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Author: Gregory and Maile Pouls

Title: The Chelation Controversy

Book Review 08.01.2009

(c) 2009 by Heidrun Beer


Gregory and Maile Pouls: The Chelation Controversy

This concise brochure by Drs. Gregory and Maile Pouls, two co-founders of a Health Enhancement Center -, - describes in detail the health hazards created in the body by various heavy metals, how they get into our body, and how they can be removed by chelation therapy.

Quote: "The word 'chelation' comes from the Greek word 'chele', which means 'claw'. Chelating agents are substances that grab on to, or chemically bond with, minerals and metals in the body. A chelating agent encircles a mineral or metal ion and carries it from the body via the urine or feces."

Among the health hazards listed are "cancer, heart disease, reproductive dysfunction, arthritis, neurological conditions (including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and dementia), dysfunction of the endocrine glands (hormone-producing glands), allergies, fatigue, immune-system dysfunction, skin conditions, and more."

I was entirely surprised that chelation therapy can be used instead of a heart bypass operation, because it will remove so much blockage from the arteries that the operation is no longer necessary in many cases!

Other than the bypass operation, it reaches ALL blood vessels, not only those that lead to the heart. That explains why the chelation therapy is so much more thorough: it helps not only the heart to get more oxygen and nutrients, but also the brain and all other body parts. Even erection problems can disappear, also the loss of feeling in diabetics' feet and many other troubles that are caused by blocked arteries.



There are basically two ways to do chelation therapy. One (faster, more efficient and more expensive) is in the doctor's office by IV, intravenous infusions, the other (slower, more gentle, less expensive) is by oral medication.

Both methods need careful testing before, during and after the procedure, because the chelation process also removes minerals that the body actually needs, and these must be replaced by good food and supplements.

The brochure gives a comprehensive list of heavy metals, chelation agents - both IV and oral -, and foods, vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are useful during the treatment.

Also very interesting are the many internet addresses (URLs) of websites with more information.



Why am I not surprised that the only chelation drug that is FDA approved and used in the US - DMSA - is also the one that causes the most serious side effects, and for this reason is criticized by renowned health professionals like Dr. Mercola ( And how come that the one drug that is widely used for heavy metal chelation in Europe - DMPS - has no FDA approval?

I personally am all for the gentle oral chelation accomplished with the Chlorella algae. More book reviews coming soon.



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