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Note: This chapter is from 'The Road to Clear", Level 4 Pro.


PTS Interviews


A PTS Interview is a metered action done to find any and all PTS conditions and terminals the pc may have in various areas. It's an interview and not Listing & Nulling. That means, don't push the questions too much. Just let the pc give you whatever terminals he or she can come up with. The outcome of such an interview can all by itself be of great benefit for the pc and should end on an F/N VGI's. But it's real purpose is to get data for a follow-up handling.

It is always done metered and always with detailed work sheets. This is in part because, if the pc feels upset afterwards it usually means he is suffering from Out-List phenomena. It should be addressed as such (a wrong AT was found and a right one was missed). Another reason is, that the Items found are usually used in later processing and they are of interest to the C/S even years later. Here are the areas you cover and suggested questions you ask:

1) Are there any persons, who are hostile or antagonistic to you?
2) Are you associated with any groups, who are against your spiritual group or spiritual activities?
3) Are you or have you been associated with any people who sought to harm you?
4) Are there any things in your life or environment that are suppressive to you? 
5) Are there any locations that are suppressive to you?
6) Are there anything in your past that was suppressive to you?

The Interviewer must understand that a sick person has a PTS condition. There are no sick people who are not PTS to someone, a group or something somewhere.

Somewhat suppressive pc's will name good people they are PTS to. But even a suppressive person gets sick due to suppression. Naming good people does not help their condition.

Some PTS pc's will make trouble for good people because that is what PTS means (Potential Trouble Source). But do not buy all the good people he is PTS to. That is part of making trouble.

Further, when you actually do get the person or group or thing or location the PTS person is PTS to he will F/N VGI and begin to get well. The PTS condition is actually a problem and a mystery and a withdrawal so it is sometimes hard to find and has to be specially processed (3 S&Ds) to locate it (part of PTS RD). But usually it will be quite visible.

If you have a sick, roller coaster pc in Interview realize he is PTS. To say "not PTS" is a false report. It only means the Interviewer did not find it.

The pc sometimes begins to list in such an Interview and such an Interview where a wrong item is found has to be audited to complete the list or find the right item. This has to be done per the Laws of Listing & Nulling.

Listing & Nulling: Auditing procedure taught on ST-3. A list of Items is written down in response to a carefully formulated question. It is then narrowed down to one highly charged Item - THE Item.