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Procedure for the Resolution of Chronic (Negative) Moods

by Alan C. Walter


Comments by Heidrun Beer (see also the comments in the long version of the Procedure for the Resolution of Shocks, as well as in the long version of the Procedure for the Resolution of Mental Masses!)

This procedure can be used either in connection with a life area, a learning subject, a person or specific circumstances – or without any specific context. In the first case you use question 1 below like described, in the second case please use the question in brackets.

Alan C. Walter uses the term "Cause-Indicators" here. These consist of the following signs: The mood of your training partner has improved, he gains in certainty, he has a realization ("Aha!"), or he re-gains an ability, has a big win and huge amounts of freed-up life-force.


1. "Connected to [area], what mood level did you go into?"

[Unspecific version: "What mood level did you go into?"]

Get the mood.

2. "When was that? "

3. "What is its duration?"

4. "What is its weight?"

5. "What is its temperature? "

6.a "Dit it occupy any space? "

6.b "What space?"

6.c "Any other space?"

Repeat to get all spaces.

7.a "Is there blackness?"

If yes, ask:

7.b "Describe it."

7.c "Is there any other color?"

If no [no blackness], ask:

7.d "What is its color?"

8.a "Is there stupidity?"

8.b "Describe it."

9. a "Is there confusion?"

9.b "Describe it."

10.a "Is there unconsciousness?"

10.b "Describe it."

11.a "Is there loss?"

11.b "Describe it."

12.a "Is there tiredness?"

12.b "Describe it."

13.a "What part of [mood found in question 1] are you unwilling to experience?"

13.b "Describe it exactly."

13.c "Experience it."

13.d "Is there any other part of [mood] you are unwilling to experience?"

If yes, repeat the steps b. to d.

14.a "Connected to that area and that mood, what are you willing to be responsible for?"

14.b "Connected to that area and that mood, what would you rather not be responsible for?"

Repeat a. and b. over and over to Cause Indicators.

Then repeat 1 to 13 over on the area until all fixed moods, blackness, stupidities and confusions are handled and the being can fully occupy the area and space and act in a high mood level.


Procedure for the Resolution of Unpleasant Sensations, Emotions and Pains


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