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This Correction List is assessed and handled if, after a PTS Rundown has been done on the pc, any new signs of illness or roller coaster shows up. It also serves as a checklist of expected actions with the Rundown.

The handlings are given below the assessed lines. The list is Always Done Method 5 (All assessed then handled).

You may use prefix, "On the PTS RD___".
On repeated difficulties with PTS RD the list can be ordered taken to F/Ning list.

1. You went Exterior? ________
(indicate it. Handle per Out-int data).

2. Your Int Handling was messed up? _______
(If so, indicate it. Handle per Int data).

3. List Errors? ______

4. You were given the PTS RD in the middle of another incomplete RD? ______
 (TWC to F/N. Complete the incomplete RD. Then verify the PTS RD).

5. You have been physically ill after auditing? ________
(If this happened after a PTS RD the RD is not complete.
2wc to F/N then find what was incomplete and complete it.)
6. You lost the gains achieved in auditing? ________
(Same as 5 above.)
7. You are still in communication with a 
person or group that does not like what you are doing? ________

(Have Ethics handle with physical universe handling).
8. You know someone who disagrees with what you are doing? ________
(See 7 above.)
9. You handled the whole situation completely? ________
(If reads, 2wc to F/N.)
10. You only said it was handled? ________
(2wc to F/N. Redo PTS Basic Def's as needed. Report it to C/S for further physical universe handling.)
11. You don't understand the situation? ________
(See 10 above.)
12. You don't believe there is a situation? ________
(2wc to F/N and possibly handling as 10 above. It could be there
is no situation now.)
13. You didn't want to handle it and protested? ________
(2wc to F/N. See 10 above.)
14. It can't be handled anyway? ________
(2wc to F/N and see 10 above.)
15. There was something wrong with the auditing or auditor? ________
(Find what and do L1C, L3RH or L4BRB as indicated.)
16. There was earlier bad auditing? ________
(Wasn't set up. Repair Pgm needed.)

17. You weren't PTS in the first place? ________
(Find out if the pc was connected to SPs or an SP group in actual
fact. Possibly still is but misinterpreting "PTS". If so do 10.)
18. The feelings about the people you were audited on are still there? ________
(2wc to F/N. L1C, L4BRB, L3RH as indicated. Complete the RD.)
19. The PTS Rundown was not complete? ________
(2wc to F/N. Sort out Case on PTS RD Addition.)
20. You still feel PTS? ________
(See 19.)
21. You still can't hold onto your auditing gains? ________
(See 19.)
22. You were ill after the RD? ________
(See 19.)
23. You feel more upset than ever? ________
(See 19.)
24. There is still an additional person that wasn't detected? ________
(See 19.)
25. You were told to attest but were still PTS? ________
(See 19.)
26. You decided you were PTS when you weren't? ________
(2wc to F/N. Handle as indicated by data pc gives.)
27. You said a person was suppressive who really wasn't? ________
(See 26.)
28. There is a situation that has not been disclosed? ________
(2wc to F/N. Get full data. C/S accordingly.)
29. There were lies told? ________
(See 28.)
30. You don't agree about all this? ________
(See 28.)
31. Your condition was really caused by something else? ________
(See 28.)
32. There were misunderstood words? ________
(See 28. Calls for review of PTS Basic def's.)
33. Everything was all right in the first place? ________
(See 28.)
34. There were Engram errors? ________
(L3RH - only indicate reads on Clears and above.)
35. There were auditor errors? ________
36. You now feel okay? ________
(2wc to F/N.)