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Some experiences are easy to endure - a parking ticket for instance, a broken window, flu or a wasp sting. There are some experiences people may hardly recover from: the death of parents or children, accidents, dangerous diseases, heavy upsets, sexual abuse or violence in the partnership often lead to a permanent loss of life energy and enjoyment of life.

This is because the life energy which has been present at such times, is being "frozen" into a moment of shock or desperate protest. Later in life the loss of this energy becomes apparent in very unpleasant ways - tiredness, lack of strength, bad moods and other signs of deterioration are the consequences.

Without working through these experiences it is not possible to reverse the mechanisms which cause the loss of life energy - and the amount of energy which can be won back is sometimes surprisingly high.


 Overburdening Protection

Which mechanisms are causing this now?

There are a few basic types of spiritual conditions described on the following pages together with their recommended handling. In all of them the mind is activating a kind of protection mechanism, that starts when something bad is happening. This works like the safety fuse in a kitchen machine or vacuum cleaner: when the device gets "hot", the fuse switches it off.

This overburdening protection is useful for animals (and therefore also for the human body). During a severe accident you don't feel the pain, so you maybe can find a safe spot and get there. Maybe you just cut off your hand, but you are still able to handle the phone and call the emergency number.

The overburdening protection has activated in order to keep too much pain away from the system and prevent it from "burning through". Also this system is capable of learning; from now on the organism always gets warned, if a similar situation is being recognized by the mind: "Watch out! You hurt yourself here last time! Mind you don't go there again!"


 Alarm Mechanism

The overburdening protection de-activates again after the system has "cooled down", but a kind of alarm mechanism stays active. The warnings of this system don't happen on a conscious level, because this would be too slow in many cases. It is a reflex like the impulse to close one's eye when the wind is blowing a grain of sand into it.

This automaticity can get very annoying. Just imagine that the alarm siren goes off in your house at every opportunity, even if you only go to get yourself a glass of water at night!

Unlike animals, which need a good protection mechanism like such an alarm system, the team body/mind/spirit gets rather hindered by this machinery. There is a big difference: the goal of existence for an animal is to survive in a hostile environment - but a spiritual being is immortal, it cannot help but continue existing. His decisions have a totally different foundation.


 Spiritual Aging Process

There exists however something like a spiritual aging process or deterioration, which happens slowly over a long period of time, if a person doesn't actively (by continuous work at his own personality) steer against it. Without this continuous maintenance work the spiritual being loses strength and ability and will maybe really end up one day in a sad condition. The compulsive concentration on material values is a part of this deterioration; material losses become important out of all proportions because of this.

Therefore it is solely a question of the present time ability of a spiritual being, what he can endure and cause in his life.

Have you ever noticed that some people even in the greatest storm of fate stay unshakable and are able to accomplish a lot, whereas others are blown off by the slightest breeze and hardly can support themselves, much less create great works of art or occupy important positions in society?


 Ability is a Matter of Training

The ability of a spiritual being is totally a matter of training. Dealing with blows of fate, bad news and hostile persons, but also dealing with physical problems and diseases can be practiced. This is the purpose of this booklet and the motivation of our group.

Please don't confuse the procedures which we will present to you for a "treatment" with psychotherapy. We don't consider you to be a patient. With these techniques you practice your spiritual strength, perception, flexibility and power - as in a fitness-center you would stretch your joints and exercise your muscles.


 Problems in Training

Before you try these things with your partner, we would recommend to read the "Recommendations and Hints for Successful Mental Training" at the end of this booklet. They will help you to prevent losses and failures.

Should you feel in need of assistance because your training partner suddenly feels bad and you don't know what to do next, please call us! This happens sometimes and is normal. It always goes away, sometimes even within minutes. We will make sure that an experienced coach will take over and work with your training partner, and also tell you how you can deal with such a situation the next time.


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