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 Model of Existence

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Existence is the expression of spirit on its way from a non-expressed, omni-potential condition, through various forms of expression, back to the original condition of non-expressed omni-potential.

Many spiritual seekers and even some spiritual masters believe that matter is opposed to spirit - or at least that it is a lower form of existence which a noble soul better "transcends" (defames, neglects and abandons). This is a direct indicator of the fact that they do not understand its true nature and are still on a learning path.

It would do more justice to matter to view it as one of two brothers who both grow out of the same parent. In order to emerge from non-expressed pure potential, an entity must choose one of two directions. Non-expressed spirit covers both. Expressed spirit, at first, must choose: this is the very act of expression - to say yes to one option and no to the other. Both options in equilibrium are an unexpressed condition.

Only the second part of the journey, the way back to the non-expressed, will see an increasing tendendy to cover both sides of the basic split - a gradual approach to the final state of being "all-that-is" again. (To be very precise, "all-that-is" would have to be renamed into "all-that-is-and-was-and-has-been-and-will-be-or-all-that-could-be"...) The basic merge of matter and spirit into life forms is a marked point on this road.

At the very root of expressed forms, there is the choice between the law-giving spirit and the law-obeying matter. They both build a whole universe of their own before they meet again in a composite called a "life form", where the law-giving spirit directly animates the law-obeying matter and both provide their typical features to each other in a balanced exchange of services.

Many spiritually oriented people overlook this basic split. Their perception starts at the beginning of the spiritual branch, and matter is considered "outside". As a consequence, they fail to see the importance of matter in their interaction with each other and the physical universe - see also the awareness horizon of the spiritual master.

They believe to be the ultimate commanders of matter - which in a way they are, because matter has chosen to obey the laws which spirit is issuing - , but do it from a position of arrogance because they fail to see that all this is a game being played by equal brothers, none of whom is higher or lower than the other. They are both expressions of the same ultimate potential, the supreme being, seeking experience in its periods of activity - between its non-active periods of contemplation.


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