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 Negative Emotions Connected With Money

How you can clean up your negative emotions connected with money

Money is one of the "hottest" subjects in human life, right after sexuality (for some people even before sexuality). If you don't have done some spiritual clean-up work on this subject at an earlier time of your life, and if you have not worked at the subject of money with our form of mental training either, then it is not only possible but must nearly be expected that the subject will upset you.

We make it one of our highest priorities, to never allow money to become a barrier to your spiritual progress and to see the greater importance always in spiritual factors. Nevertheless we have to deal with the fact that the material side of our organization needs to be financed.

But we are can proudly say that this financing is done solely by voluntary contributions - contributions by people who have found their spiritual peace on the subject of money, and who enjoy the activity to provide the opportunity for their family and wider environment, to arrive at a similar spiritual peace, and not only on the subject of money. (See also our "Financial Guidelines".)

The exercises which you learn and practice during our training evenings for members can free your emotions and thoughts about money completely from negative elements - as well as they can help you to master the problems with your boss, you parents or your kids - or to free you from your aversion against pets, your compulsion to scratch your belly, or your hate against your mother-in-law.

Don't allow this moment of agitation about money, to come between you and your spiritual peace. Think of the possibility to balance your "spiritual bank account" completely without cash money - you don't have to give us money. Our organization has done well so far and will continue to do so.

 How you can clean up your negative emotions connected with money

Relax for a moment. And then take your booklet "Mental Training for Everybody", formulate the thoughts which are moving you in connection with money, and apply the Procedure for the Resolution of Unpleasant Sensations to them.

The workbook "Basic Tools for Life Planning and the Spiritual Clean-Up of Past Difficulties" contains more procedures which could help you to free yourself from negative energies connected with money. We will link to these procedures as soon as they are available in english (right now the workbook is available only in german).

It is possible to deal with money in a relaxed and comfortable way. You can learn this too!

The fact that you overcome this negative energy means much more to us than a financial contribution. You don't believe this? Consider: why should we have created a spiritual workgroup, if we were giving so much importance to material things that we are only after money?

The negative energies of individual human beings are coining the "mental environment"; therefore it is very much in our interest if the energies in this environment become more and more positive every day, whether there is a material benefit connected with it or not. (See also the article Your Support "Buys Future"!, where we discuss these interdependencies.)

Maybe you needed a little push to have a closer look at your attitudes towards money. Sometimes life itself plays the role of the coach - perhaps your life just said to you "It is time to deal with these terrible feelings about money"?

You have the tool. Use it - and please think about the financial side of our workgroup only if you really want to.


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