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Authors: Dr. Morton Walker and Dr. Hitendra Shah

Title: Everything You Should Know About CHELATION THERAPY

Book Review 20.05.2009

(c) 2009 by Heidrun Beer


Dr. Morton Walker and Dr. Hitendra Shah: Everything You Should Know About CHELATION THERAPY

Unclog your arteries and rejuvenate your cardiovascular system without surgery and other invasive procedures.

This book comes as a combination of

- a complete explanation and concise history of chelation as a concept, together with descriptions of various chelation chemicals and protocols (we are talking about a process that encapsulates metal atoms in the body and routes them out via the kidneys)

- a detailed scientific treatise of EDTA chelation therapy, thorough enough to serve as manual for medical training

- a study of heart bypass surgery and various prominent medical tests, which are described and explained with all their positives and negatives

- a collection of most impressive case histories, so dramatic that each of them could be turned into a Hollywood blockbuster screenplay

- an analysis of human aberration and corruption so horrendous that the aliens who hover in orbit throwing dice whether they should eliminate us or not, could finally decide to wipe us out, as we don't deserve to use up the oxygen on this planet, if they only got hold of this book

- an homage to some really heroic medical doctors who finally made sure that not only the technology is available but also the information about it, even if the medical establishment hasn't adopted the technology yet. (Imagine for a moment that Semmelweis' discovery of the necessity of washing one's hands before surgery had not arrived in the mainstream. Where would medicine be standing today?)

- 150 pages of references to other books and related materials, including addresses of chelation practitioners in the whole world (the addresses are incomplete, my doctor is not included...)

I asked my holistic doctor whether there is any other activity that could have a similar effect of cleaning up clogged arteries. She shook her head, but the book does give an alternative: exercise on a rebounder (trampoline)! This creates lactic acid, which has a similar effect on the blood vessels as EDTA, plus many additional positive effects on the body.

Also there are oral chelation agents which are an alternative for people who cannot manage the infusions. The book has a list of them. They work slower, but they do work. I love this quote: "Take your oral chelating agents the rest of your life to live healthfully and die feeling young at a very old age."

Just a few names, in the order of their appearance in the book:

- Dr. Roland C. Hohnbaum, a chiropractor, whose gangrenous diabetic legs were saved from amputation by only 15 chelation infusions (photos included, if you can confront the horrible look of gangrenous feet with black toes close to falling off)

- Lester I. Tavel, doctor of osteopathy, had an early warning and chelation recommendation by a colleague, that he ignored. Only after his near-fatal heart attack 5 months later, where he needed electric shocks to bring his enlarged heart back to life, did he start the first 30 chelation infusions. He returned to full health. We are not sure whether he really needed his leg hair to re-grow, but certainly his wife enjoys his increased libido (sex drive)! He is now wise enough to continue the therapy as a prevention on his own.

- Reynolds Hall is blind in his left eye as a result of a childhood accident. When he goes blind on the other eye too, mainstream medicine tells him there is nothing that can be done for him. After 7 chelation sessions his vision returns and at the same distance he reads better than his doctor!

- Harold W. Harper, M.D., was genetically predisposed to die early from a heart attack (like his father and grandfather and many other family members - let's assume there was a cultural - nutritional - factor as well). Colleagues advised him to give up working as a doctor, as the stress involved aggravated his condition. After a first early heart attack, he visited "chelation pope" Dr. Evers (to be mentioned later) and applied a classic combination of chelation infusions and corrections in his diet and lifestyle. He returned to full health and could continue to work as a doctor.

- Stewart Franklin, an assembly-line foreman, was at the point of losing his gangrenous big toe. 20 chelation infusion saved his foot.

- Paul Micholis, a car assembly supervisor and chainsmoker, had a whole list of complaints based on bad blood circulation. Hypertension, chest pain and muscle cramps were among them. 20 chelation sessions gave him his health back. The blood pressure returned to normal after the 4th (sound familiar?). He did not stop smoking though and also refused to change his unhealthy diet and lifestyle, so that his doctor Dr. Penwell was unhappy with the idea of giving him more chelation infusions in the future. The dilemma was solved by the doctor's relocation to Florida.

- Dr. Leon Anderson, doctor of osteopathy, had a parkinson's type of tremor in his right hand. He took 30 chelation infusions, but the tremor already responded after the 5th. His health was restored and he could continue to work as a doctor. Every year he takes some more infusions as a prevention.

- A 58 year old attorney - name withheld - was legally blind from macular degeneration. School medicine had tried their standard procedures but could not halt the progress of the degenerative process. Instead of adjusting to the life of a blind man, he decided to improve his diet and administer chelation therapy. After less than 4 months he could read and even drive again.

- John H. Olwin, M.D., Clinical Professor of Surgery, has given over 16.000 chelation infusions to his patients. He describes a whole list of positive responses to the treatment - most of them already mentioned here. He uses EDTA chelation on himself. At the age of 70, he is still operating 15 hours a day - but remarkably, he uses chelation therapy instead of surgery whenever it's possible.

- Warren M. Levin, M.D., used chelation therapy on his patients but also himself, as a prevention, having lost his father at the age of 56, without having any pressing need of his own. He noticed a very remarkable improvement of his memory functions.

- Nick Jurich was hit by a series of unusual problems following a car accident. Beside his near-fatal trace mineral deficiency, malfunctioning of his glandular organs, aggravation of a dormant arthritic condition and intense chest pains, most alarming were the spells of unconsciousness that struck him without warning from an unknown cause. Within two years, he received 117 chelations, his symptoms cleared up and the blackouts disappeared.

- Carmen Carulli, a police officer, had three coronary artery blockages, one of 85%, one of 80%, and one of 75%. His cardiologist told him that he was beyond surgery - he was a goner! He decided to fight, searched for alternatives and finally arrived in Dr. Evers' hospital in a wheelchair. After 7 weeks of chelation treatment he went back to his job, which included picking up 200-pound drunks off the street, walk up apartment house steps maybe three, four, five flights at a time...

- Charles H. Farr, M.D., noticed that after treating several hundred patients with chelation therapy, these people appeared to grow younger. Internal actions of EDTA chelation have a relationship to the elastic tissue and collagen tissue in skin.

- A 46 year old woman from Texas, who had been a loving wife and mother and an excellent homemaker, was brought to a Dr. Deiter because she was suddenly absolutely demented. She failed to recognize her husband or her grown children or her friends. A hair analysis found her to be super- saturated with mercury. After just a week of daily chelation, she regained her senses. (Heavy metal detox was the original indication for EDTA chelation therapy.)

- Alfred Aubrey was told by a surgeon that he was in dire danger of death. He needed open heart surgery to correct his angina, but the mortality risk for him would be 50%. Aubrey agreed to the operation, but was not a fit enough candidate, was refused the operation and sent home to die. After receiving a course of chelation therapy, he was again fit enough to walk four miles daily before breakfast. A new test found his heart good and his lungs clear, he was no longer a cardiac patient. But Medicare, his health care organization, refused to pay his bill in the amount of $364. The operation together with the hospital bill, amounting to $ 75.000, would have been paid, but as the treatment that cured him was "experimental and not tested" and "not considered the usual and costumary treatment", he had to pay for it out of his own pocket.

- D.D.Dominey had been the head of three corporations, but then he found himself becoming senile and unable to function. Not only his brain failed, also his heart and his eyes. He was lucky to find the clinic of Dr. Evers (mentioned below), who gave him a special diet, exercise and chelation therapy. After this treatment, Dominey felt like a new man. He paid his hospital bill of $3.500 and then filed for reimbursement by Medicare, which he was refused just like Mr. Aubrey. But other than Aubrey, he chased the organization through the courts and won case after case. He spent over $15.000 in legal fees. $10.000 were paid by his physician witnesses for travelling expenses. This case can now be used as a precedent to get Medicare money for chelation therapy IF DELIVERED IN A HOSPITAL, but they still fight each recipient's payment request on an individual basis!!!

- H.Ray Evers, M.D., became the pioneer and martyr of chelation therapy in the U.S. of A. His odyssey from one hospital to the next, through several states, where he was met by the most incredible resistance and persecution, is just as amazing as the enormous number and quality of his patient successes. According to an insider statement, he was singled out for destruction in order to discourage every other physician from using chelation therapy. An intelligent judge ruled in his favour in 1978, which should have stopped the troubles, but Dr. Evers was harrassed professionally and financially until 1989. At that time, he and a partner established a medical center in Mexico. Dr. Evers, now dead, is considered the most bureaucratically harrassed physician in the history of medicine.

- Robert J. Rogers, M.D., is another doctor who was harrassed for using chelation therapy. Long story short, he lost in a medical board hearing and was put on one-year probation, with the stipulation that his licence be revoked if he continued to use chelation therapy. Later, a court of three judges attacked this medical board strongly for their decision. One of the judges compared Dr. Rogers to Copernicus, Pasteur and Freud as an innovator in science and medicine. He said those scientists were first ridiculed and then lionized for their unorthodox ideas. "But how many other physicians were cowed into silence - and ignorance - about chelation by the medical establishment?"

- Ophelia Clementino, 79, had a series of strokes. Each of them caused her more health trouble. Finally she was no longer able to walk alone or write her name, and ate with her fingers because she could not distinguish the silverware or was unable to hold it. After more strokes she was hospitalized for the second time, then sent home, where she suffered yet another stroke, which paralyzed her so that she couldn't swallow anymore. Her children prepared for her death, but the old lady hung on to life for another three weeks. She was now incontinent, and mindless - had no idea of where or who she was - and at times she thought Palma was her own mother. Her ankles were swollen and fluid was in the base of her lungs. She could not hear. She was semi-comatose - slipping in and out of sleep. Then, one of her sons arrived with news about chelation therapy. Her doctor was Dr. Harper (mentioned above). He could not promise the family anything, as their Mamma was so far gone. When they were just about to administer the first chelation infusion, the hospital staff refused to care for the lady, and she had to be transferred to a terrible and dirty facility - the only one where chelation was tolerated! Finally she received the therapy, and improved steadily. The paralysis left. She re-learned everything she had lost: eating, drinking, talking coherently, moving around first with a walker, then without. Her first chelation course consisted of 21 infusions. Later she took 20 more, at intervals of several months between series of 5. She is now well and carrying on a productive life. She vacuums, washes dishes, cooks, gardens and is generally active in other ways in her own home. Her hearing has returned, and her appetite (that she had lost) is so good the family says she eats anything put in front of her, including Italian wine and sausage! Needless to say that the family was not reimbursed for the treatment...

"Ophelia Clementino's family refused to abandon their mother and give up her right to live with dignity. They rejected the medical establishment's advice to let her simply slip quietly into death. The woman owned a body, mind and spirit, and Palma, Frank, Mary, Al, Amos, Vickie, Joe, Dad and other family members did everything in their power to restore all three."



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