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 Financial Guidelines

Philosophical background  --  Testing Period

Our workgroup's financial guidelines are specifically crafted in a way that allows everybody who has internet access, including people with limited financial resources, to start developing their mental fitness or their spiritual expansion right now.

Mental training is the best way to increase your future possibilities of earning enough money to make all your dreams come true. It removes all the mental barriers that you or other people have built up in your mind to keep you from being potent players in the game of life, and develops abilities so deeply dormant that you didn't even know you had them.

It would be extremely stupid to put a financial barrier between you and the one set of tools that has the potential to change everything for the better! Read more about the logics involved in our philosophical background.

Here is the system we have figured out to allow you to become active in your mental training without any delay. Our workgroup offers you:

 Free Training Materials

All of the training materials for which we own the copyright are published on the internet for no cost. You are free to work with them as you please. You are free to distribute them to others, as long as you don't ask for money yourself, and as long the materials stay complete (only full articles are being distributed).

We will also provide links to other authors.

A workgroup membership is not necessary. No registration forms, no account, no login required.

Every now and then, you will see a reminder that it does cost money to keep these materials available. Your financial contribution is always welcome and will be put to good use. For details see our payment instructions.

 Free Basic Training for Members

Registered members of our workgroup who pay the annual membership fee (€ 50,- or US-$ 62,50) also have free basic training in how to work with each other in the application of mental training techniques - in our course space, if they are located in or close to Austria, or otherwise in form of e-mail advice and/or video supervision of their coaching sessions.

 Affordable Rates for Courses and Consulting

More intense mental training courses are delivered at rates which are comparable to those of other training facilities (manager training etc.). Same for one-to-one consulting. A strong focus exists on finding a financial solution which allows you to start your training without delay. Per Austrian law, for such services a workgroup membership is required.

 Ways of Exchange Without Money

If you feel that we helped you to make progress, but can not afford any financial contribution - not now and at no time in the future -, we will consider ourselves exchanged if you bring only two other persons in contact with any effective mental training system, and make personally sure that they keep working with it until they feel that they have "made it".

We would appreciate if you tell us their names, but this is not a condition. You have to be sure that you did it and that they have worked their way out of past pain, mental distress and spiritual entrapment. With these two people your "account" is balanced. Every additional person you can get to work makes you more into a "mover" in the area of spirituality and human potential.

We believe that money is only one form of energy, and a rather low one. Depending on the system you live in, it might be a rough indicator for your success (or not); but it would be a severe mistake to measure your value in dollars.

 Financial Contributions

Once you observe that your spiritual growth and personal expansion now reflects in an increased financial income (or if you have free financial ressources already), your contribution of money is very welcome. We promise to make sure in personal talks that you don't give us the money which you would need to make your life function. See our payment instructions.

With your financial contribution, you provide not only your own share of the energy which is needed to keep our activity alive, you also provide a share for the many who just "cannot" deal with money right now, as a result of past pain, abuse, or lack of education or experience.

Only very few people can easily let go of their money, and even less are willing to do it for others without getting an immediate benefit for themselves. It is a rare and noble quality and should be acknowledged as such.

We will keep a list of "movers" on the internet (of course your name will not be mentioned if you prefer to stay anonymous).


 Philosophical Background

It is common knowledge that on a physical level, nothing happens without money. Any activity which wants to help enhancing people's mental fitness or spiritual well-being will have to act on a physical level to accomplish this, and therefore will need to find a way to resolve the question of how to get a fair financial exchange for the work they are doing in order to assist people in their personal evolution.

It is not necessary to explain this at length. Everybody can see at once that a working space, telephone, power, study materials, an internet site or trained coaches cannot be provided and maintained without a source of money.

Yet in this question - a monetary contribution in exchange for spiritual assistance - previous practices and movements have caused so much pain, and such an incredible amount of perversion and abuse has happened, that it cannot be expected from everybody to happily give their money away, no matter how valuable the assistance they get.

Many people have exhausted their resources close to bankruptcy in the attempt to make mental or spiritual progress, and then had to watch their money being wasted and their condition wrecked rather than enhanced. Others have developed diseases that had mental causes, because they could not pay enough money fast enough to get a grip on these mental causes before they had time to affect the body.

Some of these diseases are serious enough to render them inable to even earn enough money for their own physical existence. Without taking away from their own responsibility for the state they are in, it can be said that their inability to earn money today has been caused by some so-called human potential practices. Not an easy thing to tolerate for a team who wants to have the idea of mental or spiritual enhancement respected by society in general.

A mental training team who attempts to assist others in resolving the negative consequences of past pain, must first understand this past pain. A considerable amount of this pain has been caused in connection with money. It would be a logical paradox to expect from anybody to happily pay money now for a spiritual training that will help them to dissolve this past pain in the future - if this pain is really violent and serious. (Use our Procedure for the Resolution of Unpleasant Sensations if you want to do something about your bad feelings regarding money.)

The sequence is wrong. How can a person reach for their money and spend it in order to get rid of the pain that causes them to be unable to reach for their money and spend it? Or worse, to even earn it in the first place?

A similar illogic would be to ask a person with two broken legs to run a 100 yard distance in less than 15 seconds in order to get his broken legs into the care of the doctor who is waiting beyond the finish line. This is an extreme example, but in case of money, it is not absurd for many people. Of course everybody can see that the doctor must come to the injured person first if they are ever again to run a 100 yards distance in less than 15 seconds. If they are ever to run at all, or even to walk again at any time in the future.

We are not going to put blame onto any other movement who has worked out a sane exchange system for their services. But we also don't want to be responsible for the spiritual and physical suffering of people whom we could assist and who reach for this assistance. No matter how important, money must never become a barrier.

We are aware of the fact that as a person's personal reach and ability grows, their willingness and wish to exchange with us for our assistance will grow in proportion. Right now, our expenses are being paid by a few sponsors whose reach and ability have already now grown strong enough to make them into "movers" of the workgroup. At any time, we will welcome more such "movers" and accept their financial contributions, which will allow us to expand our reach and service more people, maybe in other languages, etc.

With this move they will say:

"Thank you for a help that didn't ask for money in the first place. Thank you for not placing a life barrier onto the way of my learning how to deal with life barriers. I feel the wish now to give this back by doing the same for others."

Write us a mail to if you want to tell us your opinion about these financial guidelines!


 Testing Period

We have now tested this system for a few years and unfortunately we have to report that even if the resoance to our services is very positive, not a lot financial contributions have arrived. At the same time we have studied the financial guidelines of other movements and have found that many different systems are used - from often extremely high fees to entirely free concepts.

The entirely free concepts are especially interesting. They are only financed by voluntary donations. Those people who can afford it, pay not only their own share but also the shares of those who don't have enough money to pay for their spiritual progress. Exactly this would have been our idea too.

What are we to conclude? That our service is worthless? That it is necessary to belong to a large religion or to follow a famous guru? That it is necessary to drop payment slips into everybody's mailboxes for a lot of stamp money?

Maybe one of these points apply, maybe several. But maybe it is only so that the typical reader of our website thinks that he does not count and the other readers will bring in enough donations for the project to flourish...? Please do not believe that. In our world, nearly nobody lets go of his money voluntarily. For this reason, we can only maintain the website at the moment, but not publish the books and pay for the internet promotion, both of which would have been part of our concept.

If you believe that our work is useful and can help some people - maybe even many -, then please think again about your budget and see what you can give away in order to lend a voice to the world of spirituality in the middle of the physical universe - a voice that does not sing the song of any large religion and does not worship any guru high up on a pedestal.

Deeply inside of each of us glows a piece of God. He cannot be found outside of ourself, like many religions say, nor above of ourself, like some gurus think. Somebody has to awaken this consciousness and cultivate it. Somebody has to correct the errors and heal the pains which have resulted from the loss of this consciousness. This is what we are trying to do, and because this work is done on the physcial plane, it requires physical energy.

Please contribute to it as much as you can! See here how you can move money in our direction.

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