Auditing Self Analysis, Theory


(quoted from Filbert's 'Excalibur')

On each line of each of the following lists you add the phrase "Paying particular attention to_________". In the blank you place a perceptic.

The perceptics are: sight
body position

You should change the perceptic each time you ask a new recall question, but not in asking for an earlier recall.

Each line out of each list, with the perceptic selected, is put to the preclear only once, with the following 3 commands in this order:

A. "Paying particular attention to__________, recall a time when " (you continue the question with the line)
B. "Paying particular attention to__________, recall another time when " (put in same line)
C. "Paying particular attention to__________, recall the earliest time you can when " (same line)"

You Run each List to EP (FN, VGIs, Cog, Vivid Recall,
that perceptic turned on full.)

It usually runs pretty quick. Thus we enclose shortened versions of the lists, as usually it EP's even before half of the included questions are run. You will find additional questions in R. Hubbard's book: Self Analysis. If you were to run these and not get an EP, your PC probably should not be on SA lists. Something like life rudiments, or the 53 form needs to be run instead. As the book is included as course materials, the lists are just included here as an easy reference that can be printed out.



 List 1:General Incidents

L 1. - Can you recall a time when:

1. You were happy.
2. You had just finished constructing something.
3. Life was cheerful.
4. Somebody had given you something.
5. You ate something good.
6. You had a friend.
7. You felt energetic.
8. Somebody was waiting for you.
9. You drove fast.
10. You saw something you liked.
11. You acquired something good.
12. You threw away something bad.
13. You kissed somebody you liked.
14. You laughed at a joke.
15. You received money.
16. You felt young.
17. You liked life.
18. You played a game.
19. You bested something dangerous.
20. You acquired an animal.
21. Somebody thought you were important.
22. You enjoyed a good loaf.
23. You chased something bad.

List 2:Time Orientation

L 2.01 - Can you recall an incident which happened:

1. A long time ago. (the year? the month? the hour ?)
2. Yesterday. (the hour? the date?.)
3. Last month. (position of the sun?.)
4. When you were very small. (clothes people wore? position of sun?.)
5. When you were half your present size. (the sizes of others at that time ?.)
6. When you were a third your present weight. (position of the sun?.)
7. When your mother looked younger. (her clothes ? position of the sun?.)
8. When you felt agile. (the year? the hour?.)
9. Last Christmas. (time of day ?)
10. Your fifth Christmas. (clothing of others?.)
11. Your eighth birthday. (furniture?.)
12. A birthday. (the appearance of others ? year ? position of sun?.)
13. This day last year. (the house you lived in? the date? the season?.)
14. At noon today.
15. At a banquet. (clothing of people present?)
16. At a marriage. (year? season ?)
17. At a birth. (season?.)
18. On a date with someone. (hairdo ?)
19. About a clock. (position of the sun?.)
20. About a wrist watch. (motion of second hand?)
21. With an animal. (when he was smaller ?)

L 2.02 - Can you recall incidents which compare:

1. Clothing today and clothing when you were small.
2. Hairdo today and hairdo when you were in your teens.
3. Something which is now old when it was new.
4. Something which was small which is now big.
5. Something which is now old when it was young.
6. The way the sun shines in the morning and in the afternoon.
7. Winter with summer.
8. Spring with winter.
9. Fall with spring.
10. Sunrise with sunset.
11. A morning shadow and an evening shadow.
12. Clothing now old when it was new.
13. A house now standing where no house was.
14. An open space which is now cut up.
15. A long time and a short time.
16. A cigarette when it was lighted and when it was put out.
17. The beginning and the end of a race.
18. Bedtime and getting up.
19. School in the morning and getting out in the afternoon.
20. Your size now and when you were little.
21. A cloudy day and a sun- shiny day.
22. Stormy weather and rainy weather.
23. Something hot and when it got cold.
24. Something young and something old.


List 3: Orientation of Senses

L 3.01 - Can you recall a time when:

1. It was very late.
2. You were early.
3. You had to wait.
4. You had to stand for some time supporting a weight.
5. You went very fast.
6. You covered a great deal of space.
7. You used a lot of time (when you really did, not when somebody said you did).
8. An object ran down (not a clock).
9. A long length of space.
10. A short length of space.
11. An object moving.
12. An animal moving.
13. A clock hand moving.
14. A round object.
15. An object near an object.
16. A lightning bolt.
17. Breaking a watch. (did time stop'?)
18. A good time.
19. You were too late.
( Additional questions are in the second half of LIST 2 )

L 3.02 - Can you recall a sight which was:

1. Very bright.
2. Dark.
3. Green.
4. Vast.
5. Moving.
6. Flat
7. Deep
8. Colorful.
9. Swift.
10. Slow.
11. Pleasant.
12. Desirable.
13. Pretty.
14. Rare.
15. Remarkable.
16. Confused.
17. Mysterious.
18. Lazy.
19. Warm.
20. Cheerful.
21. Nearly invisible.
22. Blurred.
23. Sharply defined.
24. Lovable.
25. Passionate.

Relative sizes:
L 3.03 - Can you recall a time when:

1. You were bigger than an animal.
2. You were smaller than an object.
3. You were bigger than a person.
4. You were smaller than a person.
5. Things looked little to you.
6. Things looked big to you.
7. You were in a vast space.
8. You looked at the stars.
9. You were dwarfed by an object.
10. You saw a giant.
11. You scared somebody.
12. Somebody waited on you.
13. You chased somebody.
14. You licked a larger boy.
15. Furniture was too small for you.
16. A bed was too small for you.
17. A bed was too big for you.
18. A hat didn't fit.
19. You had to be polite.
20. You bullied somebody.
21. Your clothes were too large.
22. Your clothes were too small.
23. The vehicle was too large.
24. The vehicle was too small.
25. A space was too big.

L 3.04 - Can you recall a time when you heard:

1. A gentle wind.
2. A quiet voice.
3. A pleasant sound.
4. A pleasant voice.
5. A breeze.
6. A dog whining.
7. A bell.
8. A cheerful voice.
9. A musical instrument.
10. A door close.
11. Water running.
12. Liquid coming from a bottle.
13. Good food frying.
14. A ball rolling.
15. A wheel singing.
16. A car starting.
17. A child laughing.
18. A ball bouncing.
19. A sewing machine running.
20. A cat mewing.
21. A pen writing.
22. A child running.
23. A book page turning.
24. A newspaper being opened.
25. A kiss.
26. A stimulating sound.

Smell (Olfactory):
L 3.05 Can you recall a time when you smelled the following:

1. Something sweet.
2. Something sharp.
3. Something oily.
4. Something pungent.
5. Something desirable.
6. Something burned.
7. Something stimulating.
8. Something cheerful.
9. A good person.
10. A happy person.
11. A warm person.
12. A friendly animal.
13. A pleasant leaf.
14. Cut grass.
15. Something passionate.
16. Something you wanted.
17. Something you threw away.
18. A bird.
19. Something exciting.
20. Something desirable.

L 3.06 - Can you recall a time when you tasted the following:

1. Soup.
2. Eggs.
3. Bread.
4. Biscuits.
5. Coffee.
6. Tea.
7. Milk.
8. Cereal.
9. Dumplings.
10. Fish.
11. Beef.
12. Chicken.
13. A steak.
14. Duck.
15. Stuffing.
16. Cheese.
17. A fillet.
18. Potatoes.
19. Water melon.
20. A cocktail.
21. Liquor.
22. A hot sandwich.
23. Jelly.
24. Ice cream.
25. Pudding.
26. Candy.

L 3.07 - Can you recall an incident when you felt/touched:

1. The pressure on your feet while you stood.
2. A fork.
3. A greasy surface.
4. The pressure of a movie seat.
5. A steering wheel.
6. A cat.
7. Another person.
8. Cool clothing.
9. Your hair.
10. A child.
11. Something you admired.
12. Something new.
13. An arm.
14. A ball.
15. An easy chair.
16. A collar.
17. A poker.
18. A musical instrument.
19. Something comfortable.
20. Something which gave you confidence.
21. Something bright.
22. A desk.
23. A girl.
24. A boy.
25. A fish.
26. A doll.

Personal Emotion:
L 3.08 - Can you recall an incident when:

1. Somebody was angry.
2. Somebody wanted something.
3. You desired something.
4. You were happy.
5. You were pleased.
6. You won by being antagonistic.
7. You felt affectionate.
8. You admired something.
9. Something was amiable.
10. You were amused.
11. You approved of an object.
12. You were surprised by something pleasant.
13. You attacked something successfully.
14. You attacked someone.
15. You were "attached" to something.
16. You had to blush.
17. You felt bold.
18. You couldn't be bothered.
19. You were energetic.
20. You found out you weren't clumsy.
21. You were satisfied.
22. You cared for somebody.
23. You were confident.
24. You influenced somebody.
25. You were glad to be idle.
26. Somebody was patient.

Organic sensation:
L 3.09 - Can you recall a time when:

1. You felt yourself to be in good physical condition.
2. You enjoyed yourself physically.
3. You had just eaten something you liked.
4. Your head felt good.
5. Your back felt good.
6. You felt very relieved.
7. You were excited.
8. You felt very much alive.
9. You were proud of your body.
10. Your body was competent.
11. Your heart was beating calmly.
12. You didn't have a single ache or pain.
13. You felt refreshed.
14. Everybody was having a good time.
15. Both of you enjoyed it.
16. Your back felt strong.
17. You stood very straight.
18. You liked your position.
19. You got a new position.
20. You made it right.
21. Your head felt clear.

Motion, Personal:
L 3.10 - Can you recall a time when:

1. You were running.
2. You were walking.
3. You enjoyed a stroll.
4. You overcame something.
5. You threw something away you didn't want.
6. You won a tug of war.
7. You skipped rope.
8. You rode.
9. You did something successful in sports.
10. You lay down.
11. You stood up.
12. You turned around and around.
13. You jumped.
14. You stood on something that moved.
15. You leaped up.
16. You won a race.
17. You did something were admired for physically.
18. You enjoyed moving.
19. You enjoyed stand still.
20. You pointed out something.
21. You showed your superior physically.

Motion External:
L 3.11 - Can you recall a time when:

1. Something pleasant moved very fast.
2. You saw somebody didn't like running away from you.
3. You enjoyed seeing rain come down.
4. You enjoyed seeing children play.
5. Trees rustled in a small wind.
6. A quiet brook flower.
7. You played ball.
8. You saw a kite flying.
9. You were exhilarated riding downhill.
10. You saw a bird fly gracefully.
11. You perceived the man had moved.
12. You scared an animal away from you.
13. You saw a graceful dancer.
14. You saw an accomplished musician.
15. You saw an excellent actor.
16. You watched a graceful girl.
17. You watched a happy child.
18. You started an object.
19. You stopped an object.
20. You broke something you didn't like.
21. You watched a graceful man.

.Body Position:
L 3.12 - Can you recall a time when:

1. You enjoyed just sitting.
2. You fought your way of a place where you didn't want to be.
3. You stood and enjoyed a view.
4. You put your toe in mouth.
5. You tried to stand your head.
6. You tried to see if could be a contortionist.
7. You drank something pleasant.
8. You ate an excel meal.
9. You drove a good car.
10. You were doing something you liked.
11. You enjoyed handling something.
12. You were competent in a sport.
13. You were admired.
14. You were happy.
15. You enjoyed a chance to sit down.
16. You enthusiastically stood up to go some place.
17. You got rid of something.
18. You watched a child being trained.
19. You wanted to stay and did.
20. You wanted to leave and did.
(Get an EP on each of these nine sets of lists under List 3.)

List 4: Standard Processing

Can you recall a time when:

1. You moved an object.
2. An object moved you.
3. You threw an organism up into the air.
4. You walked down stairs.
5. You acquired something you wanted.
6. You created something good.
7. You felt big in a certain space.
8. You were proud to move something heavy.
9. You handled energy well.
10. You built a fire.
11. You lost something you didn't want.
12. You forced something on somebody.
13. You promoted survival.
14. You pleasantly expended time.
15. You closed in space.
16. You were master of your own time.
17. You opened up a space.
18. You handled a machine well.
19. You stopped a machine.
20. You raised an object.
21. You lowered yourself.
22. You destroyed something you didn't want.
23. You changed something for the better.
24. An organism you did not like moved away from you.
25. You obtained something you wanted.
26. You maintained a person.

List 5: Assists to Remembering

Can you remember a time when:

1. You acquired something you wanted.
2. You threw away something you didn't want.
3. You abandoned something you knew you were supposed to have.
4. You did something else with the time which was otherwise appointed for you.
5. You went into a space you were not supposed to occupy.
6. You left the place you were supposed to be.
7. You were happy to have acquired something.
8. You happily defied directions you had been given.
9. You were sent to one place and chose to go to another.
10. You chose your own clothing.
11. You wore something in spite of what people would think.
12. You got rid of something which bored you.
13. You were glad to have choice over one of two objects.
14. You didn't drink any more than you wanted to.
15. You successfully refused to eat.
16. You did what you pleased with yourself.
17. You did what you pleased with a smaller person.
18. You were right not to have accepted something.
19. You gave away a present you had received.
20. You destroyed an object somebody forced upon you.
21. You had something you wanted and maintained it well.
22. You maliciously scuffed your shoes.
23. You didn't read the book you had been given.
24. You refused to be owned.
25. You changed somebody's orders.
26. You slept where you pleased.

List 6: Forgetter Section

.Can you recall an incident when:

1. You put something aside because you thought it was dangerous but it wasn't.
2. You acquired something you were not supposed to have and kept it.
3. You cheerfully got into everything you were supposed to leave alone.
4. You went back to something you had been pulled away from.
5. You found the caution to leave something alone groundless.
6. You cheerfully destroyed an expensive object.
7. You threw away something you wanted.
8. You played with somebody you were supposed to leave alone.
9. You were right in disobeying.
10. You read a forbidden book.
11. You enjoyed having things.
12. You acquired a dangerous object and enjoyed it.
13. You stole some food and were cheerful about it.
14. You ate exactly what you pleased.
15. You fixed some electrical wiring successfully.
16. You played with fire.
17. You successfully drove dangerously.
18. You touched something in spite of all warnings.
19. You got away with it.
20. She walked out on you.
21. You and some friends collected objects.
22. You touched a forbidden thing happily.
23. You got it anyway.
24. You went where you weren't supposed to and enjoyed it.
25. You owned something that was once forbidden.
26. He walked out on you.

List 7: Survival Factors

Can you recall a time when:

1. A person you disliked was about.
2. An individual you liked stood above you.
3. You finally accepted a person you liked.
4. You enjoyed accompanying a person you liked.
5. You were against a person you liked.
6. You acquired an individual you liked.
7. You and a person you liked engaged in a pleasant action.
8. Your action resulted in getting rid of somebody you didn't like.
9. You enjoyed seeing somebody you admired.
10. You advanced toward a person you liked.
11. You acquired an object which you adored.
12. You knew somebody felt affection for you.
13. You got away from a person of whom you were afraid.
14. You walked after a person you liked.
15. A person you liked aided you.
16. You and people you liked were all together.
17. You almost met somebody you disliked.
18. You were glad to be alone.
19. Somebody aided your ambition.
20. You were among people you liked.
21. You found somebody amiable.
22. A person amused you.
23. You finally didn't have to be anxious.
24. A person you liked appeared suddenly.
25. You had a good appetite.

List 8: Imagination

Can you recall a time when:

1. You foresaw how son thing should be and arranged it.
2. You imagined something and constructed it.
3. You envisioned how place would look a went there.
4. You were forced to admit you lied when you had told the truth.
5. Somebody disarranged what was yours and you put it back.
6. You delighted in filling up space with imaginary things.
7. You did a masterpiece of creation.
8. You saw something come into actuality which you had imagined.
9. You imagined it there and destroyed it.
10. Your vision was complemented.
11. You planned what to with some time and did it.
12. You ignored interruptions and went on according to schedule.
13. You saw how some space could be bettered and bettered it.
14. You drew a plan and people followed it.
15. Things were smoother because you had thought of them that way.

List 9: Valences

Can you recall a time when:

1. You watched a person you didn't like doing something you liked to do.
2. You saw a person you liked doing something you didn't like to do.
3. You watched a person you liked doing something you liked to do.
4. You saw a person you disliked doing something you disliked to do.
5. You noticed somebody wearing something you wore.
6. You found somebody using a mannerism you used.
7. You adopted a mannerism.
8. You found yourself and a dog being treated alike.
9. You made faces at yourself in the mirror.
10. You decided to be completely different from a person.
11. You discovered you were like an object.
12. You were classified with an unfavorable person.
13. You were classified with a favorable person.
14. You found yourself dressed like many others.
15. You found you were different from somebody, after all.
16. You noticed the difference between yourself and others.
17. You ate with somebody you liked.
18. You met a person who reminded you of another and noticed the difference between
19. You walked in step with somebody you liked.
20. You rode with somebody you admired.
21. You had to take the same position as somebody else.
22. You played a game with people you liked.
23. You found yourself doing something because somebody in your early youth did it.
24. You found yourself refusing to do something because somebody in your early youth
did it.

List 10: Interruptions

Can you recall a time when:

1. An object resisted you and you overcame it.
2. You couldn't move and then succeeded in getting away.
3. Somebody took something out of your hands and finished it.
4. Your physical action was interrupted.
5. A machine did not start.
6. Somebody jumped at you unexpectedly.
7. You were told a ghost story.
8. You had to give up a career.
9. Somebody touched your mouth.
10. You tried to raise your hand and were blocked.
11. You found the road was closed.
12. You couldn't get something into something.
13. You were halted by a friend.
14. Your father showed you how it was really done.
15. Somebody made you take care of something.
16. It was demonstrated you were putting it to the wrong use.
17. You were corrected "for your own good".
18. You knew somebody who had a mania for using only the right word.
19. You were "helped" by having your sentence finished.
20. You couldn't go at the last minute.
21. You knew somebody who corrected the words you used for songs.
22. You weren't permitted to cry.
23. Noise got on somebody's nerves.
24. You couldn't finish it for want of time.
25. You had to be patient.
26. You couldn't go just then.
27. You were going but you were stopped.
28. Somebody tried to stop you but you kept on anyway.
29. You used it just as pleased.

List 11: Invalidation

Can you recall a time when:

1. A person much smaller than you resented your size.
2. A person bigger than you made you feel inferior.
3. A person would not let you finish something.
4. An object was too much for you.
5. You found a space too big.
6. You were pushed back because you were too small.
7. You didn't make the team.
8. You found you were adequate.
9. You found somebody had lied about how bad you were.
10. You discovered you had been right, after all.
11. You found your decision would have been best.
12. You solved a problem nobody else could do.
13. You discovered there were homelier people in the world than you.
14. You found you could ignore somebody's opinion.
15. You found somebody else thought you really had done something good.
16. You were admired your looks.
17. You overcame a machine.
18. You accomplished arduous journey.
19. You discovered somebody who slurred was dishonest in other ways.
20. You found yourself bigger and more powerful than an animal.
21. You discovered your competence.
22. You bested somebody thoroughly.
23. An enemy cried quarter.
24. You drew blood somebody else.
25. You took the lion's share and kept it.
26. You made your weight felt.

List 12: The Elements

Can you recall a time when:

1. You bested a storm.
2. You enjoyed thunder.
3. You had fun in snow
4. You enjoyed the sun shine.
5. Everyone else said it too hot but you enjoyed it.
6. You bested an area of water.
7. The rain was soothing.
8. You were glad it was a cloudy day.
9. The wind excited you.
10. The night was soft.
11. You were glad to see the sun.
12. The weather was friendly.
13. You bested some surf.
14. The air was exhilarating.
15. You were glad of the season.
16. You got warm after being too cold.
17. A dawn excited you.
18. You felt you owned stars.
19. You were excited over a hailstone.
20. You discovered the temperature of snow flakes.
21. The dew was bright.
108.22. A soft fog rolled.
24. It was terrible outside and you were snug in your house.
25. The wind felt good.
26. You lived through it.
27. You discovered you liked your own climate.
28. You were glad to see spring.
29. You felt you could best the winds of the world.
30. You admired a storm.
31. You enjoyed lightning.



If recalling something special made pc uncomfortable:
There are several ways to overcome this. If actual physical pain is part of the situation pc
has recalled, do not try to force pc further into it, but concentrate on later incidents
which gradually gets pc back up to present time. The following questions will assist the pc to do that:
1. Recall a pleasant incident which happened later.
2. Recall what you were doing this time last year.
3. Recall a moment when you were really enjoying yourself.
4. Recall what you were doing this time last month.
5. Recall what you were doing yesterday.
6. Recall something pleasant that happened today.
Recall these things consecutively again.

If no physical pain was included but misemotion was, recall the following:

1. The next time after that you acquired something you liked.
2. Recall something you have now which you enjoy.
3. Recall something you wanted a long time and finally got.
4. Recall the time somebody was very nice to you.
5. Recall the last money you got.
6. Recall eating dinner last night.
7. Recall eating today.

Recall all of these incidents over again with all available perceptics.

If pc merely became uncomfortable without great misemotion or physical pain, but simply wanted
to avoid the recall, use the following list:

1. Recall the incident again in its entirety from first to last.
2. Recall the incident once more.
3. Recall an earlier incident similar to it.
4. Recall an incident earlier.
5. Recall the earliest incident that you can get like it.
6. Recall all these incidents, one after the other, in their entirety.
7. Recall all the incidents again, one after the other, from the earliest to the latest.
8. Recall all these incidents again.
9. Go over the Chain of similar incidents and later ones on up to present time.
10. Recall a pleasant incident which has happened in the last few days. Get all possible
perceptics on it.
11. Recall what you were doing an hour ago.

This usually stabilizes any of the above conditions:

1. Recall a time which really seems real to you.
2. Recall a time when you felt real affinity for someone.
3. Recall a time when someone was in good communication with you.
4. Recall a time when felt deep affinity somebody else.
5. Recall a time when knew you were really communicating to somebody.
6. Recall a time when several people agreed with you completely.
7. Recall a time when you were in agreement with somebody else.
8. Recall a time within the last two days when you felt affectionate.
9. Recall a time in the last two days when somebody felt affection for you.
10. Recall a time in the last two days when you were in good communication with
11. Recall a time in the last two days which really seems real to you.
12. Recall a time in the last two days when you were in good communication with people.
Recall several incidents of each kind.

Many more SAL processes are available in the book Self Analysis