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Keys to Spiritual Progress

Selection of Books and Study Materials -- Options of Spiritual Work  -- Regularity  -- Simplicity


You will probably have seen already that there is a vast amount of literature in the area of spiritual work – probably enough to build a whole university study around it!

Some of the already established books which are used in the training of life consultants and psychologists have one disadvantage: they assume the brain as the site of the personality, and not a spiritual being who exists independently from the body. With that view they are fundamentally incompatible with our view of things. Nevertheless they often contain a lot of interesting details and useable data.

At the other hand, if we look at religious works or books of the "New Age" branch, we often find a superfluous or even disturbing tendency to rituals and the worship of other beings (Jesus, angels, saints, extraterrestrials...), who maybe exist or maybe not, but whose participation in cleaning up the own life – if it were possible at all – would be equal to a loss of self-responsibility and the competency in staying in control of the own life.

We do not consider the communication and cooperation with such beings impossible; however it should be based on self-conceit and equality of rights – not on a subservient dependency like in nearly all mainstream religions, where the human desire for getting rid of their responsibilities has lead to a condition where the so very distinct demands of Jesus, Buddha etc. to discover and cultivate the own divine nature, have nearly been turned into their opposite by mislead followers.

Selection of Books and Study Materials

We therefore recommend to take care of these two things if you select the literature to expand your knowledge: Does the author of the book present the independent spiritual being in the center of his framework of thoughts, or does he assume the brain as the site of the personality?

And: does he consider the spiritual being (the soul) to be an independent and perfect representative of the spiritual (divine) dimension – a true "Child of God" (better: a part of the universal creative principle) –, or does it depend on higher entities, who need to grant it a "licence for existence"?

Of course such books can contain a lot of very interesting and helpful material, but nevertheless their weak points should be clearly identified and perceived as what they actually are.

Options of Spiritual Work

There is always the possibility to hire experts for the practical work, who take it upon them to do all the necessary studies. Because of the ongoing education they have to undergo, their (well deserved) honorary will be high, but it is similar with all professional services, be it a lawyer, an accountant, a car mechanic or a hairdresser: knowhow has always its price.

If your budget does not allow you to do your spiritual clean-up work with the help of experts – or if you don't like it to depend on another person, or can't find anybody who would match your expectations, or don't want to share your thoughts and feelings with anybody else – you still have the possibility to work through the materials alone, or do it with a private training partner.

Two principles have been found to play a key role for a genuine and permament success: regularity and simplicity.


The more often you deal with your inner world and systematically work through one subject after the other, the more spiritual power and competency you will find in yourself after a while.

Not everybody has the opportunity to do a daily session, but even if it is only one or two times a week, it sums up to enough hours over the months, that a definite plus of energy and life enjoyment can be observed.

If your spiritual conditions really means something to you, then reserve a fixed time in your weekly schedule for this work and the study which goes along with it.


And if you have to deal with the question which materials to select for your study and how to practically apply it, then get oriented always towards the most simple concept: after all, every situation in life, no matter how complicated, is always combined from building blocks which get more and more simple the farther you look.

Take one of the most complex tools of nature for an example: the human hand. Whether it plays the piano, knits or writes – each of these extremely precise movements comes into being by an interplay of simple pulling movements in dozens of muscles. Pulling movements stretch and bend, independently from each other, the thumb and all four fingers; pulling movements turn the wrist, pulling movements move the forearm together with the hand into the correct position, etc.

The central coordination by the brain, which in turn is being steered by the mind and in the end by the person (the spiritual being), integrates all these many single activities into one single, harmonically flowing movement. But this movement can only be understood – and in the case of a defect the problem can only be located and corrected – if the component parts of the hand (the bones, sinews and muscles) and their activity patterns (multiple combinations of pulling movements) are analyzed in every detail and are viewed individually, one by one.

The procedures in this book deal with similarly simple basic activities in the spiritual area. They get combined into more complex procedures step by step. The intention in this is not to over-simplify complicated situations in an inadmissible way. But especially if you just start to learn the subject, and maybe even have to work without a partner, it would be too much to work with more complex procedures right at the start.

Also it is interesting how incredibly much can be done with the most simple "building blocks" of mental training. Even after many years of practice it is still sometimes necessary to go back to the most basic procedures, like we describe them in this book, in order to "disassemble" a really persistent situation, if it is not possible to dissolve it in one piece.


Component Parts of Spiritual Existence


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