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TR 100 - 104

TR 100 AND TR 100-A
Pre-assessment is a vital step of Engram Clearing and the auditor is required to be able to do faultless Pre-assessments of Original Items from Engram Clearing Assessment sheets and Rundowns.

TRs 101, 102, 103 & 104
The most common errors being made by student auditors are forgetting the commands during session and misusing command sequence or procedure or doing odd things because they get nervous. These drills are designed to handle this. The drills must be thoroughly done.
TR 100:

Name: Pre-assessment - Uncoached.

Commands: All commands of the Pre-assessment procedure. 

Position: Student sits at a table with a Meter and the Pre-assessment List. Instead of a live pc the auditor "audits" a doll placed in the pc's chair. 

Purpose: To perfect the student in using the Pre-assessment List.

Instructions: No coach. The set up, Meter and Pre-assessment List, is as in a session. Student starts the Assessment and does a Pre-assessment on the doll. He keeps full admin on his list and uses all the procedures of Pre-assessment. He does not use realistic terms for the Original Item. Instead he uses non restimulative ones. He does a Pre-assessment using that. Student then selects the Pre-assessment item from the Pre-assessment List and asks:

"What ______(Pre-assessment item) are connected with (the Original Item)?"

Coach or instructor observes drill for final pass. When the student can do the drill without hesitations, etc. and with good Assessment TRs, using correct procedure and commands; no comm lags or confusions, and with proper admin the drill is passed.

TR 100-A
Pre-assessment Drill - Coached.

Commands: Same as TR 100

Position: Same as TR 100, coach holding cans. He sits next to the student. Coach provides harmless items for the student to drill and squeezes the cans for reads.

Purpose: To train the student to deliver and use the Pre-assessment procedure.

Instructions: Coach provides a list of Original Items as from one of the Engram Clearing RDs or Pc Info Sheet. The student must choose the best reading Original Item. He does the Pre-assessment List to the doll for that item. All reads on the Pre-assessment has to be correctly noted and marked. Student must then select out the correct Pre-assessment item to list for a Running Item and ask the correct question.

The coach then gives Running Items to the student and he must get these noted verbatim with their reads. Then he must point out which one he would run first on R3RA Quad and the next, etc.

The student learns to reassess and extend the list of Running Items. He uses Suppress and Invalidate buttons as needed until the list is exhausted.

The student must then reassess the Pre-assessment List, find the next Pre-assessment item and handle.

Flunks are given for any out TRs on the doll, any incorrectly marked reads, any missed or altered item given and any incorrect selection of an item.

Stress is on the student's ability to make a distinction between an item which requires a Pre-assessment and one that does not. Student must not try to run drugs, medicines, medical terms or multiple somatics.

Drill is passed when the student can do the full Pre-assessment procedure with good TRs, proper commands, without comm lags or confusions, can maintain proper Assessment admin.
TR 101

Name: R3RA Commands - Uncoached.

Commands: R3RA commands including earlier incident and earlier similar commands.

Here you drill all aspects of R3RA procedure, Including the handling of bouncers, checking for erasure, and checking for postulate command actions, as well as are the handling of narrative incident commands.

Position: Student seated facing a wall.

Purpose: The student learns to give all R3RA commands accurately, in correct order without hesitation or having to think what the next command should be.

Instructions: This drill is not coached. The student sits facing a wall with a copy of the R3RA procedure. The student gives the commands, in order, to the wall maintaining good TR 0 and TR 1. When the student stumbles or is uncertain of the next command he re-reads the commands from the bulletin then continues to give the commands to the wall. When the student can give all the possible R3RA commands accurately without comm lag, he has passed this drill.


TR 102
Auditing on a Doll

Commands: All R3RA commands and procedures except Pre-assessment.

Position: Student sits at a table with Meter and admin. A doll is the the pc chair.

Purpose: To coordinate and apply the commands of procedure and keep reports for an auditing session.

Instructions: This drill is not coached. The student starts the session and runs a complete R3RA session on the doll keeping reports and using all standard procedures.

This drill is passed when the student can do the drill flawlessly, including writing reports.

All the R3RA commands used in TR 101 are used here.

TR 103
Auditing a Doll - Coached

Commands: All R3RA commands, situations and procedures included - except the Pre-assessment procedure.

Position: Same as in TR 102 except that a coach sits beside student calling out command numbers and situations and the student following them and keeping admin and watching Meter for reads.

Purpose: To give the student total certainty in the use of R3RA commands despite any distraction.

Instructions: Coach calls commands by number/letter at random by stating the letter or by situation by saying "solid," "erasing"" "solid but nothing earlier", etc. The student has to use the right command on the doll, handle Meter and admin. The coach also uses pc responses such as "That's all," "I can't find one," etc. These are called fast after each other and in any order. Coach starts slowly, then runs the drill faster and sharper on flunks for any comm lags, uncertainties or out TRs. If the student becomes too confused the coach has probably used  too steep a gradient. Slow down, get the student through the commands in proper sequence a few times and then continue with random commands building up the drill on a gradient.

The use of the commands - including those for handling bouncers, checking for erasure, and checking for postulates - has to be used correctly. Narrative procedure is drilled as well.

TR 104
R3RA Final Step - Coached And Bullbaited

Commands: All R3RA commands and procedures.

Position:  Same as for auditing on a doll, TR 102. Coach sits next to student and a bullbaiter as pc across from the student  as pc - no doll.

Purpose: To train the student to deliver a perfect session with correct commands and procedure despite distractions.

Instructions:  Same as above. But here the coach bullbaits the student auditor during the session to seek to throw the student off session while the second coach calls the numbers as in TR 103. Flunks are given for any improper commands, procedure, comm lags, out TRs or out session admin. The second coach does the "Start," the flunking or "That's it." If the student is not making it he is returned to the earlier drill found to be out. This drill is tough and only passed when the student is totally competent, exact and correct in all commands, procedures, auditing actions and session admin with excellent TRs and no slightest problem.

The coach makes sure the student has total certainty of all R3RA commands, their use and sequence, including handling bouncers, checking for erasure, checking for postulates, and handling narrative incidents.

Pre-assessment procedure must also be correctly done exactly as in a session.