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A Matter of Trust...

Although concentration techniques and meditation are very widespread today and globally recognized in sports as well as other high performance areas (politicians, managers in leading positions), sometimes they are still brushed off as "crazy".

Some "psycho"-movements which are interested in making money more than anything else, have certainly contributed a lot to this situation. These movements, often called "cults" or "sects", are probably getting today what they deserve; nevertheless it is regrettable that they are destroying the good reputation of a whole field: with the knowledge of only a few basic mental techniques each of us would have much better skills for the handling of our everyday lives.

Not only top athletes and other top earners - like pilots - have to deal with high challenges daily. If you ever had an "ordinary" profession like for instance shift worker in a metal- or chemical factory - or if you are housewife and mother even -, you will know how enormously you are challenged daily, and how difficult it is sometimes to deal with these demands.


 A Matter of Trust...

Familiarity with a few fundamental methods to win back lost energy and be really present in everyday life would be a great help in this situation. Nevertheless it requires a certain courage, looking at all the alarming press stories about greedy sects, to bypass the queasy feeling in one's stomach and have a look at the literature in this field (and the people!). Basically it is a matter of trust.

The first thing to do will therefore be probably to ask oneself this question: Whose book am I reading here? Whose course do I want to join? Am I dealing with a sect or with decent people who are doing good work and to whom I can entrust myself with my touchy personal problems?

This booklet wants to assist you in this decision, but it also gives you a few tools with which you can work at home together with your family, without depending on other persons. Of course there exists much more "knowhow", which we will be happy to present to you as you need it.

At first, let's have a look at the most important question: Who are the people who approach you and offer you to help you actively to win back your lost energy and polish your life until it is bright and shining? Is this or that group of people (and we ourselves too of course!) a sect, or are they serious people, whose spiritual knowhow you could really use to your own benefit?


Sect, Cult or - ?


Fair Exchange...


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