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Wholeness, or: The End of the Game?

Excerpts from an article by Heidrun Beer (01/1998)


Spiritual Birth, Spiritual Death, and the End of the Individual - How would One-ness look like? - True Love - Spiritual Families, Self-Support and Extra-Terrestrial Sabotage - Caring Economy - Tactile Communication and Social Programming - Sexual Paradigm Shift - Osmosis - End-Time Prophecies and Pole-Shift - Total Communication: The End of the Game?


Spiritual Birth, Spiritual Death, and the End of Existence

Individuation is certainly a fascinating subject, but to look at the opposite end of an individual's existence is particularly interesting. Actually it is not really precise to use the word "death" for it, although the use of the word "birth" for the beginning of one's time-track does make sense in a way. But "death" is equivalent with the ultimate decay in our body-oriented culture. Physically, it is the result of sickness and the loss of capabilities to an extent that the body cannot function anymore.

Of course, spiritually such a decay and loss of capabilities would lead one far away from a state where one would be aware of any spirituality, much less a state where he would be able to re-connect and re-merge with other spirits or an unpersonified pool of spiritual substance. So I am inclined to use the word "spiritual death" for a process of losing one's spiritual self rather than winning it back to such a degree that one would be ready to re-merge with the original unlimited "Main Body of Theta", or God.

So far I have not found a good word for the end of an indiviudal's existence. For me it is a visual projection anyway, and not a matter of words. If you envision a hollow sphere, surrounded by a suspended substance like mist or steam, this substance would be the spiritual substance, and the hollow space would be the physical universe's space.

If then at some point a channel is formed where the spiritual substance enters the sphere at one side and leaves it at the other, we would have an individual's time track with his individuation at one side and the act of re-merging at the other. (This is quite over-simplified as the hollow space would have four dimensions - space plus time - in reality, which we try to show in three dimensions here, just as a model.)

Of course the individual which is manifestíng here now has to contract his awareness sufficiently to create the illusion of being separated, and moving through time and space. If this didn't happen, the individual would still be aware of being the whole; an unlimited presence which exists "always" and "everywhere" (the divine omnipresence), only with the added feature of manifesting in the physical universe at a certain point in space and time, and un-manifesting out of the physical universe at another point in space and time.

On a computer screen, this would be like the cursor which indicates the spot on which the attention is focussed, only that the "cursor" represented by a spiritual being is moving in four, not in two dimensions (and can't move back in the 4th - time). The whole screen is always existing, and yet the cursor concentrates one's attention on the spot where input is possible ("here and now", or present time). A reasonable balance needs to be found between focussing attention on this input-spot, and the awareness of the big picture, without which the input-spot wouldn't have anything to be seen in context with.

Now there are of course countless "cursors" of this type, together with their more or less visible connections to their origination- and end-points (their time-track) - and like described before, they keep splitting and confusing their paths. This is causing the increasing solidity of the universe we observe. The connection lines to the spiritual substance "outside" the space/time universe are getting more thin and increasingly invisible, as individuals contract in order to maintain the illusion of being separate. Those individuals whose connection to their origin is most invisible (most forgotten and/or denied), contracted most, were most separated and went more and more solid ("cold").

It well might be that there is a generation or category of spirits who has so thoroughly disconnected and solidified that they are constituting what we are knowing as MATTER today. Matter is the total opposite of spirit, in that it is ultimate EFFECT, while spirit is the ultimate CAUSE.

Matter is the playing stuff or "clay" which the spirit is moulding into the objects and life-forms of the material universe. But looked at in a total view, spirit actually seems to always be playing with himself; even in the extreme contrast of forming matter to objects and life forms, because other spirits are just more extensions from the whole like he himself is one, and even the matter was originally spirit as well.


How would One-ness look like?

This question is maybe answered easiest by first telling how it would NOT look like.

For quite some years I had the idea that the sequence of re-merging would mirror the sequence of splitting. In the human band of existence, merging would mean to completely move into the same space. To occupy the same space is the working principle of affinity, or love. So I thought the way to one-ness would be a history of great and dramatic love stories, like "Tristan and Isolde", where two beings merge so completely that they are becoming one. This would have repeated itself until only one, the first child of the unpersonified original parent, would have been left which then would have "died" by letting go of his individuality and sinking back into the boundless dream-state of pure potentiality.

Later I pondered the idea that this only could have worked if always a pair would have emerged from the pool of potentiality, whose major task it would have been to find back to each other in order to re-unite with the whole. In the instant of finding each other, recognizing each other, and becoming one, I definitely had the idea that they also would have to die as individuals, in order to continue to exist as one greater individual (who might take on another body then and continue to walk the path of re-uniting with other individuals, who again might have a history of being re-united splits of a later generation).


True Love

Everybody who has fallen in love once in his life will know the feelings I am talking about. The attraction in such a moment seems to be irresistible. And while an erotic/sexual relationship aims at creating a life of pleasurable exchange for two individuals - who continue to exist separate from each other and just meet from time to time to participate in an erotic/sexual activity -, such a love has a frightening affinity to DEATH as a form of giving up the borders which make one into an individual.

In his "Tristan and Isolde", Richard Wagner has pictured that with an amazing completeness. The lovers continue to envision a form of existence where they are being the other one, with the individual differences and physical shape completely transformed and transcended, both embedded into a wide pool of de-personified yet highly conscious spiritual presence. (This opera is one of the most unusual works in music and literature ever, in that it breaks every human pattern of dealing with love, and is going a consequent and ruthless path towards spiritual union.)

Visions of meeting a person with whom love is taking on such forms do include very little erotic detail. They might SEEM to have an erotic beginning in the wish to embrace, to kiss and physically become one; but the moment of uniting is not followed by the "normal" or "human" sequence of sexual events which lead to arousal, orgasm and later separating physically, doing trivial things like smoking a cigarette or having a shower.

In such a love, BECOMING ONE is the target. Sexual arousal builds up to incredible heights, as it manifests the attraction of the partners and their wish to occupy the same space, but visions of meeting seem to go black and motionless after the moment of uniting (the truth is probably that they simply don't continue in time). Typical thoughts would be "This was the moment I lived for", "Nothing can follow after that" and similar; and typically such a meeting slides down into some sort of sexual encounter, and later leaves both partners with a deep feeling of having failed in the actual goal of becoming one.

It is nearly impossible to build a flourishing human relationship or even a family on such a failed re-merging, as the partners only have to look at each each other in order to instantly get reminded of and pushed into this fundamental failure. Their lives are liable to continue in a deeply disappointed and depressed state, as they have failed the goal which had the highest priority. Whole chains of not-control of the body might kick in, as it would have been the natural thing to simultaneously die physically in the precise moment of becoming one; to drop the physical form, which would impede the new spiritually united entity in its existence - by forcing it to split again and maintain two different bodies.

Only their physical death would allow them to move on to other, more appropriate patterns of existing which reflect their advanced spiritual state in a better way.


Spiritual Families, Self-Support and Extra-Terrestrial Sabotage

A completely different way of handling the concept of BECOMING ONE would be the development of a "Spiritual Family", a group of a certain size where the individuals don't interact on a basis of money exchange, but are sharing ressources in the way a family would do it. Communism tried to work in that direction, but failed due to complete spiritual illiteracy, denying the individual the personal responsibility which is THE one single factor which can make such a system successful.

A population of "Spiritual Families" can never work on a basis of a central administration and organization which handles a lot of far distant group entities, like the former USSR tried it to implement. Each group must be independent and responsible for the own people, decisions, space and ressources. The essential difference between such a model and a communist model we see in the vision of the ideal marriage. Each individual who participates in the group takes full responsibility for each other individual AND the group. So the individuals will not be the EFFECT of some remote management entity, but CAUSE for themselves AND everybody else in the group.

Such a group would typically have one or a few things to exchange with society, which they are producing together. One group might produce food, another group might produce shoes, clothes, cars, computers, any kind of social service, entertainment or education. (A very important "Spiritual Family" would of course be a processing center which also provides training for the co-processing which ideally would take place in every "Spiritual Family" on a regular basis.)

It might be wise to envision all "Spiritual Families" based on self-support (growing their own food on their own ground). This would make an economy composed of such groups completely immune against manipulations which would be deadly for the current very fragile economic constructs. Depending on the availability of transportation and related logistics, their interaction could flexibly switch between a local, national or global range, without ever changing their basic structure.

Earth implementing such an economy would as a whole then be immune against any sabotage of extra-terrestrial origin. There exist many speculations whether or not our current systems have been planned and are currently being steered by extra-terrestrials. Prophecies from all over the world predict a global catastrophy and collapse of these systems in the very near future, probably mid 1999. They do not clearly state whether this is deliberately caused in order to destroy the independency of humankind and enslave a whole planet, or it just "happens".

No matter whether this is real or not, we have to be aware of the fact that our current economy looks very much like the product of a plan which was made in order to create a structure which can easily be sabotaged with very little effort: disrupting some of the main roads, the fuel supply for truck and plane traffic, or the power supply for the central computer systems would bring all of our high-tech society to a screeching halt in one instant.

A self-supporting "Spiritual Family" could perfectly participate in such a high-tech society AS LONG IT IS WORKING, but could instantly switch back to a model of exchanging products only with other local "Spiritual Families", and happily survive totally without money, banks and other sophisticated administrative systems. In fact it might be best to establish this local (barter) exchange anyway, and treat the national and global exchange flows as additional "luxury".


Caring Economy

Like a sharing of ressources between the members of such a group would have to be organized, the exchange of the products of each group between those groups and their members would have to organized on a basis of an unconditional mutual compassion which makes the well-being of each individual a personal responsibility for every other individual, and the well-being of each group the group-responsibility of every other group. This way, an "organism" can grow which is composed of units which are composed of smaller units.

Of course we have a pattern which resembles this in today's economy, but it has the fundamental flaw that in capitalistic systems the individual performance and the performance of the group are being over-estimated to an extent that compassion and care are vanishing completely, while in socialistic systems these basically valuable attitudes are going a path of degradation which leads to a state where individuals are literally being REWARDED for NOT performing; for failing, slowing down the whole social structure, and living from its substance instead of contributing to it.

In both types of systems, the FEELING of individuals for each other, and groups for each other, has been totally lost. In a (purely capitalistic) system which only thinks of paying for a product or service, the despair of an individual who is physically inhibited or of old age, so that it is impossible for them to contribute to the whole, will not be FELT, and therefore not considered in the planning of the flows of ressources.

In a system which is radically socialistic, the really productive individuals will soon be exhausted by the weight and abuse of others who are consuming their contributions without pulling their own weight. Again the despair of this exhaustion is not being FELT, so it's not possible to REACT, therefore these valuable individuals are being exploited until they collapse and become part of those who have to be supported by the community. It is obvious that such a system cannot survive very long, and history has proven this.

Not feeling, not PERCEIVING the other person(s) is the common denominator of these two extremes and all their variations. This can go far beyond the physical perception of what a person does and says, using body organs like eyes and ears. There exists an immediate spiritual perception, a telepathic awareness of another, which can become very precise if it is being acknowledged, trained and used as a routine tool to communicate.

The immediate spiritual (telepathic) perception, although everybody would potentially be able to do it, is currently very little in use, which of course makes it impossible to feel another person's trouble or concern, and very easy to stay inactive where it would be necessary to ACT.

And this has roots which are absolutely obvious. Nevertheless they are completely neglected in our current society, although it would count as a social concept which is influencing and coining the survival potential of all human beings - maybe even the whole ecology around humankind, because the concepts of compassion and care, once implemented on the level of our own race, might very well focus on nature and life-forms as a next step in developing a global awareness.


Tactile Communication and Social Programming

Without asking for the originator of the software which is running on a computer, we nevertheless know that our usage and benefit of the machine will always be as good as the program we are using. It is similar in a society: its potential depends on the sum of the capabilities of it's individuals, but its actual quality consists of this potential, modified by the education or norms or "programming" these individuals have experienced.

Such a programming makes not always the optimum use of the natural capabilities of the beings it is dealing with. While spiritual beings, with and without acting through a human body, have a very high potential of CONNECTING and INTEGRATING, the current cultural programs are very much focussed on patterns of SEPARATING and EXCLUDING.

This begins with the exclusion of a good part of the TACTILE BAND from the full spectrum of communication. Most communications are sent across a distance, by voice, mail or electronic devices. Direct tactile physical communication, except between parents and children, and between the two members of a couple, is frowned upon; mostly because of its sexual implications.

The sexual organs and functions are EXCLUDED to a great part from education and social communication. While all possible aspects of life are being taught and exercised at school, the sexual education is purely theoretical and mostly concentrates on the aspects of procreation and sexually transmitted diseases, whereas young people don't get educated in body language and sexual theory and techniques, which leaves them in a state of helpless illiteracy in one of the most basic areas of interpersonal relationships.

The couple-principle of marriage, with its enforced ([mostly] not self-determined) rule of sexual monogamy is, again, basically an EXCLUDING principle; while it absolutely makes sense to plan a whole lifetime with one main partner, it's simply not natural to never develop an interest or desire for anybody else. Excluding these impulses from the pattern of socially acceptable behaviour is equal with KILLING one's connectivity, or at least reducing and suppressing the full spectrum of this connectivity in a very basic and vital area.

The concepts of exclusion and separation repeat themselves in bigger questions like racism and the silly borders which artificially separate contries from each other. Languages, currencies, all that is goes back to the same roots, but it is beginning in the erotic area, where it is closest to the act of spiritually touching another spiritual being and creating a mutual TACTILE which would allow us to act as the cells of an organism which instinctively feel one's neighbours needs and co-create them as parts of oneself.

I do think that the stigmatizing of sexuality, the enforced monogamy rule and the cruel illiteracy which results from having no education, training and coaching in the subject, were maybe deliberately introduced into our cultures because on the way of analogy this would keep us from CONNECTING SPIRITUALLY, thus becoming a real team which is able to powerfully act in a global range, and as such would be a factor in the universe which would definitely have to be considered!

Right now, we are really good in doing each other in. Extra-terrestrial forces, should they exist, could lean back and just comfortably watch how we keep each other firmly to the ground. There is no danger that we ever look up to the sky, much less that we reach out to the stars, and this directly leads back to the friction we create by acting in a separated and ego-oriented manner.

Separation, ISOLATION, with all the wild consequences I just mentioned, are a result of a spiritual act of withdrawing oneself from the area which is covered by another being. Of course there are many different reasons for that; one of the most important is committing transgressions ("sins") against a person, group or area, which will be followed by the typical spiritual withdraw. Such things of course need to be addressed and resolved by processing.

But one important reason for the act of withdrawing spiritually, and being out-of-contact thereafter, is the immediate result of our repressive cultural programming in the area of erotic and sexuality, which forces us to follow rules that have not been made by ourselves, and therefore are disowning us from this essential area of our lives, our own body, its functions and impulses, and as a further consequence will actively degenerate our ability to understand these impulses and deal with them in harmony.

If you are not allowed to touch the person in front of you - and you are not a rebellious and visionary thinker like VERY few spiritual leaders amongst us -, you will withhold yourself spiritually exactly in the same way as the body is forced to withhold its instinctive reaching towards persons of the opposite gender. This is an immediate result of the ANALOGY between physical and spiritual moves we are so very much used to.

Reaching over, touching, sensing the other person, caressing him, finding how to please and enjoy him, these are the essentials of love. The way our bodies are built, the erotic encounter is representing this most. The act of lovemaking implements a zone where one person moves into the other and vice versa. They exchange short cycles of just feeling the other's wishes and fulfilling them.

This created both ways, ideally leads to a zone of shared perception where the two of them "grow together". They could act as one, without ever giving up their individuality. Once truly mastered, that same concept could be advanced to the next level of group cooperation, and so on until all areas of life are covered.

Disrupt this physically by forbidding, invalidating and controlling people's sexuality and disowning them from it, and the spiritual being - who compulsively identifies himself with his body - will cease touching the other spirit. The practice and habit of staying connected with the people around him will drop out, and he will shrink into an ego-oriented lifestyle.

Now of course the final solution for this is to process everybody into a trans-human, super-capable spiritual being who is independent from a body. But this is basically a 3rd (group), 4th (mankind) and 7th (spiritual universe) dynamic activity, and quite unreal to an invididual who is trapped in his first dynamic (self) because the second (sex/children) has been so viciously suppressed that it is constituting a WALL which keeps him from expanding.

I see it as essential that people's sexuality is being freed up and enhanced into a state of permeation and mastery, in order to allow them to grow further and reach a state where the whole body-orientation and body-dependence can be processed away. This can only be done with a functionable team-thinking. But more: Also the very essential for the warmth and intimacy which are the foundation of a "Spiritual Family" is the spiritual tactile, an extended perception which allows one to simply FEEL the other, have immediate certainty about his needs and wants, and act in a way which makes sure that nobody is missing anything.

I believe that a true team-spirit cannot develop if its first step, between two individuals, is in a state of enturbulation and chaos, or - worse - has decayed into a DEAD FREQUENCY totally. The very basis of such a team-spirit, FEELING the other person's NEED, is simply being KILLED if we make nothing of a drive as strong and basic as the sexual drive, because one of the most significant perceptions of a being, throughout not only one life-time, will be that a very fundamental need is habitually NOT observed and NOT fulfilled. Therefore, sabotaging by not serving the OTHER in the fulfilment of that same need - as well as every other need - is the natural and expectable answer to that.

Of course it is not sufficient to simply dissolve existing sexual rules without doing anything else. They did have a reason and did make sense in a certain context (the raising of children). So it will be necessary to find to more flexible agreements which integrate the freedom to touch and exchange with each other and follow individual impulses, no matter how they might look like, into a firm and stable pattern of unlimited responsibility.

The individual spiritual being will have to reach a point where he is big enough to embrace his partner so fully that he understands and supports ALL of his interests and impulses as parts of the person he loves and lives with. This is so simple that it might seem TOO simple. A person is a node in a network, not an end-point on a line of two. It is natural that he has lines to many other nodes in that network.

It should be seen as positive that a complete, WHOLE energy is travelling on these lines - and on ALL of these lines -, which is not artifically, arbitrarily and viciously mutilated in the tactile band, including the erotic and sexual sub-bands.

Of course this doesn't mean that people HAVE to communicate on these frequency bands; it's just necessary to restore their complete FREEDOM in it. And there is no special focus on sexuality here. This just happens to be the most flagrant violation of a wholeness, or INTEGRITY, which would be a prerequisite for a rewarding co-creation in all possible areas.

If we don't focus on sexuality too much, but simply make it part of our honour and pride to co-create each other's love to others as well as the love to ourselves, I think we are on the right path. Looking at a friend as well as our main partner, we would have to be willing to LOVE HIS LOVE unconditionally, and to support it in all aspects without even asking whether they might be sexual or not: we are talking about WHOLENESS here, and this principle is simply not compatible with any reduction or exclusion.


Sexual Paradigm Shift

This will require an immense amount of work done in the area of processing, as the blocking and suppression of the tactile band of frequencies has developed into one of the most basic agreements of our current cultural programming. It will have to suffer the comparison with those African populations who cut out their girl's clitoris. It IS a criminal transgression as fundamentally gruesome and mutilating as that, and should be socially stigmatized as such.

To concentrate it in one word: a complete PARADIGM SHIFT in the areas of marriage, sexual relationships, children and groups would be needed. Measured against the currently dominating social pattern of a monogamous marriage as the smallest component part of society, a "Spiritual Family" after such a transformation might look like the total chaos; but it would have an own set of laws which, if carefully implemented, would have the capability of caring for everybody's personal happiness and fulfilled life in a much more flexible way than today's rigid family patterns.

The first question which will arise if today's family pattern is no longer being followed, is of course the question of children. A system will be needed where the community cares for any children and it doesn't matter anymore who fathered them; they stay with the mother and her main partner, if she has found one.

Further, an agreement will be needed what happens with people who are living with no main partner; some system has to be encouraged where certain individuals are prepared to take regular responsibility for them in case there is nobody originating the wish to meet them at the moment. This would especially include older people or physically inhibited people who can't be easily integrated in a productive community life.

This would probably look like what we call a prostitution system today (male and female individuals), where people assume this as a profession for some years of their life. I am curious whether the committment to REALLY CARE for each other will be strong enough one day to totally eradicate the extreme social stigma which today is being placed on persons who provide sexual service.

Prostitutes of both genders also live very close to the criminal scene, whereas their natural social position would be rather similar to that of a (male or female) nurse; or maybe this can be covered with the year of social duty where men now have to serve in the army (in our country, they also drive emergency cars and similar things; it would make sense to include sexual service in the choices to serve during that time - the social service year would have to include women then).

Monogamy would have to be protected as one possible form of sexual partnership. I expect society to develop an impulse to outlaw monogamy per the principle of the pendulum swing; this again would be the other extreme of an attempt to regulate the individual and personal relationship with its style and pattern of communication by the authority of the group or country - which is exactly the thing we want to grow beyond.

And certainly a system has to be found to educate and coach the young AND those of the older people who came out of their previous years as sexually illiterate. Sexual coach could be another profession, where people who live alone (or feel attracted by the activity) are organized in a way that men and women who feel that they need systematic training and/or more experience could find it.



The paragraphs before might seem to introduce an exaggerated priority on sexuality. This is only due to the fact that here we find the most flagrant neglect in an area which due to its involvement with tactile communication would come closest to the kind of instinctive interaction which would necessary to create what the famous Science Fiction writer Isaac Asimov once described in a book about the planet "Gaia": a global consciousness and global mind, animating and directing a global body, where the individuals are grouped by their affinity and capability patterns into something like organs, and the whole acts in harmony as one organism.

You notice that we are back at where we came from: BECOMING WHOLE.

This requires what I would call a "Lover's Attitude": a willingness and unlimited capability to act on behalf of the other, balanced by the same quality in all people around, so that no misleaded "altruism" or "self-sacrifice" can occur, made possible by the fine tactile perception which develops in spiritual beings who get rid of the solid barriers of their case.

Rainer Maria Rilke in his "Elegies" describes a couple of lovers as

"ladders who soleley are leaning one against the other - "

If you imagine the kind of tactile feedback which would have to be constantly created and maintained in two ladders in order to support each other in the precise balance which is needed to not fall down to either side, you are close to the kind of sensitive two-sided contact which the spiritual cells in the spiritual organs of a global organism would have to maintain in order to stay intimately connected and co-create each other with an ongoing multiple stream of exchanging ressources.

This resembles very much the so-called "Osmosis" between cells of a body, which are in contact with each other with a certain subtly balanced internal pressure, and between their "walls" or "skins" are exchanging substance, always in the direction from the higher to the lower concentration. In cells, this is based on a purely chemical reaction where the concentration of molecules tries to get equal. Two cells with different concentration of salt will exchange water until the salt concentration is equal, and so on with thousands of different substances.

In spiritual beings - who are causative and not the product of the robotic laws of nature -, the concentration of a substance (ressources, ability, or knowhow) would have to be actively perceived, and the automatic exchange of substance would have to be replaced by a pull or invitation at one side (curiosity, desire), and a push or act of reaching at the other side (delivering the desired communication or physical object or move).

Between two individuals there might be a thousand of different exchanges which go from one side to the other and from the other to the first. Person A might have a higher concentration in computer knowledge and flow this to person B who needs it, while person B might have a higher concentration in medical knowhow and share this with person A who doesn't have a clue about vitamines. Person A might be a master in erotic techniques and coach person B in this, while person B might be a master processor and could train person A up to a similar level. And so on.

It is important to combine spiritual beings with similar capacity and similar capabilities and similar speed, in order to establish stable patterns of such a spiritual osmosis. The skillful arrangement of such patterns - which will probably lead to the formation of the "Spiritual Families" described above - will decide about the harmony or disharmony of the spiritual "organs" which compose the spiritual "organism", and their success potential and lifespan-expectations.

Of course the removal of the typical inter-personal barriers which are addressed by processing is vital as a prerequisite for such an exchange to be possible. Without these barriers removed, perception will be too low, and spiritual beings will generally be not PRESENT enough (entangled in some past trouble or loss or pain or failure, or better whole lots of them in all sorts of combinations) to engage in such a highly precise feedback existence with the many other beings around him.


End-Time Prophecies and Pole-Shift

I just recently experienced a period of physical rapport with somebody which was very unusual for me. The other person is living with a time-difference of 6 hours.

It seems that the "Osmotic Pressure" I just described was fluctuating between us. At a time where the general flow was going in his direction, he physically experienced specific body phenomena like dizzyness or thirst which my body was originating at that same time. During a meeting on the internet, we noticed how this general flow changed direction. From there on, I was connected to his sleeping cycle: when he was awake in his evening, I couldn't sleep during my night; then he went to sleep and I couldn't keep my eyes open, at a time in my morning where I normally used to have my best concentration.

We both found that none of us has made such an experience ever before. More: although I don't do a lot of processing these days due to my work-pressure, my telepathic abilities seem to increase rapidly. In one night I had three telepathic connects with different people whose spiritual wave-pattern I know well enough to identify them. Other contacts are happening, although they are too dim to really recognize from where they are coming. Is the beginning of the "Age of Aquarian", where Earth enters a high energy area in space, manifesting that way?

For a moment, I caught myself having the idea that it might become a necessity to at least live on the same continent with this person, or our lives would be wrecked very soon by lack of sleep and general physical stability. But what if it is not a personal matter between the two of us? If we are about to maybe establish a global consciousness, how do we handle the fact that always a part of the cells need to sleep? We would never be fully awake, and at the same time never be able to fully rest and recover by sleeping.

It would help to shift the poles in a way that the planet's axis POINTS TO THE SUN. A pole shift is predicted by various prophecies from all over the world and all cultures, probably for 1999. If our connecting goes on like that, will we become spiritually powerful enough that we are able to induce the pole-shift which would be necessary to allow for a synchrone wake-sleep-rhythm?

This of course would be a global catastrophy. Today's populations would collapse completely. The pole which points to the sun would become a burning desert, the other one would be buried in eternal night and ice. Between them, life would have to re-structure from scratch in a zone which has enough sunlight, water and temperature to allow for the growth of plants.

Billions of people would die. Is the new superior planetary consciousness brutal enough to simply trash all the cells which don't have the capability to tune in and sort themselves into a pattern of global co-creation, plus all those who had the bad luck to be in the wrong place at the time of the pole-shift?

What if the pole-shift happens in a way that most of the zone which would allow for agriculture is covered by water? A lot of those who might have survived the disaster, would starve soon after that.

What if the pole which points to the sun is itself covered by water? The weather would be an unbearable mess of hurricanes for CENTURIES due to the huge amounts of ocean water which would be brought into the circulation of evaporation and rain.

A planetary catastrophy IS described in those end-time prophecies, and it seems to follow descriptions of something which definitely resembles a pole-shift!

It is predicted that only a small part of humankind will survive, but that the spiritually oriented individuals will get salvaged SELECTIVELY. The Bible uses words like "those who believe in God", but of course we have to realize that this means to be aware of the own god-like spiritual nature, and to develop back into a state where this nature is no longer suppressed and collapsed into a physical type of existence - "to live in the flesh".

We NOW have the opportunity to decide whether we want to belong to this part of humankind. From now, beginning of 1998, to mid 1999 there is still enough time to educate and co-process ourselves and our families into a state of spiritual awareness and capability which would make us belong to the group of "God's People" who is meant to survive the catastrophy and build a new culture, the "Kingdom of God".

Yet another possibility would be that our spiritual capabilities were trained up to such a level of mastership and control that our connectivity and rapport could function without involuntarily influencing the body. In this case, a global consciousness which is just about to wake up, wouldn't experience the confusion and discomfort which lack of sleep would cause in myriads of physical cells.

In its summarized impact this simply might feel uncomfortable enough to let the new global consciousness make an instinctive move, like one shifts in the chair if a sitting position is uncomfortable. A global consciousness might be able to produce a global REFLEX also. It could shift the pole without really thinking about this or deciding it - in an unreflected attempt to turn its new "Global Body" into a direction which gives a feeling of more calmness and consistency.

A newly developed global consciousness would have to be treated as something like a baby. A baby, in its initial state of non-control and non-awareness of the environment, might die in his first days, just by making some dangerous move which has concequences that were impossible to predict. Falling from tables or drowning in bathtubs are well-known dangers in the first months. An uncontrolled move towards the sun, done by a global baby-body, out of the wish to calm down the physical uproar of a global sleep problem, might be such a cause of early death!

Some of the end-time prophecies (not many) mention the possibility that the catastrophy can be avoided if we are fast enough in our spiritual evolution. The reason might be what I just wrote. Again this would indicate that NOW is the time to deal with highly concentrated education and co-processing in order to completely master the connectivity and physical rapport with other individuals who might belong to one's "Spiritual Family", but live in a far distance physically.

We HAVE to get at cause over our unmastered powers to an extent that we DON'T move our global body towards the sun in that way, but rather gain complete control which enables us to detach our body from the spiritual connection, which would allow the individual cells to peacefully sleep.

The key is: control of the involuntary physical rapport between the bodies of spiritual beings who live in spiritual neighbourship, but in a huge physical distance.

Yet another possibility would be to concentrate on uniting those "Spiritual Families", so that their physical location really represents their spiritual closeness. In this case, some years of great changes would be ahead of us, as probably a lot of families and other groups will break up, releasing the individuals who belong to different "Spiritual Families", who then would physically re-organize according to their spiritual neighbourship.


Total Communication: The End of the Game?

To answer the original question - whether total communication might be the factor which "ends the game" -: not necessarily. Of course if two beings go the way ruthlessly like described in the paragraph on True Love, they actually might end their existence as individuals and re-merge, or even enter a series of re-mergings which could go on as long as other individuals engage in that same activity.

In this case, their communication and agreement would be so total, and the affinity (attraction) so irresistible, that they really end the games they had before; and should this game have consisted of finding each other and uniting, then of course it ends once the cycle is complete.

It is the question then whether they continue to exist as one - or as a team who is co-creating each other so perfectly that a factual one-ness can be observed although they still continue to exist as individuals -, and in this new configuration find new games they can play; or whether they decide to finish their existence as such, and not start a new game.

IF they want to start new games, it would be necessary go get at cause over the spiritual frequencies in a way which enables them to tune deliberately into a certain frequency band, especially to tune down to a level where they can maintain bodies and machines. This requires a high level of control, certainly not achieveable without systematic mental/spiritual training; otherwise the ecstatic power of their uniting and total recognition would not allow the persistence of anything around them, including the definition of the borders which make them into individuals, as they are in a working mode of "As-is-ness" (Explanation: the act of spiritually bringing into existence, but also of dissolving by perfect and restless understanding)

L. Ron Hubbard describes a basic cycle of playing games and returning to a state of "static" (Explanation: pure creative potential which is unmanifested in space and time) in his "Cycle of Randomity" (Explanation: The term "Randomity" is being used to describe the ratio of predicted to unpredicted motion; it can be "Plus Randomity" [too much unpredicted motion, equals overwhelm], "Minus Randomity" [too little unpredicted motion, equals boredom], or "Optimum Randomity" [perfectly balanced]):

"The cycle of randomity is from static, through optimum, through randomity sufficiently repetitious or similar to constitute another static."

If we look at this thoroughly, we have the old Eastern concept of returning to "Nirvana" after a series of lives which are necessary to gain enough experience to return to the original state ("sufficiently repetitious"). Beginning with Scientology - and this makes this movement so extraordinary despite all the trouble it brought -, the "sufficiently similar" concept is being introduced into today's spiritual enhancement methodologies. This is the total transparecy and complete understanding which manifests in the cognitions of processing.

Processing would therefore enable us to escape from the necessity to re-incarnate, if it is this what we want. It would remove the barriers between individuals until they are in total communication, like described above, and allow us to form a global organism. It will depend on the collective wish of this global organism whether a new game is envisioned, or after the period of "Optimum Randomity" which follows the formation of an ideal organism, the decision to return to static is being made (not "die" in decay, but simply dissolve the manifestations of existence and become pure potential again).

I think it can be said with confidence that this stage lies rather far ahead, and that we are not able to predict what will happen as soon as "Optimum Randomity" has been reached. Right now, we are quite deeply submerged in "Plus Randomity" and will have to work hard to even reach "Optimum Randomity".

Enhancing communication and interaction might lead straight back to static - but maybe also to the existence of an entity which is embracing today's individuals, groups and races in a way that is totally unheard of. Such an entity is nearly unconceivable for us today; but then we should be aware of the fact that it has happened already before in evolution. At the time where all life consisted of single-cell life-forms, none of them could have conceived of today's human body, where myriads of such cells are working together in harmony and are animated by one single "me".

And yet it came into existence by the ongoing efforts of the creative energy which some of us choose to call "God". It might happen again, on the next higher level. We might be going towards a global "New Man" who after his constitution or "birth", resembles a new-born child who has to find out what he can do, or wants to do, in his newly-found form... and, who else is around... who again is reaching out in a completely new unit of time...

Like the poet in Goethe's "Tasso", whose question was:


"Now that I have learned to speak - what will I say?"