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Heidrun Beer is leading a center for processing and processor training in Austria - see website at This article - actually the forerunner of a book which is still in planning - is aimed at certain processing aspects which could not be resolved with the methods of the already established processing schools. Any feedback is welcome - write to if you want to share your ideas!

Group Consciousness Processing

Article by Heidrun Beer (08-10/1999)

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-  Introduction  -

This article deals with group consciousness; with the newly discovered "multi-cell" variety of spiritual being - the potential component part or "cell" of the group consciousness compound -; with the well-known old "single-cell" type of spiritual being who is of a different, very much incompatible character; and with the principles which we need to understand in order to provide for each of these two fundamentally different types of spiritual being the processing which will allow them the greatest gains and best serve their spiritual progress.

For the sake of the subject, the whole background theory is included in the article.  It is written as concise as possible, but it covers an extensive area which at least needs to be outlined, so it requires some time to work through it.

For the practical work, it is sufficient to understand very few principles. If you are short in time, or if you feel that you are already familiar with the idea of a group consciousness compound and that you understand how an individual spiritual being - like in a human existence - relates to such a structure,   you might want to jump directly to the processing section. Just make sure that you keep in mind these fundamental principles (follow the hyperlinks in the text if you want to read more about a certain concept):

-  Main Principles  -

The Missing Principle  --  Frequent Trouble Situations for the "Multi-Cell" Personality


Up to this date, all processing has been based upon the assumption that the same rules apply to every person who can possibly arrive in the client's chair. Every processing school which exists today is built on that assumption - their research has led to different sets of rules, but all schools apply the same set of rules to every single client.

Practical experience has shown though that this is not a workable approach. Failure rates and unresolved cases indicate that some fundamental principles are still missing in the theoretical and practical design of today's processing schools. Maybe it is only one principle, which - if applied - would at once render all these schools competent to deal with all possible cases, where they today struggle to successfully help a certain percentage of people.


The missing principle:

Cases need a different treatment, depending on whether they are "single-cell" spiritual beings, or have the "multi-cell" capacity which enables them to enter into a group consciousness compound.

The case structure - and therefore the processing rules - for these two groups are different, in some areas even opposite.

Failure to understand and apply this rule will lead to unresolved cases with all their unpleasant consequences for the client and his processor and/or processing center.

The essential difference between "single-cell" and "multi-cell" spiritual beings is that "single-cell" interaction is based upon exchange of perceptions, intentions and values, whereas "multi-cell" interaction is based upon sharing of perceptions, intentions and values.

As most of the processing clients whom we encounter today are still "single-cell" spiritual beings, we have not seen enough of the failures in the cases of the "multi-cell" variety of spiritual beings to identify the involved case factors with precision.

And as the average processing coach's literacy in the area of group consciousness is close to zero, the "multi-cell" spiritual beings themselves have nobody who would educate them in their own basic character traits. They get only educated in "single-cell" spiritual principles (if at all), and therefore are not trained to perceive and understand themselves and their own reactions.

The following is a first overview of categories where a "multi-cell" spiritual being usually has unresolved case and/or life difficulties:


Frequent Trouble Situations for the "Multi-Cell" Personality:

The hyperlinks in this chapter lead to the processing recommendations for each of the mentioned phenomena.

From this situation a multitude of complications can arise. The simplicity of it is that the "multi-cell" individual violates essential life rules of the "single-cell" individual just by applying its own essential life rules, and vice versa. They are not compatible. The only way of co-existence for them is the complete understanding of each other's nature, and a behaviour code which establishes a common ground on which both can operate safely.

Actual harmful acts are rare in the genuine "multi-cell" individuals, as they immediately perceive the pain they cause to the other person on their own transparent channel. If there are any at all, they will have happened as a mistake because of missing knowledge, or they are harmful omissions which are done by "swimming with the current" of the culture, or they are committed in extreme conflict situations.

These are some typical areas of trouble for the "multi-cell" individual. The list is not necessarily complete, but it should serve to give you an idea about the area we are looking at. With this concentrated information, you can now jump to the Group Consciousness Processing Principles, or continue your reading with one of the following chapters:

Extended Directory

Background Theory

Mirror-Images: Physical and Spiritual Evolution

Group Consciousness Explained

Group Consciousness Processing Principles

Group Consciousness Processing Recommendations

Group Consciousness Incident Examples

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Main Principles

The Missing Principle 

Frequent Trouble Situations for the "Multi-Cell" Personality

Background Theory




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Group Consciousness Processing Recommendations

General spiritual illiteracy

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Ordinary conflicts or incidents with "single-cell" individuals

PROCEDURE: Resolving the Unknowing Application of "Multi-Cell" Principles to "Single-Cell" Individuals

Missing Group Consciousness Compound

Failed Connection Attempts

PROCEDURE: Resolving the Group Consciousness Aspects of Connection Failures

PROCEDURE: Resolving the Group Consciousness Aspects of Connection Failures - for Clients Exterior to the Physical Universe

Loss of a Group Consciousness Partner

PROCEDURE: Resolving the "Bleeding Effect" After Losing a Spiritually Intact Connection

PROCEDURE: Resolving the "Bleeding Effect" After a Connection Went Bad

Disfunctional Transparent Channel

PROCEDURE: Improving the Quality of Spiritual Perceptions (1)

PROCEDURE: Improving the Quality of Spiritual Perceptions (2)

PROCEDURE: Dealing with an Overwhelming Excess of Spiritual Perceptions

Synchronization failures with other "multi-cell" individuals

PROCEDURE: Resolving the Pain and Learning the Lesson from any Synchronization Failure

Parasitic influence of undetected "single-cell" individuals

Processing by a "single-cell" processor

False Case

Group Consciousness Incident Examples


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