PTS Assist, Theory



("10 August Assist")

A) The first step is to be educated in and understand  the basic definitions of PTS Tech.
B) Knowing that, one can be guided to discover to what or to whom he is PTS.
C) When the source is known, one can be coached to handle or disconnect.
This assist is actually very easy to do. It does not have to be on the Meter and it is not L&N or anything complicated.

The PTS Assist
1)  Have the pc study the basic issues of the PTS tech or get him through PTS Tech - Basic Definitions. He has to grasp "PTS" and "Suppressive".

2) Have him discuss the illness or accident or condition without much digging around. Simply have him discuss it and let him tell you how this could be a result of suppression. He may be able to tell you rather quickly but may not gain any real relief from that.

3) Ask when he recalls first having that illness or having such an accident. He will look at his track and soon realize that this has happened to him before. This can all happen in a very informal manner. He will usually quickly come up with one early this lifetime incident.

4) Now ask him who it was. He will usually tell you right away.

5) He will usually have named a person, who he is still connected to!

Now you have the terminal. So you work out with him to come up with a handling (or a disconnect if needed).

Usually a handling of getting him gradually to become more cause over the situation goes a long way.

You persuade him to begin to handle on a gradient scale. This may consist of imposing some slight discipline on him such as requiring him to actually answer his mail or write the person a pleasant good roads good weather note or to realistically look at how he antagonized them. In short, what is required in the handling is a low gradient. All you are trying to do is to move the PTS person from effect to begin to be cause over the situation.

6) Check with the person again. Make sure he is doing the handling; coach him along, always at a gentle good roads and good weather level and no blow-ups or extreme attitudes.

That is simple to do. It can get more complicated, such as a person being PTS to an unknown person in his immediate vicinity that he may have to find before he can handle or disconnect. You can run into people who can't remember more than a few years back. You can find anything you can find in a case. But simple handling ends when it looks pretty complex. And that's when you turn it over to a trained auditor.