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Author: Sandra Cabot and Nancy Beckham

Title: Tired of Not Sleeping

Book Review 26.01.2009

(c) 2009 by Heidrun Beer


Sandra Cabot and Nancy Beckham: Tired of Not Sleeping

Sandra Cabot is one of my favourite health authors. This is the 4th book of her that I found worth buying. Also, looking at her pretty face which always shows a positive attitude and lovely smile, is so encouraging especially when troubled with a health problem...

I'll simply reproduce the back cover here because my time is short and it says it all:

This book provides you with practical strategies for 68 things that stop you sleeping, such as -

- Depression

- Anxiety and panic attacks

- Sleep apnoea and snoring

- Painful joints and muscles

- Bladder problems

- Respiratory infections

- Allergies

- Poor bedroom environment

- Bowel and intestinal problems

- Hormonal imbalances

- Night sweats

- Hot flushes

- Itchin skin

- Burning feet

- Weight excess

- Jet lag

- Nightmares and fears

- Muscle cramps and spasms

- Restless legs

- Tinnitus

- Trauma and grief

- Stress and overwork

- Worrying about sleep!


Up to date information is given on

- The correct use of antidepressant drugs and sleeping pills

- Natural herbal and nutrition sleeping remedies

- Supplements and foods to help your brain and nervous system relax

- The sleep hormone melatonin

- Aromatherapy

- Behavioural and relaxation therapy




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