What exactly are Life Between Lives - LBL - Spiritual Integration Sessions?

Many individuals upon the Path are curious about who makes good hypnotic subjects, wondering if there are ways to prepare for a successful LBL (Life Between Lives) session. This is why we desire to have that initial contact -- to find out if this is the technique, and the time, for you. It is usually advisable to experience first a past life regression. Once we have scheduled a spiritual integration session (Life Between Lives), you should have prepared beforehand a "cast of characters," or a short list of important people who have influenced you in this lifetime.  These people, these characters -- parents, siblings, loves, children, teachers, etc. -- have probably been with you before... in the spirit world as well as in past lives. Besides creating and describing this short list, you most likely have some life-path questions concerning your purpose and mission, or about your love life and destiny; and these questions will be discussed on our appointment day.

Our Interview

      As you tell me about yourself, your spiritual interests, hypnotic experiences and so forth, we can ascertain how we can best proceed with an appointment for a past life regression or a life between lives session. We will then do a few suggestibility tests. People are "wired" differently and so, in this initial contact, I will find the most effective techniques or approaches that fit your unique personality. Hypnosis is very safe and soothing, and many people absolutely enjoy trance states.


Also ... If you provide me with your contact information, I will be able to reach you for further questions.

  Thank you

Stephen Russell Poplin, M.A., CHT, LBLt