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From Separation to Co-Creation

Processing the Group Consciousness (4th Density) Case

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Anyone reading this who hasn’t seen the Star Trek movies with the sexy looking lady “Seven of Nine“ in her skin-tight dress and voluptuous lips? As a child, she was assimilated by the “Borg”, a collective mind (also called a “hive mind”) of millions of individuals, from which she later got severed during the crash of a spaceship, and needed a lot of time to catch up developing individuality and a human character.

All Science Fiction, just entertainment, no need to think about it? Maybe – or maybe not? At the end of the series, “Seven of Nine” had integrated herself into the Star Trek crew. She now considered them her family. They were not exactly a group mind, at least not in the enforced and emotionless Borg style, but they had developed emotional connections, and with that the pretty lady had started to transcend her existence as a completely separated individual.

Society as a “Borg”

Emancipating ourselves from decisions and patterns enforced on us by others was a great step forward for most of us as we grew up. No more mother who chased us out of the bed in the morning! No more father who could dictate a hairstyle, a dress code, when to come home in the evening or whom to meet (or, worse, whom to not meet). No more being a little wheel in the big school machinery! I remember clearly the joy I felt when I walked out of my school for the last time. The weather God had made it an extra sunny day with a bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds, and I just jubilated. Finally free!

Little did I know about the decades of slave work that were going to follow. Laws and regulations everywhere. Bureaucracy running the show. Democracy, the rule of majority, regardless of this majority’s qualification. Taxes! Still, I live in a relatively stable and politically safe country in the center of Europe. Whenever I think of  the madness that is going on in other parts of the world, I stop repeating over and over how poor I am. No, I am lucky. Well, relatively so. Because… there is another world possible, or maybe it is already coming… a world where people are telepathically connected and lovingly perceive each other as parts of a greater whole… the world of group consciousness.

Single Cells and Organisms

Some scientists believe that the collective “hive mind”, which is already known to exist among ants and bees (and the Zeta Reticuli extraterrestrials), is the future of humanity, and that we are currently developing brain structures for it. But actually we already are a collective mind – the product of many millions of years of evolution where individual cells somehow joined each other and formed multi-celled organisms.

Actually this happened twice: once in the plant kingdom and once in the animal kingdom. There was a moment where some single-celled bacterium didn’t digest the green alga cell it tried to eat, and the alga became part of the bacterium. A great accomplishment, because the new two-celled organism suddenly didn’t depend on food anymore, it could produce its own energy from sunlight! This was the moment where all grasses, grains, flowers, vegetables, fruits and trees were first conceived. 

We will probably never know what kept another cell from digesting the one (not an alga) it just had swallowed. Somehow both survived, and from there on they multiplied together. Then they either incorporated more single cells, or they started to specialize while multiplying. All the insects, birds, reptiles, fish and mammals that populate Earth today are the successors of this first revolutionary act of mating. It is still happening daily, when an egg and a sperm merge and then develop into a new sparrow, lizard, octopus, shark, elephant, or human child.

So, if it happened before, could it happen again, on the next bigger “octave”, or level of magnitude? Do we want it to happen? Why would we want such a thing in the first place? A loaded question, isn’t it. On the other hand, how happy would we be if our body suddenly disintegrated into a big pile of single-celled individuals of microscopical size, and we couldn’t walk, talk, smile and embrace anymore, much less get any more ambitious projects done, like playing a Mozart symphony, erecting an Eiffel Tower, or building a rocket ship?

Obviously what we can accomplish as a structured organism is infinitely bigger and more complex than what 150 pounds of microbes can do; and obviously all 150 pounds of them cannot imagine a single human being’s capabilities in the very least, because our organs and our senses and our interaction and our dreams are so far outside their own scope of imagination, reach and accomplishment. We can only assume that there is a comparable expansion in magnitude waiting, even if we are not able to imagine it, should life indeed decide to take the next step of integrating so many parts into a bigger whole.


Let’s imagine for a moment that our body has indeed fallen apart into millions and millions of individual particles and we are looking in shock at a 150 pound pile of randomly mixed heart cells, brain cells, bone cells, stomach, kidney, tissue, blood and muscle cells. As a disembodied spirit, we suddenly have such a deep desire to get that body back, and we say so irresistible prayers, that a friendly fairy in a wavy gown appears with this message of hope: “Good child, if you can manage to put your body back together from these millions of cells, I will make it alive again and you can enjoy it forever.”

Ooops. What? How nice of her! She revives it with a little puff of some sacred something, but we have to put it back together first? How in the world are we to find all the cells that belong together, and how are we going to reassemble them? Well, there is always the option of getting a new and intact human body, which is probably what we are going to do, leaving behind a very disappointed fairy whose prank didn’t materialize – but one “octave” above, on the next higher level of magnitude, the chances to re-integrate myriads of units of consciousness – each of whom comes in a package with its own human body – are much better and more realistic.

Separation vs. Integration

Lyssa Royal, the famous channel who explains humanity’s galactic history in her book “The Prism of Lyra”, writes, after explaining how seven different frequency levels of consciousness, also called “densities”, came about by fragmentation: “Consciousness also fragmented, and the fragments moved 'away' from each other as the 'Big Bang' theory symbolically suggests. The illusion thus arose that each fragment was very, very alone. [...] The Whole understood that the purpose of this experience was to learn to reintegrate from a point of separation."

The Densities

The density levels are defined by Lyssa Royal’s sources as follows (quoted verbatim from her book):

- First Density: Awareness as a point; physical matter.

- Second Density: Awareness as a line; biological matter; development of group or species identity.

- Third Density: Volumetric awareness; ego; loss of group identity, development of individual identity; ability to remember past and cognize the future while retaining present awareness.

- Fourth Density: Containment of volumetric awareness; superconsciousness; reintegration of group identity without loss of ego identity; as vibration increases, perception of past, present, and future become more fluid along with the ability to interface with multi-dimensional and multidensity realitites; negatively oriented consciousness becomes more difficult to  maintain.

- Fifth Density: Experiential awareness of "I" as a group identity; not bound by linear time.

- Sixth Density: Awareness as the dimension itself. This has often been called the "Christ Consciousness"  in that it displays a frequency level equal to that of the Christ or Buddha.

- Seventh Density: Awareness as the multidimensional experience; group-matrix identity (social memory complex). This is the frequency of total oneness or integration. Those who vibrate to this frequency are merged in identity and become a mass-conscious whole. They magnetize those in other frequencies and provide the current for the natural flow toward integration.

Humanity Soon on 4th Density?

Currently most of humanity still vibrates on a 3rd density frequency. In other words, our basic perception is that we are separated from each other. There is “myself” and then there are others. On the limited level of families, ideally, it can be “we”. Sometimes even in small groups. That we perceive ourselves and other people as a bigger “myself”, that we perceive ourselves and these others inside an energetic “skin” that somehow makes us feel and act as one identity – which would make us 4th or nearly 5th density people – is rather rare.

If it happens at all, then between lovers, and usually not for a long time. But this would be the direction where the integration postulated by Lyssa Royal is going – its very first step – integrating two people, or integrating some few people, into “group identity without loss of ego identity”. So, there is no “Borg”-style assimilation and no “resistance is futile”. No sacrificing of the self for the collective – no, rather an intimate association that allows each member of the collective to sense the others, their needs, their pains, but also their joys – they are growing together into an organism where each part is naturally taking care of all others.

A Prerequisite Yet Missing

We have developed our understanding of body cells and body organs (structured cell groups that perform only one function or one set of functions) to such a degree that we perceive them as one unit, “my body”. So this step of integrating many individual viewpoints (those of these cells), after millions of years, is finally complete; but on the next “octave”, the next level of magnitude in integrating, ego consciousness is still prevalent, and freedom from other people’s choices is still a major goal for the future.

Only when that freedom has been accomplished – when we all have detached from the enforced “Borg” style group mind of our existing culture, and have finally formed a new culture that by its very design is not enforcing any choices on its members, so that they can fully express their individual selves – can we even think of transcending these selves, and of making the next step of integration into the bigger “me” of a group consciousness. This new culture of absolute respect for the individual’s self expression is a prerequisite for any moving into 4th density. So far, it is still missing.

It will probably take some more decades, maybe even centuries; but already now can we prepare for the task of organizing all these units of consciousness (who are now scattered all over the universe) into a logical structure, a kind of super-organism. Only that there is not one God-level spirit playing with an enormously big 3-dimensional jigsaw puzzle – the puzzle pieces are playing themselves! They are not moved by an outside force, they are moving out of their own impulse, trying to find and join the other units of their cell group or “organ”.

4th Density People in a 3rd Density World

This movement is what allows us to identify the emerging 4th density people. If we look again at our 150 pound pile of mixed body cells, all of them now endowed with self awareness, some will stay where they are, or maybe move away in a more or less straight direction in order to find their own territory. These are the 3rd density people – happily separated from each other, maybe more happy now where they don’t have to serve in a collective anymore, busy on their mission of fully becoming themselves.

Others will restlessly crawl around and around and around, and soon we will see patterns form in the pile of cells, where the individual dots migrate together into homogenous puddles of color. There, the pattern of a mouth, incomplete still, but we recognize that shape and that color. There, the pattern of a nose, a cheek, a chin, another cheek, an eye, another eye. Quite eagerly, these cells are finding back to the positions they need to assume in order to fit the design of a face. Their separation melts away and they re-connect. Whether the fairy did it or they simply woke up to their true assignment – by following their basic instincts, they move to the place where they are needed, and the body that has fallen apart starts to reassemble itself.    

In a similar way, 4th density people are searching their partner “cells”. And what is the principle of their moving? There is not really a human word for it, but it is an energy somewhere in the area of attraction, gravity, affinity, magnetism. It is basically a longing of overwhelming intensity – a nearly painful feeling that they are incomplete, and want to become whole. While 3rd density people are usually content with the one intimate connection they have with their spouse, 4th density people are forever looking for more of their perfect matches, the people with whom they belong, their spiritual family, the beings they have to find in order to become the group identity of which they are now only a fragment.

Most humans would be offended if we called them “only a fragment”, but what would an eye’s cell be without the rest of the eye, without the rest of the body? It would be lost, useless, and as it is so highly specialized, it would be not really equipped for a one-celled existence. It would depend on its partner cells the same way they depend on it. Lost, useless, not really equipped for a lone existence – this is exactly how 4th density people feel if they have to live on their own!


As individuated viewpoints, we are kind of blind for the bigger whole that we are to become. We have the general idea, as Lyssa Royal says, “the Whole understood that the purpose of this experience was to learn to reintegrate from a point of separation", but we don’t have the construction blueprint for that super-organism, who is as much more superior to human beings as a live human being is superior to a 150 pound pile of individual cells.

We do have a tool though, exactly one reliable tool.

4th density individuals can start to find each other as soon as they develop a perception of resonance. If that perception is well trained, and if they trust it and it isn’t talked or laughed or beaten out of them, those units of consciousness who belong together, can start to migrate through space and maybe even time, in order to join each other. There is a specific moment when two such people connect, as if a signal lamp were going on whose label says “connected”. 4th density people, with or without being educated about it, are forever seeking more of these connections, more of this resonance.

Without having been told (and often it is one of their life’s biggest questions), they are drawn to the position in the big network where they belong in order to play their part. While the 3rd density people find their satisfaction in going free and becoming independent, the 4th density people have completed this step and now have the urge to find their true assignment. They may not be able to put it into words, but some impulse deep inside tells them that as if by some super-natural magic, the ultimate truth, the “Face of God” will finally appear in all its glorious beauty, if they only follow their urges and keep joining the people with whom they resonate… a face so overwhelmingly wonderful, so eternally perfect… and then they wake up from their sweet trance and find that they are still in a universe where things are not so often wonderful, and nearly never perfect, and that there is a ton of things that can go wrong.

What Processing Can Do

This is the point where processing enters the stage. It works with the same concepts and tools for both density types. Only the areas of charge are different, so there will be different questions asked in the session (probably for a while, as people make their transition from 3rd to 4th density, questions for both density types will be needed).

Processing is universal. Just like it can assist a 3rd density type person in becoming more fully and more truly themselves, it can assist an emerging 4th density type person in sorting out their difficulties while moving towards connecting and co-creating with others, the next major step in their  spiritual evolution. The practitioner simply identifies the person’s present time goals and then traces down all the failures in reaching them.

A 4th density collective has a special kind of  “blood circulation” installed inside its “skin”. Blissful loving energy is produced by each of its members and “feeds” them emotionally. For the individual 4th density person this is perceived like emotional “breathing” that is performed by the love and bonding centers of their energy body (3rd and 4th chakra – solarplexus and heart). If they are not part of a 4th density group but have to live in a 3rd density group (family) or entirely on their own, this vital process of “breathing” is dysfunctional. The lack of inflow is perceived as emotional hunger, and the energy that is produced for outflow and has nowhere to go,  jams up and is perceived as an uncomfortable, sometimes increasingly desperate back pressure. Loving literature, movies or music can help to provide some of the missing inflow, and becoming creative in a loving art form can alleviate some of the back pressure. Tailormade processing can assist in perceiving and understanding these energies, and exercising them so that they come fully under the person’s conscious control.

One major area of material for processing is where friends or spouses go through painful experiences as one of them evolves toward 4th density and the other stays in 3rd density. Their different pace may not have been apparent in the 3rd density state of separation, but going into 4th density, it becomes an essential factor. As the gap between them becomes bigger and bigger, the 3rd density person will typically look at a break of previously valid and workable agreements and patterns, and maybe even feel guilty of causing this break without seeing the exact act or omission that caused it – while the 4th density person will feel abandoned in their evolution by a familiar and appreciated partner who now slowly turns into a stranger. Both of them will benefit from processing, but even more from learning what is actually happening to them!

Another major cause of pain is already familiar to us from 3rd density, when we fell in love with a physically attractive person who had a poor character. All the intense longing for a more beautiful soul to animate this beautiful vehicle becomes even stronger if the 4th density consciousness is missing additionally. Even with a good character, the lack of the 4th density patterns of joining identities and sharing perceptions will hurt the 4th density person as a massive deficiency, while the 3rd density person is hit with a disappointment and a demand that they cannot understand. Again processing can help to release some charge, but even more important is the information about what is going on.

Subject Illiteracy

The first major outness will typically be the absence of any education in these matters that are of so vital importance to a spirit’s wellbeing, which puts them into a state of confusion and, if they have any spiritual awareness, gives them many unanswered questions. The late Alan C. Walter has called this condition “subject illiteracy”. It is not the general illiteracy where people have never learned to read or write, or they can theoretically read but not really make sense of any printed text – it is a specific illiteracy in a specific subject.

At our time in history and in our part of the world, we typically see subject illiteracy in areas like diet and physical health, in sexual matters, in ecology, and in most spiritual questions like the nature of a being, a person’s relationship to their body and mind, past lives, life after death, and between-lives planning of the upcoming next incarnation. Education in these matters can make all the difference to a person, independently from the question whether they receive any processing or not. Certainly processing will remove some charge from these areas of confusion, once the confusion itself has been resolved by well planned education in these essentials.

Some people do have knowledge in spiritual matters, they are just unaware of the differences between 3rd and 4th density personalities. It is sometimes easy to add this particular piece of knowledge to the already existing foundation, but sometimes this existing foundation makes it especially difficult. If people believe that they already “know it all”, they will not look anymore.

Connection Attempts

The next thing to look at is the basic difference between 3rd density and 4th density values. Basic values for the 3rd density consciousness are “Freedom from” and “Freedom to”, which of course means shaping their lives after their very personal preferences, in other words, making their visions come true.  The 4th density person builds on all that, but has the additional values of “being connected” (being in resonance), “being where they belong” (in the right position or place to fulfill their assignment) and “being integrated” (experiencing oneness).

If two 4th density people meet who “belong together” (see chapter on synchronization below), it just “clicks” and they connect. They are both ready for this type of merging into a greater whole. They “grow a skin” around the two of them, act in unison from there on, and life is wonderful ever after.

This process is not restricted to two people, it is not necessarily a sexual or physical thing (although there will be great care given to making each individual group member happy in every possible way, including all physical needs). A whole family or even a larger group can be contained by the “skin” of such a group consciousness unit. If on the other hand a 4th density type person makes a connection attempt toward a 3rd density type person, because they have some things in common or maybe there is physical attraction between them, it can result in tragedy for both of them.

The 3rd density person perceives an impending loss of freedom and self determinism. They feel threatened, overwhelmed, taken over, “devoured”, and react with a violent rejection. Remember the first merging of two cells in our own physical history? One cell tried to devour another. One was the predator, the other one was its prey. Most times this didn’t result in a revolutionary new two-celled life form, it simply resulted in one cell being digested by the other – dissolved and their identity killed. This is the situation that is restimulated in the 3rd density person by the totally innocent connection attempt of the 4th density person.

The 4th density person on the other hand has a heartbreak, because their most benevolent and constructive intentions are so violently rejected. From the other person’s reactions they feel they have committed an overt (a harmful act), but cannot see what is harmful about it. From their own perspective, they have tried to make one step in building the greater whole which is their final destination. From the 3rd density person’s perspective, the 4th density person just tried to eat them up! The more unaware they are of the situation, the heavier the charge, on both sides.

There is such a fundamental difference in their perceptions of reality that reconciling them is practically impossible. If they can interact at all, then only on a 3rd density level – which means that the 4th density person will be frustrated in their need of a closer and more intimate connection. So they better separate, and each of the two will have to be processed on their own level of reality. Education of course helps, at least the 4th density person. For the 3rd density person the general rule will probably apply that a person can only perceive on their own level, or on the levels below.

Tree of Existence

What we have to understand if we talk about “re-integrating the Whole” is a structure that I call the “Tree of Existence”. Spirit expresses itself into many directions. It is branching out into the physical universe much like a fir tree. Now, while the tree as such feels complete only when it is extending a branch into every possible direction (otherwise it would perceive an uncomfortable gap or “hole” in its configuration), the individual branches often perceive each other as opposition or “enemies”.

This situation repeats itself with the smaller branches extending from one main branch, and with the twigs extending from one smaller branch. Even the individual needles or leaves that extend from one twig can grow into opposite directions and could then perceive each other as opponents. An awareness of their basic oneness and the underlying design of the tree as a whole – to cover every possible position with a branch of itself – can come from processing, or ideally even before that it can come from a really substantial education. Many unnecessary conflicts could be avoided if people realized that their differences come from life’s basic desire to express itself in as many different ways as possible, and that they could peacefully co-exist if they only realized this underlying truth.

What they really need to do is not to fight each other, but to find their place of belonging, the place where they can live with like-minded people – which can be very different from the physical location into which they are born. This applies to 3rd density people as well as to 4th density people. Many of the synchronization elements mentioned below are in operation in groups on both of these density levels, only that the boundaries between 4th density people are less solid than the boundaries between 3rd density people.

The adventures and disappointments in their attempts at finding their place of belonging, and the stages of uncertainty, detours and errors in the times before they realized what they needed to do in order to find their true assignment, are where processing is required to clean the slate and free up the energy that is frozen into the records of painful events.


Now, what makes the 4th density type of personality different from the 3rd density type of personality? Their major difference has already been mentioned: in 3rd density the individual spirits operate from a point of separation, while in 4th density they operate at “reintegration of group identity without loss of ego identity”. So the group members, instead of perceiving themselves as part of a group, they perceive themselves as an individual consisting of parts; instead of creating individually, they are co-creating.

If that group only had parts, that could be easy. It’s the process of growing (adopting more members) and shrinking (losing members) that can be difficult and cause pain. But why would there be failures in adopting new members, and why would a group lose a member again? Because there is friction in their cooperation. Sometimes this friction is flowing some dissonance into the group’s resonance to a degree that is still tolerable; sometimes it becomes massive and so intolerable that it turns into an incident, both for the group and the individual member.

The one essential concept that is needed to integrate any kind of separate units into a bigger whole is synchronization. Whatever they do, they must act in unison, or if not in unison, then in a coordinated pattern (just think of a pianist’s 10 fingers and how they cooperate to play one piece of music).

A large part of processing the 4th density type case will consist of cleaning up synchronization failures. And this synchronization has several component parts. A failure in each of these component parts always means a failure in synchronization. Like asking for A, R, C and U after finding an ARC break, processing can check for a synchronization failure, identify the specific component part, get the situation, and then trace back the chain of earlier similar synchronization failures. Ideally this results not only in “charge gone”, but also in “lesson learned”.

Direction (Vision) and Pace (Timing)

A leg walking north while the second leg is walking south is impossible. An eye looking left while the other one is looking right is also impossible. So, the first thing we have to synchronize in a collective is direction. People who want to walk into different directions may be of the 4th density group identity type or not, but as they cannot synchronize their direction, they cannot be part of the same group identity (they can join another one – one that moves into the same direction as they do).

For spiritual beings, not bodies, direction is equivalent with vision. So it is the vision which is the main factor of identification for any 4th density collective. Everything else is secondary in importance.

Next, pace (speed of movement). Obviously all cells of a body must move at the same speed, or the body would be torn apart. So, pace is the next thing to synchronize. Two people who move at very different paces, even if they go into the same direction, cannot be part of the same group identity. If they are assigned to the same job, and one needs a week for it while the other one needs half a year, they are not synchronized. Either one of them must adapt to the other, a process that comes with the danger that one feels rushed or the other feels slowed down, or they have to find a common middle ground, or they must separate.

In order to allow the synchronization of pace in a group consciousness compound, there is often one individual who acts as a pace-maker. S/he has a function similar to the conductor of an orchestra, making sure that all group members interact smoothly, time-wise. Having more than one pace-maker in a group can cause difficulties. They would have to be very much in tune with each other to not disrupt the operation with their conflicting impulses. More often they will develop irrecoverable conflicts and even tear the group apart, while each takes with them a part of the members.

Private Property (Matter and Energy)

As mentioned before, 4th density vibrates to “reintegration of group identity without loss of ego identity”. It is not another incarnation of communism where nobody has any private property. A well synchronized group will make sure that its members each live at a comparable level of comfort and physical possessions. Some having a lot of luxury and others living very poorly would negatively affect their synchronization. If they are truly 4th density, they would share the difficult times as well as times of abundance. The same principle applies to the group’s energy (money, manpower).

If there are difficulties in this area, processing may help to remove some charge, especially if there are heavy chains going backtrack, but most of the attention should be paid to bringing a better balance to the physical establishment of all group members.

Private Property (Space and Time)

Although the members of a 4th density collective will spiritually share each other's space by an act of permeation, this does not necessarily mean that they should not have private physical space, or that they should work sitting on each other's laps.

Private space is a necessity, as each member of a collective has a private life as well. They would suffer if this need were sacrificed to the compound's requirements. This suffering again would introduce pain into the perceptions of the whole group identity: they are sharing their joy as well as their pain, or they wouldn’t be a group identity. If space is scarce, it would have to be distributed according to the same principles as in the case of a material scarcity.

Similarly, work time and leisure time need to be evenly distributed. That some people in a family or group are overworked while others are idle, happens a lot in 3rd density, but in 4th density it constitutes a synchronization failure.

Performance and Exhaustion

The performance level of a 4th density group is another point where synchronization is required. It can be high quality, medium quality, low quality, no quality. The performance level of individual group members should be matching. It can be adjusted by training, and any charge created by differences in performance can be addressed in processing as a synchronization failure.

If a group’s performance level in combination with their pace is higher than the individual members can handle, and/or not well balanced with recovery time, exhaustion (burnout) can occur. This would jeopardize the whole operation. In this case, again, processing will help, but the main correction has to happen in the operation itself. Either the performance level or the pace or both have to be lowered, until they match the members’ capacity.

Wave Frequency (Tone Level)

The synchronization of the group’s wave frequencies is nearly as important as their timing. There are several frequency levels where people can work efficiently, but they are not necessarily compatible. The sharp and ruthless tone on a construction site is efficient where perfect building quality is in the focus of attention, but will not work very well on a theatre rehearsal stage where creativity and sensitivity are the quality factor. Sharp contrasts in vibration can be very painful for the group identity and can even lead to the group breaking up. If processing and the influence of the pace-maker cannot level them out, some members may have to leave the group in order to restore synchronization among the others.

Sharing Knowledge (Osmosis)

A very interesting model of sharing can be observed between the cells of a body: it is called "osmosis".

On a microscopic level, we will find that every individual cell tries to balance their concentration of substances with the environment. They will fill their deficits from an affluence in the environment, and in turn share their own abundance by flowing some of it out into the connective tissue or blood stream. In a well working 4th density group, a similar situation can be observed regarding knowledge.

From the typical "single-cell" hierarchy we are used to a rather static model of exchanging knowledge. The teachers or capacities teach, and the pupils or students learn. We would not expect this pattern to turn around in a flexible way. But actually it is a matter of fact that any capacity is only a capacity in a very narrow sector of knowledge. A brain surgeon usually does not know very much about the construction of buildings, a master architect will probably be rather helpless when somebody asks him a question about astronomy, and a supernova specialist should not really be asked to remove an inflamed appendix…

Now it is physically impossible to be a capacity in every scientific subject, but there are certain areas of knowledge which everybody needs in order to lead a successful life. Without a basic study in medicine, diet, sexuality, biology, geography, economy etc. it would not be possible to correctly decide the daily questions of life in a way that everybody really flourishes.

Members of a 4th density group will demonstrate a natural impulse to share (mutually exchange) their knowledge in vital livingness matters until all of them can act upon this enhanced and continually growing knowledge basis. Maybe the farming capacity also happens to have above-average knowhow in sexual techniques, or the computer capacity is a diet specialist in his private life, or the bookkeeper is a fitness training guru. Or maybe there are processing experts among them who can teach the others in communication skills…

Each of them will invite the others’ knowhow. There is no rigid teacher/student pattern. A lot of charge can exist in 4th density people who have been rejected in their willingness to share their knowledge by 3rd density people for whom such an instinctive “osmosis” is not a concept that they perceive or apply.


Compassion cannot really be installed by a factor outside to one individual, like the group's pace-maker. In order to be genuine compassion, it needs to be originated. There is no way around this fact. A thing which needs to be originated can never be requested.

This is also the main difference between the 4th density group identity and any "single-cell" hierarchy, no matter how well organized. The 4th density group is a composite of independent contributors who act (and synchronize) out of their own determination. Their group consciousness could form based upon compassion alone, as compassion melts away much of the solid boundaries between individuals. In the absence of direct spiritual perceptions, its members could interact with physical communication particles - like spoken words, letters, e-mails, phone-calls, faxes and other traditional vehicles. So, even with their telepathic perceptions not yet fully developed, they could still be a 4th density group identity.

Charge in this area can build up where an act of compassion is perceived as a transgression against morals by a 3rd density culture that doesn’t understand how 4th density people share each other’s joys and pains. Here we have the “Robin Hood” mentality, who takes from the rich and gives to the poor – labeled a criminal in a 3rd density culture, where sharp contrasts between rich and poor are acceptable, because the rich ones are separated from the poor ones’ pain by their walls of non-perception. All the punishment given to such a selfless hero can show up in his processing.

Sexual acts of compassion can be similarly condemned if they happen to transgress against the cultural norm – a 3rd density culture whose happily married couples writhe with the pain of their single members’ emotional or sexual starvation doesn’t exist yet. Any other activity fueled by compassion can also be frowned upon, if it breaks the written or unwritten law. People for whom love and compassion are senior to cultural commandments set in stone, who are even willing to pay a price of punishment, are either 4th density or in the process of growing into it: their perception equipment enables them to feel with another person – “be them”.

Jesus Christ’s precept “Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself” comes to mind. His new message of love outgrows the Old Testament’s 10 commandments. By saying that his church (community) is a body of which he is the head and the other individuals are the members, he was actually the first to postulate a 4th density group identity! He was crucified for it by his 3rd density society – but since then we had more than 2000 years of chances to evolve, so there is still hope for us…



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