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Support Our Workgroup!

At the moment, all regular expenses of our workgroup are covered by sponsors who believe that our work is worth to be supported. We are planning additional activities though, for which more funds are needed. If you want to help us in making our services available to more people, here is what you can do:


 Send a Donation

Just move some money in our direction, without exposing your name, reading more web pages, or entering into a philosophical discussion. This is the option for everybody whose every minute of the day is already occupied, but who still wants to do something to make this world a better place, by starting where everything starts: in the mind of human beings.

Money is trivial, especially to many people with a strong spirituality, but it does move the turbines of any physical operation and is always welcome. See our payment instructions.


 Declare your Support with a Link to Your Website

This option consists of a banner, image or short text with a presentation of your web-site, but without direct product placement. Instead you explain in a few words, why you think that our activities deserve support. The size of this presentation approximates roughly the amount of your contribution. Technically this is handled easiest if you send us the complete HTML-code you would like to see on our site. But we can also design the website link for you.


 Become a Promoting Member

Here you make a financial contribution (or donation of supplies) - the amount is up to you - , but without publication of data which could point back at you. This way, nobody can find out or document that you are supporting us. As we are targeted as "enemy" by the Church of Scientology who is known to be quite aggressive (although they fight noisily for "religious tolerance" themselves), you might want to consider this for a moment.

As a promoting member you can participate in our mental training activities or come to our training evenings for members whenever you wish.


This model is ideal if you are convinced of the benefits of mental training, don't have the time to become active yourself at the moment, but have friends or relatives who might benefit from our programs. You just tell us the names of this friend or family member and pay for his membership fees and seminar costs from there on.

The decision to do mental or spiritual work must come from this person himself though! Like any other fitness training, mental training must always be based on his own initiative. We are sorry to say that we can not accept a sponsorship for somebody who doesn't himself feel the genuine wish to work with us. 


Please e-mail us if you feel the wish to support our workgroup in any of the ways mentioned here, or if you have another idea about how to help us to improve the availability of our activities!


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