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The C/S Series 53 Long Form is used by auditors to get a TA up or down into normal range or to correct a varity of case outnesses. A pc who is relatively new to auditing should be assessed on this C/S 53 Long Form, which puts the items into full questions. More experienced or educated pc's are given C/S 53 Short Form.

Assess this list Method 5 and handle reads in the order they occur. Follow the instructions at the end of the list to handle the reads.

PC NAME DATE________________

Interiorized into something _____
Go in _____
Went in _____
Put in _____
Want to go in _____
Can't get in _____
Can't go in 
Want to get out _____
Kicked out of spaces _____
Being trapped _____
Forced in _____
Pulled in _____

Have there been List errors _____
Have you had an overlisted list _____
Have you been given any Wrong items _____
Have you felt upset 
with giving tems to auditor _____
Have you been given a wrong date _____
Have you found a wrong location _____
Have you been given a Wrong Why _____
Have you been given a Wrong indication _____
Have you been give a wrong PTS item _____

Do you have an ARC break _____
Do you have a Problem _____ __
Are you withholding anything _____
Is there some sort of withhold _____
Is there something you're not saying _____
Has S/O said you had a wh when you didn't _____
Did you have to get the 
same wh off more than once _____
Have you committed any overts _____
Have you been audited over out-ruds _____
Do you feel sad _____
Do you feel rushed _____
Are you upset _____
Are you tired_____
Do you feel you can't get it _____
Are you protesting anything _____
Is there S/G you don't like  _____

Have you taken drugs _____
Have you taken LSD _____
Have you drunk alcohol _____
Have you smoked hashish _____
Have you taken medicine _____

Is there an Engram in restimulation _____
Has the same Engram run twice _____
Can't you see Engrams too well _____
When you look for incidents, is it Invisible _____
When you look for incidents, is it all Black _____
Have you experienced a Loss _____
Have you Lost something _____

Has the same thing been run twice _____
Has the same action 
been done by a/o auditor _____

Are you doing s/t with 
your mind between sessions _____
Are you involved in some other practice _____



Have there been word Clearing errors _____
Is there a misunderstood word _____
Have there been misunderstoods in session _____
Have there been study errors _____

Do you have a False TA _____
Have you used wrong sized cans _____
Do your hands get tired _____
Are your hands dry _____
Are your hands wet _____
Do you loosen your can grip _____
Are you using the wrong hand cream _____

Is the auditor overwhelming _____
Couldn't you hear auditor _____
Couldn't you understand what was being said _____
Couldn't you u.stand what was being done _____
Do you feel attacked _____
Has there been s/g wrong with F/Ns _____
Have F/Ns been overrun _______
Have F/Ns been missed _____
Do you feel like items really didn't read _____
Have there been false reads _____
Reading items were ignored _____
Have you had bad auditing _____
Are there any incomplete actions _____
Has there been any invalidation _____
Has there been any evaluation _____
Couldn't you get auditing _____
Have actions been interrupted _____

Is there something you can't have _____
Is your havingness low _____

Are you PTS _____
Do you feel suppressed _____

Has something gone on too long _____
Have you been audited past a release point _____
Have you gone past Dianetic Clear _____
Has s/g been overrun _____
Has the auditor kept on going _____
Are you being over-repaired _____
Are you puzzled why auditor keeps on going_____
Are there Stops _____

Is there something else wrong _____
Are you physically ill _____

Are we repairing a TA that isn't high _____
Are we repairing a TA that isn't low _____
Has the Meter been faulty _____
Is there nothing wrong ______

Have there been false Exam Reports _____
Did you have to wait at Exam _____
Have you been upset by the Examiner _____



A. If A or any of the A Group reads on any pc, the pc has 'Out-Int'. On a pc of any case level, who has had an Int RD (with Engram running), do an Int RD Correction List and handle the reads. If Int correction has already been done on the pc have a folder study (FES) done on the Int RD and its corrections. When all errors are corrected, the C/S may order the Recall Int RD.

If the pc is Clear or OT and has not had an Int RD, do the Recall Int RD. Do not run any Engrams.

WHEN DOING AN INT HANDLING RUN ONLY THE INT BUTTONS GIVEN ON THE INT RD SERIES. Note on the Assessment which button(s) have just read on the C/S 53. Other items in the A Group are designed to detect Out-Int, but don't embrace the earlier beginning, so do NOT run these.

 B. If any of these read, do an L4BRB on the earliest lists you can find that have not been corrected. Lacking these, do an L4BRB in general. You can go over an L4BRB several times handling each read to F/N until the whole L4BRB gives nothing but F/Ns. Handle a Wrong Why or Wrong Indication or Wrong PTS item per C/S Series 78.

C. Any reading item must be F/Ned. Use standard handlings on rudiments questions. On "Out-Ruds" find which rud and handle. "Feel Sad" = ARC break of long duration so handle the ARC break. If "Deadness" or "Unconsciousness" read TWC to F/N (E/S if necessary) and then program for the Personal Revival Rundown.

 D. TWC to F/N. Do a Drug RD Repair List if the pc has had his Drug RD.  Advance Program to handle all reading drugs as soon as possible. 

 E. If any of these read, do an L3RH and handle per the instructions. (On Clears and OTs simply indicate the read. Don't run any Engrams or seek further to repair).

F. Clean up any protest and inval and rehab to F/N.

G. Find out what it is. If yogi or mystic exercises or some such TWC E/S it to first time done, find out what upset had occurred before that and if TA now down do L1C on that period of pc's life.

H. If Word Clearing, do a Word Clearing Correction List, handle all reads. If study errors, TWC E/S to F/N, and add a Study Correction List to the pc's program.

I. False TA is wrong cans or other error. Use False TA check list. Then clean up the By-passed Charge with (1) Assess for best read (a) TA worries (b) F/N worries. (2) Then TWC times he was worried about (item) E/S to F/N. (3) Rehab any overruns due to false TA obscuring F/Ns.

J. These are auditor errors. Low TA is generally caused by overwhelming TRs and incomplete actions. A high TA can be caused by an auditor overrunning F/Ns or failing to call them. Or trying to assess through an F/N and mistaking an F/N right swing for a read. An F/N can be obscured and mistaken for a read if sensitivity too high. These items are all TWC E/S to F/N. Auditors who made them need cramming badly or retread. Rehab F/Ns that have been missed.

K. Can't have or Hav. Find correct Havingness Process and remedy.

 L. TWC to F/N. C/S to program as needed for further PTS handling.

 M. Find out what. Clean up any protest. Rehab to F/N or Date/Locate. On "Went on past Dianetic Clear" TWC to F/N. Return to C/S. A qualified C/S who has fully checked out on the materials must adjudicate whether this state has been attained before the preclear should be programmed Clear verification.

 N. TWC to find what. Note BD item. If BD item covered by one of these categories handle per instructions. If not just TWC to F/N and get further C/S instructions for handling if necessary.

O. Get pc to tell you about it briefly. If correct then indicate to F/N. Go E/S and indicate it if no F/N on first. If false TA handle per 1 above.

P. Indicate and TWC to F/N.

The order in which reads are to be taken up is built into the C/S 53 itself. You simply start at the top of the list and take up and handle to F/N each read as you come to it.