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This manual is a workbook for people who already have a basic concept of mental training and other spiritual processes and now feel the wish to specifically work at the optimization of their lives with the help of the adequate "tools".

If you are still looking for theoretical or ideological answers to your questions in the area of spirituality, this practical manual is the wrong book for you. In this case we recommend to read general works on the subject of the nature of Man and his mind, and the role of his spirituality.

The often asked question for the goals of our workgroup and its connections or non-connections to the cult-like groups ("sects") - which are so very much feared today -, we will also not discuss in this volume.

You will find more to this question in my introductory book "Mental Training for Everybody". If you are already a member of our workgroup, you will have this book at home already; if not, you can download it from the internet under http://www.sgmt.at/mte1.htm.

The collection of procedures in this book is intentionally kept so concise that it can serve as a clearly arranged reference book for your regular work – alone or with a partner –, with only a minimum of theory. There exists a lot of literature to each chapter. Should you be interested in more theory and background-knowhow, please let us know – we will be happy to inform you about the existing works!

Also we would like to remind you of the fact that as a member of our workgroup you are entitled to cost-free consulting and support in the application of the procedures which are described in this book – either during the regular training evenings for members, or by our internet-consultant. The e-mail-address for this purpose you will be told after becoming a member of our workgroup.

And now: lots of success with your work!


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