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Welcome to the Tourist Guide to The Road to Clear.

The full content of The Road to Clear is a complete textbook in Standard Clearing Technology. 
We understand there is a need for a less technical introduction to the
subject; we have made this guided tour for people just getting familiar with it. The Guided Tour skips the sections that mainly have interest to more in-depth studies and the details of how to do auditing. It is still a whole book, but less technical.

If you run into technical terms, click on the nearest illustration in the text and it will take you to the glossary that will define it for you. You can also use this link at the bottom of each page - click here to try it: 


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You simply use the yellow content window to the left as your guide and click your way through the website by using that. The guided tour will take you through the theory and principles in a fashion that omits some of the more theoretical parts, which are mainly intended for close study and application rather than first time readers.

It is still a read that takes some commitment, because we do cover the theory of the mind and the spirit - and it is a fascinating and new journey for most readers. 

To stay on the Guided Tour, please only use the yellow content column or window to your left for navigation. Disregard any navigation buttons on the pages themselves.


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