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Procedure for the Stabilization of Spiritual Progress

by Eric Wolery for Alan C. Walter


Comments by Heidrun Beer


No matter how delightful spiritual progress is – it does pose the risk that it sometimes becomes necessary to leave familiar and proved positions and go new ways. Let's therefore adopt the wisdom of the mountain climbers, who in difficult terrain always secure every meter of height they have made, before they dare to do the next step – and stabilize every single detail of our spiritual progress.


0. Write up Success Story of all regained abilities, states and wins. Take each ability, state or win and apply the following procedure:

1. "Connected to (regained ability, state, or win), what powers have you recovered?"

a. "Connected to (regained ability, state, or win), what powers is it OK to use?"

b. "Connected to (regained ability, state, or win), what powers is it not OK to use?"

Repeat a. and b. to Cause Indicators.

2. Run Responsibility:

a. "Connected to (regained ability, state, or win), what are you willing to be responsible for?"

b. "Connected to (regained ability, state, or win), what would you rather not be responsible for?"

Repeat a. and b. to Cause Indicators.

3.a "Who would you be willing to know about this ability/state/win?"

3.b "Who would you rather not know about this ability/state/win?"

Repeat a. and b. until Cause Indicators.

4. "What would be the consequences if it's known you have this ability/state/win?"

Repeat over and over to Cause Indicators.

5. a. "How valuable is this ability/state/win?"

b. If you can, put a monetary value to it: "How much money would someone pay to get this ability/state/win?" or "How much money will you make because of regaining this ability/state/win?"

Ask this question only if it is applicable, for instance if a circus artist has had a fear of height after an accident, and now has overcome this fear of height with mental training, so that he can go back to his profession. The question is not meant to imply the idea that spiritual progress as such can be measured in money.

Repeat 1 - 5 on each regained ability, state, and win until all are fully owned and willing to be used and known.

An additional step would be to go through all existing life plannings (paradigm-sequences) and note down precisely, how and where the gained abilities interact with the existing plans. It is better to perform any necessary changes in a coordinated way than to just let them "happen". First of all it is important to estimate the right point in time and to inform all family- and business-partners about the planned changes, so that they don't get surprised by them in an unpleasant way.


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