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Psychology - derived from research with animals (rats, monkeys etc.) - today still assumes that the "I" of a person is a function of his brain. Yet there are countless events documented worldwide, which prove that the real "I" is not the same as the brain. There exists a spiritual essence which is the actual site of the personality, and which can be proved to be independent from the brain.

Literature knows a whole row of terms for this, from which the word "soul" is probably best known and most in use. The existence of this spiritual essence, or the "spiritual being", becomes very obvious when a person - for instance during a heart attack or an accident - is thrown out of his body. He suddenly views himself and the environment from above, is capable of moving through walls etc., and can later - after his reanimation or recovery - talk about these experiences.


 The Essence of Personality

These reports are too frequent these days to just be brushed off as "crazy" or "hallucination". Many people also talk about memories of past lives, or of experiences outside of a physical existence (as a human being, animal or plant). As spiritual being they have wandered from body to body, similar maybe to somebody who steps from one car into another, or from a train into the metro. They also talk about having met other spiritual beings during these experiences.

Another fascinating aspect are contacts with often helpful (sometimes hostile) disembodied spirits - often called angels, ghosts or demons -, and last but not least are the countless cases where people received extra-sensory ("telepathic") information about experiences which were made by their marriage partner, children, parents or friends, for which no other explanation could be found than extra-sensory transmission of data.

If you cannot accept this view and are convinced that you are nothing more than your body, and that all the discussions about spiritual phenomena are just hocus-pocus and nonsense, this booklet will be of very little value for you.

All procedures and exercises which are described here, are based on the existence of a spiritual component of the human being, which stems from a spiritual universe, and although it animates the body, it is not a product of this body - that component is called the "immortal soul" by the Christian Churches.

If this view is not yours, we don't recommend that you continue this reading. It would be a waste of time for you.



We don't claim to have found the one and only existing truth. Probably there exist as many individual truths as there exist individual human beings. It is a subjective question whether somebody considers himself to be a body or a spiritual being - neither one nor the other is "better" or "worse", or more or less valuable. But the exercises that we are describing are making sense only if the existence of a spiritual being is assumed as real.

Think of this also if you are talking to doctors, psychologists and other professionals. Some scientists consider religious and spiritual topics as frivolous or crazy. Of course everybody has a right to his opinion - but if you want to explore your own spiritual dimension and work in this area, such people might not be your ideal partners.

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