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Full Presence (from an article of Alan C. Walter)


One of the most important prerequisites for a successful life and functioning relationships is so simple that it often gets overlooked totally. The person himself - the spiritual being with his life energy, not just the physical body - must first be there, before he can accomplish anything.

Ambitious projects, intense thought exchange, technically demanding work - all that requires concentration and presence, that means, the spiritual being must have his energy fully available in present time. It must not be "frozen" into painful events of the past, and also not veer around in present time problems.

All of the training procedures which have been described so far have enhanced presence as one of their results. Of course there is more to learn about these things and a whole lot of additional procedures, which we have arranged in well structured courses. If there are really difficult mental problems we also can do a lot with tailormade counseling in one-to-one sessions.

But here some more words to the topic of presence itself, written by Alan C. Walter, the author of the "Dynamic Presence Course" which is being given in our center in regular intervals.


FULL PRESENCE (from an article of Alan C. Walter):

The state and ability to be at FULL PRESENCE contain many natural attributes. These attributes are the pure, unadultered native to the Being's qualities.

A fully present Being:

Naturally emanates LOVE.

Naturally emanates TRUTH.

Naturally emanates WISDOM.

Naturally emanates KNOWINGNESS.

Naturally emanates TRUST.

Naturally emanates INTEGRITY.

Naturally emanates WARMTH.

Naturally emanates HONESTY.

Naturally emanates HONOR.


Comment: this means, allowing them to be like they are.


Naturally emanates POWER.


Naturally emanates RESPONSIBILITY.

Naturally emanates PURITY.

Naturally emanates ADMIRATION.

Naturally emanates RESPECT.

Naturally emanates SOVEREIGNITY.



Underneath all of the charge, lies, force, mass, shocks, confusion, stupidity, unknowns, blackness, chronic mood levels which causes a Being to not be present, sits a Being of immense natural qualities.

[End of Quote]


You see, it would be worth the time to work really thoroughly on these things! But you don't have to wait until the next "Dynamic Presence Course" starts. Here are some exercises which stem from this course, and which you can do at home with your training partner.

The presence exercises you do best by sitting comfortably opposite each other. Alternate with your coach in the role of the coach and the student.


Presence One

Exercise by Alan C. Walter

Comments by Heidrun Beer

Set a time limit for this exercise and do it many times. Start with short exercise times (for instance, two minutes), and increase the time, until you can stay present for a really long time.

1. Say: "Be here."

Allow your training partner some time, until you notice that he is really present (has his attention with you and in present time).

Gently ask:

2. "Where are you?"


Long pause.

3. "How big are you?"


4. Say: "Continue to be here."

Repeat the sequence every couple of minutes until the target time is up.

Then ask:

5. "During the procedure, did any unpleasant sensations manifest?"

5.a. Write down all unpleasant sensations.

Ask your training partner to name these sensations as precisely as possible. Make a list, so that you can work through everything, even if it is too much to do it in one session.

The following series of questions is the "Procedure for the Resolution of Unpleasant Sensations", a bit expanded. Please re-read this procedure if you have detailed question regarding how to do the procedure.

Alan C. Walter uses the term "Cause Indicators" here. These consist of the following signs: your training partner has a rise in mood level, an increase in certainty, a realization (or Aha!), regained abilities, a big win, and huge quantities of recovered life-force.


6. "From where could a spiritual being experience [unpleasant sensation]?"

Repeat over and over to Cause Indicators.

Then ask:

7. "From where could a spiritual being create [unpleasant sensation]?"

Repeat over and over to Cause Indicators.

Sometimes on a new client, you will run into an unpleasant sensation that is too overwhelming.

The signs for this are that he seems unable to "make it", or has enough and wants to quit, or caves in under a feeling or a memory. There are more possibilities to recognize that it is suddenly too much for somebody.

Don't give up! Exactly here and in this moment you really can help your partner over a point of weakness. The only bad mistake would be to lose your courage! Of course you cannot force him to continue - after all it is he himself who wants to train his spiritual abilities, and he himself must know whether he gives up or continues. But you can do your best to convince him that it is possible to get over this critical situation and grow through it.

The trick is to make the "portions" that he has to master, so small that he can make it. He himself will know best how small or big the bits and pieces are which he can de-sensitize at a time.


8a. "Which part of [unpleasant sensation] are you willing to experience?"

8b. "Which part of [unpleasant sensation] would you rather not experience?"

Repeat a. and b. over and over to Cause Indicators.

This division you can always use when an unpleasant sensation becomes too overwhelming for your training partner - not only here during the exercises for dynamic presence.

Then ask:

9. "From where could a spiritual being create [unpleasant sensation]?"


Presence Process

Exercise by Alan C. Walter


1. "Tell me a truth about yourself."

2. "Tell me about something you like."

3. "Tell me about something you are in agreement with."

4. "What are you willing to accept?"

5. "Tell me about a location you are willing to occupy."

6. "Where are you willing to be aware?"

7. "What are you willing to be aware of?"

8. "Where are you willing to be present?"


Repeat 1 through 8 until your partner has a rise in presence, mood, interest etc.


Attaining Presence

Exercise by Alan C. Walter


1. "Be present." (Let the student do this for a short period of time.)

2. "Describe your attitude while doing this."

3. "How has this attitude made you right?"

4. "How has this attitude made others wrong?"

5. "Which problem does this attitude solve?"

6. "What have been the consequences of that?" (Repetitive question - Get all the consequences)

7. "Be present."

Repeat 2 - 7 to a nice win at being present.

It is quite amazing the things that will come to view. All these attitudes, identities, etc., were all put there to "handle" something the being didn't want to face up to or permeate.

When confronted with something unpleasant a being will often go not-there and substitute something else in their place. They are being "present" with an attitude instead of just being present.

It is this not-thereness that causes things to fail. The attitude or substitute for self is, at best, only a mechanical identity or machine that is automatically going through the motions. When dealing with another person these automatic substitutes are worse than not dealing with the person at all as they will push the person away. Quite destructive to processing or training or sales, or anything.

Often the pain these substitutes were suppressing has to be picked up and handled before the substitute can be blown. Simply doing the unpleasant sensation handling would do this and the substitute would usually just vanish with the unpleasant sensations.

[End of Quote]


Recommendations and Hints for Successful Mental Training


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