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DOCUMENT TITLE: Certificate of Revocation, HASI, Inc.
SUBJECT: Dissolution by revocation of the Articles of Inorporation for Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, Inc.
PARTIES: Corporation, Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, Inc.; Norton S. Karno, attorney; Sherman and Stephen Lenske, attorneys at Karno firm handling L. Ron Hubbard's "business interests."


HASI, Inc. owned all copyrights and trademarks related to Scientology. They had been assigned into perpetuity to the Hubbard Communications Office (HCO), a division of HASI, Inc., by L. Ron Hubbard in several policy letters, notably several issued on 15 and 22 November 1958.

HCO was transferred to Church of Scientology of California (CSC) on or around 12 March 1966 according to a policy of that date. CSC was, itself, owned at the time by HASI, Inc. To get a full picture of this corporate set-up and the relationship of the intellectual property to it, and what became of it after this HASI revocation, please see our comparative chart.

When this 10 May 1977 revocation of HASI, Inc.'s Articles of Incorporation was sent to the P.O. Box Address in Silver Spring, which had been the address for HASI, Inc. since the '50s, it was returned to the Arizona Corporation Commission as
"MOVED - NOT FORWARDABLE." At the time, Sherman and Stephen Lenske, of the law firm of Norton S. Karno, were handling L. Ron Hubbard's "business interests."

CSC, however, survived as a California corporation, taking HCO, and the copyrights, with them. But within two months of this revocation, the Guardian Office in the United States will be raided on both coasts by the FBI rendering it in such disarray, and under such duress, that CSC, and the intellectual property it owns, are left wholly unprotected.

Here is a transcript of the microfiche document:


P O BOX 242


  The Arizona Corporation Commission, pursuant to ARIZONA REVISED
STATUTES SECTION 10-095, hereby revokes the filing by the above named
corporation of its Articles of Incorporation for the following


DATED__________________________MAY 10__ , 19__77__

[SIGNATURES: Bud Tims(?)   Ernest Garfield       Jim W(Illegible)]
CHAIRMAN                   COMMISSIONER                COMMISSIONER

                    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set
                    my hand and affixed the official seal of the
                    Arizona Corporation Commission, at the Cap-
                    itol, in the City of Phoenix, this __10TH__ DAY
                    of _________________________MAY___ , 19___77__.

                    [SIGNATURE: Donald E. Vance]
                             EXECUTIVE SECRETARY

Statutory Ref. A.R.S. 10-095
ABCA Form No. 46D - 7/76 (Domestic)
Revocation Section
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