neglect or violation of integrity on your side is becoming my own responsibility. My only chance to maintain my own integrity is to contribute to yours as well, always making carefully sure that I am NOT MISOWNING as in taking away your full command over your own space, time, matter and energy as well as thoughts and decisions (for instance, WHEN to CHANGE!)

MISOWNING your viewpoint would push you out of it and my "growth" would be at your cost; EMBRACING your viewpoint would include your full self-determinism including all your very opposition to me, thus expanding you AND me until we both cover the whole of each other's PRESENCE.

Now, look up the ABUSE material again. In the section about "Abuse inflicted to you, the spirit, by disintegration and pain done in a subtle, underhanded, secret, behind-your-back manner" it says:

"Not maintaining your spirituality by making your mind, body, identity or material objects more important than you." (Quote by Alan C. Walter)

Our current cultural programming very much invites us to commit such abuse, as well as contributing to a state of apathy were we tacitly agree to having it done to ourselves.

One example which I will never forget was how my father didn't touch my mother anymore in her last months while she was dying from cancer. He didn't dress her operation wound (she got a bad infection), he didn't hold and HUG her (she was about to die!!!!!) - because he made her sick and maybe even disgusting body MORE IMPORTANT THAN HER. (I thank god that I had the opportunity to reassure her in this, during her last 10 days where she stayed with me.)

Now we could run the various violations of this probably forever, if we were to be really thorough. But Alan just recently reminded me of always looking at the POSITIVE (which would unravel the negative), so let's turn on a few positive 3D holograms:


>On Thu, 15 Jan 1998 08:34:03 GMT (Heidrun Beer) writes:

>> "No matter WHAT it is - COUNT ON ME!"

- extended -


Please count on me to stay PRESENT with you (no matter whether your case is knocking you out in an area), inside and outside of session.

Please count on me to stay ABSENT from you, if this turns out to be a necessity for you to recover your SPACE and your REACH.

Please count on me to observe your NECESSITIES with a complete and unconditional reliability.

Please count on me to stay aware of your VISION, even if you lost your grip on it (planning, implementation, outcome - or simply the vision itself).

Please count on me to contribute to the EXPANSION of your vision, by inviting you to consider my own viewpoints.

Please count on me to stay in TOUCH with you, whether you can return this or not.

Please count on me to stay in touch with and embrace your FULL FREQUENCY BAND, especially in areas which tend to be DAMPED or even KILLED by cultural programming. In our culture, this would be mostly the TACTILE frequencies, including the SEXUAL frequencies, and the highest SPIRITUAL frequencies (LOVE).

Please count on me to make sure that you can get FULL EDUCATION, especially in areas which are in neglect due to tacit sabotage by cultural programming.

Please count on me to be available with my physical body as a COACH, especially where cultural programming is neglecting your practice.

Please count on me to UPGRADE the culture on this planet, for you and your children (your future lives).

Please count on me to always ask you the RIGHT QUESTION which will bring you forward (note that this would require full professional processor training and training of trainers!!)

Please count on me to always find the RIGHT ANSWER if you need my assistance in ANY area of your life.

Please count on me to fully envision your FUTURE, even if you are currently hung up in the past or don't look forward from present time.

Please count on me to always take responsibility for your own INTEGRITY (direct your attention to maintaining a fundamental ethics), especially in questions of EXCHANGING me and others.

Please count on me to always contribute to your optimum ORGANIZATION, which will enable you to plan and implement your visions no matter what they are.



The above is just a few examples; I could add to the list for several hours. I am aware of the fact that they are rather ambitious and require a wide horizon. So let's add some more points here:


Please count on me to always understand your RELATIVE SIZE, and carefully act on your behalf in a way which will lead to your GETTING BIGGER without ever OVERWHELMING you.

And in order to be able to really accomplish all of the above, the first thing which would be necessary would be:

Please count on me to establish myself as your spiritual brother or FRIEND (to connect, link, or to get and stay IN TOUCH). This would be done by finding your WANTS and providing them, or helping you to get them.


Depending on age, gender and life situation, I could for instance:

Think of your birthday

Go to the performance at school where you are playing the part of Cinderella

Show you my g-point and tell you how to handle it

Give you a contact-assist after you had a car-accident

Invite you to ride on my horse for a weekend

Sit by your side at your death bed

Give you a massage

Bring you a coffee to allow you to stay focussed on your work

Send you the missing issue which you need for your next session

Warm up a bottle of milk and hold it for you to drink it

Pay for your flight to Dallas to enable you to participate in a course which is held a month earlier than you would have had the money

Attend your basketball-game

Listen to you on the phone when you need to talk about a heart-break

Give you a piece of ground in my garden to experiment with cultivating vegetables

Help out in your business until you can replace the employee who ran away with the cash

Visit you in prison or hospital

Build that 3D-puzzle of the Eiffel-tower with you which you got for Christmas

Drive you to the airport

Come and help in your area after an earthquake

Kiss/lick your penis (clit) until no more deficit

Refuse to lend you any more money, and instead help you to find a way how to optimize your income

Re-animate you after a heart-attack

Help you up the stairs in your wheel-chair

Tell you how to change your diet to get your blood pressure under control

Take you in session instantly after one of your "furies" turned on, no matter how much of a GURU you are (see above for the ABUSE-item: "... an identity... more important than YOU")

Allow you to play "Solitaire" on my computer during my evening break

Support you in your attempts to quit smoking

Change your nappies

Turn you around in bed frequently to make sure you get no wounds in case the body can't get up anymore

LEAVE YOU in a situation where you habitually refuse to face your integrity breaks (this should prompt you to re-consider things)

Bury your body which just has died in a way that you feel it's a complete cycle and you can start a new game

Chat about sex with you until you have certainty that this is OK

Go over your homework with you

Tell you where to download the software for internet-phone, and help you to install, learn and use it

Water your plants and feed your cat during your vacation

Invite you to take over a body I am pregnant with, and to entrust your new start to me as your physical and spiritual guide


... and so on and so on ... I am sure you get the idea. I am talking about a flexibility and availability which is simply UNLIMITED. Maybe this is too SIMPLE as a concept???? NO LIMITS???

It would necessarily include a very determined defense against (at first) and removal (later) of culturally programmed SABOTAGE.

Or, shorter, you implement the following concept without ever allowing any REDUCTION or EXCLUSION:

"No matter WHAT it is - COUNT ON ME!"


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