Clearbird Publishing has since 2002 made publications available in self-improvement. We advocate Ron Hubbard's Standard Technology. Ron Hubbard (1911-86) gave an excellent account of his research results step by step, in print and in recorded lectures. Our goal has not been to copy that, but to write and publish accurate and easy to understand textbooks in the subject. We have the advantage of being able to view the research in hindsight and the luxury of being able to explain the technology in context and based on its final form. Like a computer programmer Mr. Hubbard meticulously developed the 'source code' step by step and unlocked secrets about ourselves and about our existence in this society and universe. Among his discoveries was the study technology. We have used the lessons learned from that and based our printed presentation on using easy to understand language and a wealth of illustrations and examples; all presented on the right gradient of increasing difficulty and complexity so each step seems simple and easy to take.
 You can compare our books with software manuals published by independent publishers. We have not changed 'the program', consisting of the exact procedures and processes Mr. Hubbard developed. We are likewise an independent publisher,  unaffiliated with Church of Scientology and its many organizations. Our only interest is to offer the manuals needed to put the 'original program' to good use; and at reasonable  prices. Our online bookstore opened December 2004, hosted and run by, a print-on-demand service. You can do business with us without revealing your identity as only gets to know your shipping address, etc. They ship world wide.

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Guided Tour to Standard Technology
This is an in-depth introduction to auditing and standard technology. The book is based on "The Road to Clear", published as a series of eight course manuals. This series is used by people wanting to apply the technology professionally or as co-counseling; where students, in other words, study the materials and counsel each other on an exchange basis. The Guided Tour consists of selected and edited chapters from the series; edited to make it easier to understand for readers new to the subject. 400 pages. Illustrated. Free download for a limited time. Free Download in PDF.
Study Manual. Study and Application
Clearbird's Study Manual covers an effective study technology that can be used in self study, distance study and classroom study. It can help all types of students; from school kids, vocational students and advanced students of complex subjects, such as computer science or medicine. 323 pages; format 8.5x11 inches. Spiral binding. Fully illustrated. Printed edition: $29.95
Auditors TRs Course, Communication Drills for Auditors
Auditors TRs Course is about the Training Routines or TRs. The TRs are drills in one-on-one communication, professional auditor presence and smooth session control used in auditing. The TRs are done with full drilling before Level Zero of "Road to Clear". They form the backbone of skills a student auditor has to master. 181 pages. Spiral binding; format 8.5x11 inches. Fully illustrated. Printed edition: $24.95
The Professional Meter Course - Exploring the Mind
A Meter, or E-meter,  is an advanced galvanic skin response meter used in Clearing Technology to find mentally burdened or 'hot' areas and discharge them. The discharge comes about using exact CT techniques. Done right, this brings about great relief and new awareness in the client. This manual teaches you how the Meter works and how to use it through practical drills. It is a work-book intended for people already familiar with CT, but contains a detailed chapter that puts it in context with auditing. Easy language; many illustrations. 93 pages; format 8.5x11".  PDF Download: $9.95
Clearbird's Resource Pack for Clearing Technology
The book contains the full Meter Course in print. The reference section includes a complete dictionary for CT and seven specialized glossaries, most of them illustrated. This is thus the handbook students use while studying the subject; and auditors use the Resource Pack in session to educate their clients and clear up any questions they may have. 289 pages. 8.5x11 inches. Spiral back, fully illustrated.  Printed edition: $29.95
Road to Clear, Level Zero. Basic Auditing and Level Zero Processes
The Road to Clear, Level Zero, covers all the basic skills. It contains a wealth of actual processes for self-improvement that two students of the subject can apply to each other. The book was originally prepared for students, whose first language wasn't English. Any new student will, however, find a good and comprehensive basic textbook. This is possibly the first complete and user-friendly manual in how to apply the technology. Many illustrations. Used as textbook in many parts of the world. 468 pages in format 8.5x11. Spiral binding. Printed edition: $39.95
Road to Clear, Level One. Objective Processes, Help- and Problems Processes
Level One of "Road to Clear" covers the theory, drills and processes needed for doing Objective Processes with a client. Also, Help processes and Problems processes are fully covered. It's a co-auditing manual to be used after Level Zero. Objective Processes increase attention span and efficiency.  Problems Processes increase ability to confront and handle problems. 224 pages, format 8.5x11, spiral binding, fully illustrated. Printed edition: $29.94
Road to Clear, Level Two. Grade Two Auditing; Confessional Auditing
Level Two covers how to increase responsibility in a client or fellow student and help him overcome hostilities and sufferings in life. Besides Grade Two auditing the manual covers Confessional Auditing and Marriage Confessionals. 235 pages; format 8.5x11 inches. Spiral binding; illustrated. Printed edition: $29.95
Road to Clear, Level Three. Life Repair. Grade Three Processes. Auditing by Lists
Level Three is the Level where a student-auditor learns the additional skills so he can call himself a professional. Life Repair is applied to new clients to boost their well-being early on. Grade 3 covers the tolerance for change and handling of upsets in life. Auditing by Lists has many applications and is what makes a student auditor a professional. 258 pages; format 8.5x11; spiral binding. fully illustrated. Printed edition: $29.95
Road to Clear, Level Four. Grade 4 Processes. Fixated Purpose RD. Ethics Intgrity RD
Level Four covers Grade four Auditing, Fixated Purpose Rundown and Ethics integrity Rundown. The level and processes cover fixed ideas, destructive behavior to self and others and a way to review what ideas you unknowingly really operate on in social settings. Here are the techniques to move out of locked in conditions and become more constructive in life. 237 pages; format 8.5x11 inches. Spiral binding. Illustrated. Printed edition: $29.96
Road to Clear, Level Four Professional. Special Rundowns and Repair Actions
Ability Clearing Level Four Professional includes Rundowns and repair actions still needed for professional delivery up to Grade four. The actions are not part of the Grades themselves but are used to handle special problems clients can run into that need attention. A number of such remedies and repair lists were already part of Level 3. The Actions here compliment them. Level 4-Pro ties up a lot of loose ends of auditing, mainly of interest for serious auditors. 218 pages. Spiral binding; format 8.5x11 inches. Illustrated. Printed edition: $29.95
Road to Clear, Level Five, Engram Clearing
Level Five of ‘Road to Clear’ contains all the data needed to do Engram Running by Chains. The entry point is aches, pains, and numerous body sensations. Also emotional stress is taken up and the original and long forgotten causes found and eradicated. On Level 5 you ERASE causes, rather than going for 'feeling great' about it. The end result of Engram Clearing is a well and happy being and, routinely, the State of Clear. An Engram is a traumatic incident containing pain and a degree of unconsciousness. Format 8.5x11 inches; spiral binding; illustrated; 278 pages. Printed edition: $29.95
CT Case Supervisor's Course
The Clearing Technology Case Supervisor's Course teaches advanced students how to supervise auditing in order to ensure optimum results for the client. The Case Supervisor also sees to a steady improvement of the auditor's skills until the auditor is able to deliver "miracles as usual". 242 pages. Format 8.5x11 inches; spiral binding. Illustrated. Printed edition: $29.96
Ethics and Auditing
This book is about an ethics system and self-help techniques that can be applied to ones daily life. The key words are 'optimum survival' and 'optimum success'. Also, how to improve professional activities one is involved in. It could be said it's about "how to improve conditions". In the appendix there are several chapters on administration including 'Admin Scale', that sorts out priorities of an activity, and use of statistics in production and how all this relates to ethics. 251 pages. Format 8.5x11; spiral binding. Illustrated. Printed edition: $29.95
Solo Auditor's Course
When a person has gone Clear life may seem wonderful and taken to a new level. This is however not the end of the improvements possible. New horizons can now be seen. To be able to go there one needs to become a Solo-auditor. This book is the basic guide you must have to go on this journey. It teaches all the basic skills needed to audit Solo. The book is complete with all theory and drills necessary to master this activity. Following the instructions you are capable of auditing yourself at home. A number of processes, designed to handle all kinds of situations, are included at the end of the book. Format 8.5x11 inches; spiral binding; illustrated; 257 pages. Printed edition: $39.95

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Disclaimer: Clearbird Publishing is not affiliated with Church of Scientology or its organizations. Our publications are an independent presentation of L. Ron Hubbard's® Standard Tech® of Scientology® and Dianetics® and does not violate any law within copyright or trademark as covered online in 'Clearbird's Manifesto'. They are made available to the public based on Clearbird Publishing's copyrights.