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Component Parts of Spiritual Existence


As mentioned in the last chapter, we will look at the most basic building blocks of spiritual existence one by one, and at the same time present the procedures which are suitable to handle difficulties in each of these areas. (By the way, some of these building blocks are described more closely in my book "Mental Training for Everybody". There you will also find the theoretical foundations for them.)


In the following chapters we will have a look at:

The procedures mentioned here are basic building blocks of mental training. Even if you work with other procedures in a later stage of your work, you can always come back to these basic procedures. It happens quite often during a session, that a complex situation suddenly falls apart in its component parts, because a question or a realization has dissolved the "glue" which holds them together.

Mental Space


Mental space could also be called "range" or "reach". This term describes the size of the space which a person perceives and tries to influence.

A small child will probably think only to the walls of his room, while he doesn't care a lot for the rest of the house. The manager of a company will feel responsible for the whole house and also the ground right around it, but not for the condition of the roads in the town – which is a matter of concern for the politicians of this town though, etc.

A hard or difficult life has the tendency to make a spiritual being "smaller" (this can go very far, to a point where he perceives himself only as a small dot). Sometimes this happens in many small steps which spoil a certain area or a space more and more for a person, until he completely withdraws from it and gives up the mental space which is connected with it.

But sometimes there are violent catastrophes, during which the space of a person suffers a sudden collapse. Such experiences are called a "shock". The basic tool connected with the subject of "mental space" is therefore the  Procedure for the Resolution of Shocks.

Mental Energy


The person uses mental energy in different forms:

- as undirected emanation, which goes evenly and without steering in all directions (for instance we use to say that somebody "has a positive emanation");

- as directed current (energy flow), which is aimed at an object or a receiver, can be more or less strong ("loud"), and has very characteristic patterns (certainly you have already perceived the flow of love or hate from a person – the patterns of this energy certainly could not be mistaken);

- as directed and focussed beam, which can be thrusting/pushing or sucking/pulling (you "push" unintentionally if you want to have a free way in a crowd; and "pulling" energy beams you notice often when for instance a child or a spouse wants to get attention or affection).


At a very early point in the history of spiritual beings these energies are – together with images that consist of mental matter – used for communication purposes. And as in every communication, this can have a friendly or hostile character.

Although we are used to communication with the aid of spoken and written language today, we still use – more or less consciously – energy flows and beams for the immediate (telepathic) transmission of thoughts and feelings to our friends as well as our enemies.

In the case of conflicts rather violent energies can be moved during such a communication. The mental training tool which is connected with mental energy is therefore the Procedure for the Resolution of Hostile Energies.

Mental Push and Pull


A special situation is the formation of unpleasant sensations, emotions and pains. All of them have the same basic building block: mental energy beams in "pushing" or "pulling" form.

The spiritual being gets involved in an unpleasant or painful situation (injury, accident, illness) and tries to move it away from himself (mental "push"). But the situation cannot be pushed away, because it is too massive in the real, physical life.

How much would we want to move the other car, with which we will collide in the next moment, out of our way with a strong energy beam! But unfortunately physical matter will not do us such a favour. So the energy beam jams up, cannot fulfil its purpose, and stays around as unpleasantly massive energy which floats in time along with us as we move into the future.

At the other hand we might try to wish a situation into existence, and use a pulling energy beam during this attempt. A lotto win or a date with a beauty queen would be only some of many possible examples. In such a case the physical environment doesn't react either (or at least not very often) to the spiritual impulse, and the result is a persistent perception of mental pulling which is often not less unpleasant than the remaining energy of a pushing beam, especially if it has been a very strong or even violent pulling beam.

These basic "building blocks" (remainders of pulling or pushing mental energy) get mixed with other component parts of spiritual existence during the event (moods, intentions, decisions etc.). Their common denominator is the resistance which the material universe poses in opposition to the mental energy. This resistance and the fact that it could not be overcome is it which we perceive as unpleasant or painful, sometimes even as traumatic.

All these phenomena get resolved completely and permanently with the   Procedure for the Resolution of Unpleasant Sensations.

Mental Matter


Mental matter is found – roughly distinguished – in two different forms. Once it serves as the material with which a spiritual being makes his ideas visible for others. If you have some knowledge of telepathy, you will certainly have made the experience that suddenly an "image" of somebody else arrives, which is not of your own making.

Mental images are not only used for communication but serve also for the storage of life goals and –plans. And then they are the carrier material which is used in the storage of experiences (memories). Here again we have a distinction between conscious and unconscious memories.

Unconscious memories often contain pain or overwhelm, which can be activated without the knowledge of the owner and will then negatively influence him "behind his back". For this reason it is an important aim in mental training to make these unconsciously stored images consciously known, so that they can flow no more negative energies into daily life.

The second main category of mental matter are its deposits of "mental mass". Here the mental matter is generated from mental energy, which first forms turbulences and then solidifies. This can happen if a beam of mental energy hits a resistance, or if two or more energy beams collide with each other. For instance heated discussions often leave mental masses behind, because the opponents "shoot" at each other with energy beams which collide and form a whirl (similar to the water beams out of two garden hoses which are directed against each other).

Mental masses are perceptible by an unpleasant feeling of pressure, or they cause a torpid feeling, similar to sleepyness. The mental training tool which can dissolve them is the Procedure for the Resolution of Mental Masses .



Time is a very exact quantity in the physical universe. In an assumed spiritual universe however it is very much subjected to the considerations of the spiritual being. In the spiritual world, past things are not always past; some people spend many hours of their day in the past, but also in the near or far future, and many can not really keep themselves in present time (which poses a threat for them) – like a bad swimmer that can barely keep his head above water.

Experiences which bring important messages like "An oncoming car is stronger than my body!" are kept in present time in order to recognize and avoid dangers. If that is done consciously, it is an analytical learning process.

But often the original experience (in this case a car accident) has happened so fast that the spiritual being did not have the time to perceive it fully and draw all necessary conclusions from it. In such a case it is being kept in present time in an unreflected form, like a "black box" (with unknown content), so that it can be completely analyzed at a later time, and can be sorted into the context of the person's body of experiences.

If a person doesn't devote enough time to this resolution process on a regular basis (for instance because his education has not cared to tell him about this necessity, or because he is afraid of the re-experience of physical pains or unpleasant feelings), a longer and longer queue of uncompletely analyzed experiences will form, which pull the person more and more into the past.

Sooner or later these experiences will tie up so much energy, that it gets more and more impossible to deal with daily life and the planning of the future. Regular working through uncompletely reflected experiences is therefore an important activity of mental hygiene, as well as the process of consciously and completely making an end with things which are over and past, whether we like it or not.

The more thoroughly we for instance make an end with a love relationship that we wanted to exist forever, but which has ended now, and the more precisely we sort it into our time table of experiences, the more free energy we will have for the creation of a better present time and future. The same is true for failures in business or career, and for other failed goals.

Time is an essential factor in most tools of mental training, which has one of its most important purposes in the precise assignment of the exact space, time, matter and energy to each event, as well as assigning its creator or creators to it. This brings order into the "universe" (the spiritual environment) of a person and removes all related confusions.

The Procedure for the Resolution of Chronic Negative Moods, which we present in connection with time, is therefore only one example of many.

Intentions, Decisions, Cause and Effect


With mental matter, energy, space and time we have looked upon the most basic component parts of the "universe" of a person. The most fundamental factor which leads in such a universe to the fact that something happens is again so simple that we sometimes nearly forget to even think of it.

Nothing happens without a cause. In the material universe there might exist general laws which cause things, like for instance gravity, which leads to the fact that an apple falls down from the tree. But in the private "spiritual universe" of a person there are only his own decisions which have the rank of laws or cause for everything which happens. Even if we are totally convinced that we are the victim of the causation of another person, we will always find our own causation a bit earlier in the chain of causations.

Sometimes it is difficult to follow up on this. In case of a woman who gets beaten by her husband, it is still possible to see that her decision to marry

him was the point where she caused her own present unhappiness. But if we think of things like starving children in Africa or the victims of natural catastrophes, the logic is no longer that transparent, and if we don't want to make use of concepts like "Past Lives", "Karma" or even "Collective Karma", there is often no satisfying answer.

The idea of "Karma" says that a person himself shifts the points of the rails on which he travels later – often across several human lifetimes. Words like "As you sow, you shall reap" are talking about the concept of karma. "Collective Karma" would be the same concept, but related to a whole nation or a life form. If for instance the collective karma of humankind would lead to an increase in skin cancer cases as a result of the destruction of the ozone layer, it can happen that an individual is hit by the disease despite of the fact that his personal karma would have been too positive to get such an illness.

We don't attempt here to assert or prove such ambitious spiritual concepts. Although there are documented cases which seem to speak in their favour, such things will always be only a subjective truth: for one person they are true, for another they are not. And according to the general rule that in the inner world of a person his own decisions have the rank of laws, we can work with karma and past lives only if a student has decided to integrate these concepts into his own personal view of existence.

But so much is certain: the intentions and decisions of a person are the factors which decide which way he will go – in the physical sense as well as in the spiritual sense. Especially mistakes and failures have great importance in this context: they have an immediate influence onto the learning process of a person, which to a certain degree follows the "Trial and Error" principle.

Only if he draws the right conclusions from the experienced consequences of his decisions, and only if he evaluates the results of the life rules he has posed to himself, will he develop in the direction of more maturity and ability, instead of accumulating more and more disappointments, until he finally doesn't even try anymore to lead a creative life.

The Procedure for the Clean-up of Specific Subjects is therefore built around a thorough analysis of life rules in context with the consequences which have followed from their application.

Basic Pattern of Life Planning: the "Paradigm Matrix"


Alan C. Walter describes in his book "The Paradgim Matrix" the basic pattern of implementing goals or visions in real life. It consists of the following steps:


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The first result gets compared with the original mental image in order to correct deviations. After that follows another run through a kind of repetition loop ("Feedback-Loop"), until the goal or dream has been completely implemented in real life.

Every project and every accomplishment of humankind can be traced back to this simple structure, and by using it it is also possible to locate barriers and problems, because errors and failures can occur at each of the five main stations. Often it is already helpful to find the precise point where a project is hung up, in order to get it moving again.

You certainly know the "Dreamer Personality", who gets one brilliant idea after the other, but never plans any of them through and gets it done in reality. Even if a good plan has been made, its implementation can fail because of things which are as simple as having difficulties to get up in the morning.

There are many such examples. But sometimes it also can happen that somebody for instance dreams of a happy family life, but has no actual vision of how such a family life should look like. Although he knows that he is unhappy, he cannot visualize things like "We should spend more time together" or "We should treat the kids like human beings".

In such cases the problem already lies in the first station of the paradigm sequence, the vision or mental image. A complete paradigm-planning can do miracles in all these cases.

One important reason for the failure of dreams is of course the opposition by other people, who have their own ideas about how things should go in life. If for instance an Islam Fundamentalist works at implementing his life dream of a Europe where all women wear a kerchief, while at the same time everywhere in Europe people work for more rights and freedoms for women, then it cannot be avoided that sooner or later these opposing goals collide with each other, and in the end only one of them really gets implemented.

Whether in real life this will take on the form of a war or the form of a democratic vote or an imperceptible cultural transformation – the fact remains that in one of the stages of the paradigm matrix (probably during the implementation) one of the conflicting parties will have to give up and their vision will fail.

Not always will such a sequence happen in the fullness of detail which we would expect in the example above. A complete cycle, beginning with the goal or dream to the result can take place in a few minutes – as well as the collision of two goals.

If for instance the lady of the house wants to watch an opulent opera on TV in the evening, while her husband already looks forward to the football championship, both will have a plan as to how to make their wish a reality – but only one of them will be successful at the implementation of the plan. If they cannot come to a peaceful agreement, there will be an argument, and if their communication level is not very good, maybe even violence.

For the analysis of experiences of this kind, but also of less harmless events where two goals are colliding – like for instance the crash of two drivers, who both wanted to drive on the same lane, but unfortunately in the opposite direction – the Procedure for the Clean-up of Burdening Experiences has been developed.

The Origin of Solid Reality


Reality is only apparently a fact. To the child and the teenager, the town or the country where they grow up appears to be "the" reality which cannot be changed. Only later, during the years, while they observe how the apple garden of their grandparents gets cut down and a satellite town grows up in its place, they develop a sense for the movability of reality, which maybe is increased even more if they are unlucky enough to live in war times, where whole countries grow together or split apart, and new atlasses have to be printed, like recently in the cases of Germany, Yugoslavia, the USSR, etc.

If we disassemble these enormous, globally visible changes (or also smaller and more private ones) by the simplicity principle we just defined, we will see that at the start of every change which developed into a solid reality, there was the dream of one or more human beings, which then went through the paradigm sequence (visualization – plan – implementation – result), until the result solid like a rock and as visible as the Statue of Liberty in the harbor of New York (this too was no more than a vision in the head of an artist one time!)

The more people combine or fuse their visions, the more likely it is that their ideas are going to happen until they are a reality. This is true in the positive as well as in the negative sense. If 100.000s of people want war and actively pursue this, there most probably will be war, even if some lonely visionaries in their ivory towers dream of "Peace on Earth".

A pitfall in this context is the cultural pressure by power leaders who force their people with violence or the threat of violence to support a vision, which in a democratic system maybe would not have found very much support. With sufficient inner firmness and the willingness to sacrifice, such people can be thrown off their power positions.

It is easy to say "The only necessary thing is to stay true to one's viewpoint". Who can really afford the luxury of a personal viewpoint, if he has a family, and by opposition against a destructive system he would risk the existence of this family?

Nevertheless we should at least theoretically be aware of the fact that the betrayal of the own inner truth is exactly the point where a person begins to become corrupted. After that, he will no longer hold himself in honour, and sooner or later will develop into a loser.

Although such moments where the points get shifted – even if they are rather unspectacular if viewed from the outside – can have enormous consequences for the success of a person in life, they also can be reversed again – for instance with the   Procedure for the Clean-Up of Failed Life Dreams which is presented in this book.


The "Ups and Downs" in Life


Some of the "Ups and Downs" in life have to do with the struggle for survival, or maybe with unlucky personal connections to people with whom a more or less continuous war is going on. These situations are own, complex subjects which don't belong to the basic building blocks of spiritual existence, and therefore are not discussed in this book.

Another reason for "Ups and Downs" or an unstable mental condition is of a very fundamental nature though. It is most often seen in people who work on themselves and have the intention to develop into more advanced spiritual stages.

Mental training and other methods or processes of a spiritual nature lead in the ideal case to frequent realizations and cognitions, and also to an expansion of the spiritual reach. The person feels that they get "bigger".

But in the euphoria of the momentary progress they don't always notice that they now – by their expansion – begin to touch things which have been outside of their reach before. New responsibilities can open up, or the goals and visions which are the foundation of the paradigm-sequences of their life-planning change and transform into something different.

In some cases karmic connections which reach very far back get reactivated and begin to influence the actualy daily life, although they may have been inactive for years or even decades. It could be said that "bills get presented".

No matter how spiritual expansion actually expresses itself – if it does not get anchored by an own orientation step, it can cause remarkable chaos in a person's life. Sometimes it is sufficient to apply the Procedure for the Stabilization of Spiritual Progress; if bigger changes have happened, a complete new life planning is recommended. Here the changed or new visions get integrated into existing plans and running projects with the help of the paradigm sequence, and the new capabilities are assigned to and connected with the actual activities of daily life.


Procedure for the Resolution of Shocks


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