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Author: Matt Traverso

Title: The Alzheimer’s-Reversing Breakthrough

This title is misleading. To 95%, it is a text about general health!

E-Book Review 06.12.2008

(c) 2008 by Heidrun Beer


Matt Traverso: The Alzheimer’s-Reversing Breakthrough


Expensive but brilliant health manual by Matt Traverso. Asks for consequent changes in diet and lifestyle. Very radical. Exposes corruption and brainwashing in the health industry in context with widespread health habits.

Relentlessly logical, no-nonsense, cutting-edge science. Highly aware of mental + emotional issues, including "mind over matter" - basically he tells us we need to live our lives in an optimistic mood and intend into existence what we want to happen!

Wants us to take the responsibility for our health into our own hands. Explains that if we got into the soup BY CHOICE, we also can get out of it by making (now more intelligent) choices: back to the diet and the lifestyle designed by our evolution!

Plus: how to reverse damage already done.

BRAND NEW + IMPORTANT: the information on how to boost stem cell production in the body. This can repair serious conditions previously thought hopeless. It's possible to do this at home just by eating the right nutrients!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (book excerpt):

Matt Traverso is a public speaker, natural health expert and best selling author who teaches people how to dramatically improve their health naturally, without expensive and potentially dangerous prescription drugs. With over 10 years of study on nutrition and the true causes of disease and health, in his holistic health private practice he coaches his clients to higher levels of health and wellbeing. His work has helped people around the world get off prescription drugs and easily adopt healthy lifestyle choices that make illness and disease simply vanish.


The title, "The Alzheimer’s-Reversing Breakthrough", is misleading. The book goes to the root of the problem, and other so-called "diseases of civilization" will respond to the same approach, be it obesity, diabetes, cancer or any other of the stinky flowers that grow from the same root - running a meat body on the wrong fuel (food), served by badly educated mothers who then handed their own errors down through the generations.

Here are more of his e-books about diabetes, gout, lupus, arthritis and others: Traverso

With a price of $47,- for an e-book quite expensive, also in Austria I had to pay extra tax! But if I count together the money I paid for 3 dozen other health books whose information is concentrated in this one, it's worth the money :-)

The author is extremely sharp-eyed. He not only looks at his topic itself, for which he pulls together all the relevant facts and sources, including important quotes from other authors, he also directs our attention to related topics that tend to make us run into a health abyss together with the rest of the lemming mainstream, mainly the cultural factors that make our current habits appear "normal" and "established".

The e-book, which is typically not printed out but read directly on the computer screen, contains many hyperlinks to additional articles and videos. It's worth the time to look them up, even if they show us rather grim truths.

There is a fascinating chapter about the influence of  thoughts and emotions on the body and on life in general. Very unusual for a book about physical health - shows the author's wide horizon and all-inclusive view.


The basic message is most simple: our body, coming from millions of years of evolution, is built for a fuel very different from what we are eating today. Decades of running our "car" on the wrong fuel has filled it up with toxic waste, which is manifesting in various ways as so-called "diseases".

In order to get healthy again, we need to 1. get rid of the toxic waste and 2. return to the food and lifestyle that is recommended in the "instruction manual" :-))

In practice, these two things require a third: breaking away from old habits and cultural patterns, that come not only from our education but also from the mass hypnosis performed by a "health" industry obsessed with money - money that is made by keeping people sick, not healthy!

I had prepared a great many quotes to illustrate all this, but then deleted them again, because I really believe that the 117 pages are concise enough to read them completely.

I have an extremely hectic time in my life and must travel next week, but for this book I felt I had to make the time. I don't really see how to do it [yet], but I want to break the chain of contagion that has gone one for too long, and hand to my kids a sane view of nutrition. Also I could do with another health upgrade myself :-)


The five main principles of health are defined as:

5. ALKALINITY (pH balance)

There are extensive chapters on the first four topics, great to read, with many quotes from nobel-prize winning authors, and links to additional resources.

The fifth, pH balance, shifted in the wrong direction for too long a time, is then identified as the main root of basically all diseases, its scientific name being ACIDOSIS (or over-acidity in the body).

The e-book comes with a long table of acid and alkaline foods at the end, and detailed instructions about how to eliminate the toxic waste that has accumulated in the body, and form new healthy habits of eating and living in an optimum way. I'm just glad that it is not totally hardcore vegetarian - I am still allowed my sardines, what a relief!

If you are a patient and don't feel up to the task, it might be an idea to look for a partner, kid, relative or friend to lend you their strength for a while - it DOES require quite some energy to implement all these changes, even though the author writes a concise "battle plan" and it isn't necessary to memorize a lot. It's like going into a therapy session, where the practitioner also takes control temporarily in order to finally put the client into a more causative position than before.


What surprised me totally, because I had never read it before, was the information that a certain group of nutrients, called "glyconutrients", will boost the production of stem cells in the body. This is a situation doctors can only dream of!

We have all read about the great chances of stem cell treatments, how they repair hearts and brains and spinal cords and how even whole new organs can be grown with them (just recently the first stem-cell generated bladder was implanted), and I always thought it is necessary to use embryonic stem cells (or stem cells saved from one's own umbilical cord) - NOT SO!

With glyconutrients, the body can produce its own stem cells, which then wander to the places where tissue cells - enabled by the glyconutrients to communicate much more efficiently than "normally" - are screaming for help, and repair conditions previously thought hopeless.

Basically the body is designed to repair itself, IF IT IS GIVEN THE NECESSARY MATERIALS. So simple, it's awesome.

I have to try that stuff, maybe I can grow new disks in my spine :-))

Enough said. Who still has work to do on Earth can polish or even rebuild his or her rusty vehicle with this brilliant manual.

It's an especially great resource for parents.



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