Awesome: Two Key Answers in One


From yesterday's "Student for a Day" visit to the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Europe (BBSHE), I came home with a key question answered - but the way this came to pass is a clear miracle "coincidence" (coincidence, hah!), about which I am TOTALLY AWED.

This answered a second key question: is the universe just a big dumb machine, or is it intelligent and alive and working with us and for us by carefully planning and scripting our "screenplays"? So far, I saw many examples of such scripts in my life, but yesterday's was especially brilliant.


In a nutshell: Barbara Ann Brennan is considered a pioneer in the field of energy healing (laying on hands, working in the "human energy field" [aura] rather than the physical body).

I have reviewed one of her books here:

Here is her website:

... and there is plenty about her on the net, just google it. One extraordinary feature they train is "High Sense Perception" (HSP) - they can look into the body without instruments and "zoom" down to microscopic level. But they always work together with a medical doctor, so they never put a client at risk.


We got an introduction into the subject and did some drills in the morning, performed by the school's deacon, a lady in her 50's, a former cook (!!!), now leading this major school of spiritual healing (in the US they are already officially licenced as a college... yes, our time is coming...)

In the afternoon, after a (nicely healthy) lunch which was included in the entrance fee, where "Students for a Day" were cleverly mixed with regular students, who had an hour's time to give them more reality about the school and their personal experiences, there was a "Teacher's Panel".

Five of their teachers sat down on the stage and simply answered questions. Like the deacon, they came from various non-healing professions, but one was a medical doctor specialized on working with elderly patients (typically 80 or above, she said), so I asked her a question which has tortured me for most of the last two years.

I asked:

"If one of your patients has a hardcore physical disease like dementia, can you do something about that?"


This is what she said:

"EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Now, any disease process is created by the person who has the disease, because they want to learn something. If for some reason they make the decision to turn it around, we have plenty of tools that we can offer them. Yes, it can be done."

I asked the obvious question:

"What if they already have lost their mind, so that they don't have enough of a thinking capacity left to make such a decision?"

And with the sweetest smile she answered:

"Oh, at some level they are always there."

This answer of hers corroborates what I have read in so many books where people tell about the life planning done between lives. It totally validates this school for me - they are "in sync" with all the cutting edge research I have seen about the non-material universe from which we incarnate into the physical plane.


The following brief look back into my history is necessary in order to explain the magnitude of what happened for me yesterday.

I went through terrible agony a while ago, when a dear love shattered to pieces due to the onset of dementia in my partner-to-be.

It started beautifully. We were a great team in- and outside of the bedroom, shared most every interest that two people can share, and soon made plans how we would move together and create our future home. We considered marriage. There was an age difference of 15 years, but with all my medical knowledge I felt equipped to manage any problems that might come later.

A few weeks after we first met he wrote to the friend who connected us how we were "going strong" and had arrived at a "point of no return" of togetherness. The joy about having met was just pouring out of both of us. We were in heaven.

Then, for no apparent reason, it started to crumble. I noticed that he could not recount the content of a lecture he had given on the same day, and that he asked me the same question four times. I kept hearing the phrase "I said that??" only a day after we had talked about something. He was annoyed by the same things that he had liked only weeks before. From serene he went to irritated, from powerful to easily overwhelmed, and there was a deep tiredness.

He finally said he could not see a future with me anymore, but there was more to it. I have my own "High Sense Perception", and I saw that there was a total blankness in his memory, not only about the plans that we had made together, but also about the many moments of his perceiving and sensing me - my body, my character, my talents, my ambitions. He had forgotten the many moments of ecstasy that we shared, the intense spiritual resonance that we had, forgotten how he had cognited on me - he had forgotten that he loved me, and why!

I saw his character deteriorate from delightful to obnoxious, and his intellect from brilliant to lacking. Later, when I started to study dementia literature, I found that all these things happen on a regular basis when people slowly lose their mind as they get older. In alternative medicine, I found a medical approach to reverse this process (mainstream medicine considers it hopeless), but he was now in opposition to me and did not make use of my suggestions.

Unbelievably, over a year later there was a "second round" of our getting close, but it ended the same way - he forgot everything about the new closeness and only remembered that I had disappointed him once. He also forgot the feast of forgiveness that we both enjoyed so much when we talked about this episode. And he too had done a lot that had made me unhappy, which I also forgave him - all the new peace and fresh togetherness was again wiped away from his mind only a few weeks later.

This sad "movie" was the background of me asking the geriatric doctor in the Healing School about the possibility of turning around dementia with Barbara Brennan's methods of energy healing - a question that she answered with "Everything is possible!"


Now, the other key answer I got yesterday did not dawn on me before this morning, when I had recovered from the mammoth effort of a whole day of fully being present without a minute's rest, plus 5 hours driving, after a very short night (I had to get up at 4:30 to be there in time - which is nothing compared with the people who came by plane from Mexico, Japan, UK, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Germany and Italy - I hope I didn't forget a country - I was the only Austrian, although the event happened in my own country.)

I had considered to do their expensive 4 year training solely for having the chance to turn around the deterioration in the health of "my man". But would I have a chance at all? How about the long time it would take me to earn all the necessary money, before I could even start the training? By the time I had finished the school, would he be open to my attempts at healing him, if he already rejected all my ideas of taking a medical treatment? Could it work at all in such a solidly physical disease?

The whole "screenplay" of this story was so incredibly cruel (it had other, even more cruel aspects also) that I finally refused to continue playing my scripted role in it. I returned the screenplay, so to speak, and moved on with my life, my studies and my spiritual endeavours.

And then I come for only one day to check out the potential of a famous healing approach, which "happens" to have its European headquarter in my own country (of all possible European countries - there are only three of these schools worldwide!), and an expert for the very branch of medicine that I am so strongly entangled with "happens" to be on the stage, and "happens" to give me the complete explanation of why such diseases occur, and how and when they can be turned around.

THAT they can be turned around, if the person who created the disease only makes the DECISION to turn them around. That even without a workable brain, they are still there to make such a decision, and if they don't make it, there is an experience to gain in the disease process that they are LONGING FOR.

Maybe the experience of being cared for, after a life of caring for others? Maybe the experience of having the chance to follow their every fleeting impulse by not remembering the past and not creating the future? Maybe the experience of receiving unconditional love? Maybe just curiosity? Only they know.

A lady with exactly the training I needed, the training on both the physical and energetic (spiritual) side of the disease that had not quite yet killed a man so precious to me, but most certainly destroyed his love, "happened" to be there in exactly the right place at the right time to answer my most burning question and save me the time and effort that I would have had to spend to even make the attempt to help him - so much time that it could have been too late; so much effort that I might not have been able to muster the energy: the universe handed it all to me in the shopping bag of one day's travel!

Suddenly I sensed an overwhelming stream of love pouring out of all these people. They appear very light and serene, they laugh a lot, but oh! the passion and determination behind that! Their greatest wish is to be healers - to heal themselves, heal their loved ones, heal complete strangers, heal the world! This is exactly what we need at this time in humanity's history, and therefore:

NO, the universe is NOT a big dumb machinery. It is intelligent and helpful, and where it looks cruel, it is setting the stage for a learning experience that is WANTED and PLANNED by the people who participate in it.

Now I am saying what all these spiritual books say that I have read... but I am not a parrot. I still believe that not all these screenplays are tastefully written, and that their irony is sometimes really, really grim, but I am now convinced that we live in an intelligent cosmos, and things do not just "happen".

They are MADE to happen. More than ever, I am eager to be on the CAUSING side of my life - to steer it actively and not just be the effect of outside factors, or my own past mistakes. And eager to connect with like-minded people: passionate like me, hard workers like me, with a professional attitude like me. After a long period of drought, I now keep finding "my people".

Heidrun Beer

Workgroup for Fundamental Spiritual Research and Mental Training