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In mental training we build on a few basic assumptions, which have a lot to do with the information in the previous chapter: the definition of personality - or person - as a spiritual being.

In normal daily life a human being might appear as a unity. We say "I have hurt myself", and are talking about having cut one's finger or sprained an ankle.



Yet the apparent unity "Man" consists, roughly spoken, of three different parts: the body, the mind and the personality itself, the "I" or "spiritual being".

These three are forming a team which cooperates in a similar way to a computer. A computer comprises the machine, the programs and the "user" - the human being who operates the computer.


 Life Energy

In this combination, the spiritual being is the source of the life force, which provides the whole team with energy. There is a reason that one of the words we have for a dead body is "life-less" - all organs are still there, but the life energy, the "divine spark", is missing. The body is no longer being animated, moved, "driven" - and therefore has become useless.

The body is the "hardware" of the human being, the device that receives sensory perceptions and fulfils commands. Via its switchboard, the brain, it is being monitored by the mind, which calculates the optimum commands for the body with the help of memories and automatic patterns. The mind has the function of the "software" in this, which is the computer-program that is being called up for a certain activity by the user.

The user is the personality, self, or the spiritual being, whose goals and desires are served by the whole apparatus. The spiritual being receives completely evaluated sensory perceptions from the mind, and gives instructions about the results he is expecting from the body.

Like a computer user who only says "Print!" and then leaves it up to the program to trigger the right activities in the computer and in the printer, the spiritual being also leaves it up to the mind to calculate the right body movements and get them performed in the right sequence.


 Important: Spiritual Reach

Much depends here on the reach of the spiritual being - on the question of how big the distance is across which he is able to perceive, act and "occupy a space". The spiritual reach is closely connected to the condition of a spiritual being - and with that, also with the performing capabilities of the body-mind-spirit team.

Maybe you can remember a situation where you had trouble while driving your car, because you didn't look far enough ahead on the road. Maybe you just avoided an accident only at the last moment, because you had had a headache or problems, and thus didn't notice that one mile ahead a traffic jam had formed.

On this day your reach (or your "horizon") was reduced, because you were not well. The bigger your spiritual reach, the better is the "grip" you have on your environment, and the better you can prepare yourself for future events - there is also a dimension of time in spiritual reach.


 Marking of Space with Energy Waves

We also know the concept of "territory" from biology, where for instance every tree has a certain area of influence in the ground (normally about the size of its crown). Another example is the territory of a bird, who tells his rivals by continuous singing: "This tree is mine!"

Similar to the bird, who by his singing "commands" a much bigger space than he could defend with his little body, the spiritual being too can occupy a much bigger space than his physical body (this space is normally shared with others).

If the spiritual being is healthy and in a good condition, that is. "His Space" could then look somewhat like this:

Of course the spiritual being does not use singing - like the bird -, or chemical substances - like the tree - to mark the borders of his space. This is done by flowing out energy, a "radiation" or "emanation". This emanation has a very characteristic pattern for each human being, which can be perceived very distinctly by sensitive people.


 Personal Energy Pattern

This pattern by the way makes it possible also to recognize with whom you have made a telepathic contact - in this case, there is no physical face to see; but the energy pattern is maybe even more typical for the person, it is more or less an "inner face".

As a result of intense mental training, a spiritual being can occupy a very huge space and even keep this reach if something is happening to the physical body. In his "natural state", without spiritual work, this is a rather touchy thing and can be disturbed greatly by injuries, sickness, disappointments, losses or spiritual "war" with another spiritual being.

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