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C/Sing the HRD

The Way to Happiness auditing may be done before or after the Grades. The best point is after Recall Drug RD and before Recall Grade. In most cases the Cleansing Rundown and Objectives are required before beginning the RD. If pc is in good shape without a heavy drug history it can be done before. 

To start any pc on HRD he has to be set up for it. It is never done in the middle of another major RD or a Grade. Any previous auditing should be studied (a Folder Error Study done). Anything found out should be repaired. Once the needed setups are done, the Rundown is simply begun, right from the top of the command sheet. The command sheet is always kept in the folder and marked off for each step completed.
End Phenomena
The Rundown is complete when the pc realizes that he really is on the way to happiness. In the process of going through the Rundown, the pc should have cleared up any confusions on the subject of morals, cleaned up any and all breaches of the morals in the booklet "The Way to Happiness" and not remain in the valence of any immoral person he may have been in. 

HRD Repairs

The Repair List, HRL, is the primary tool used to clean up the HRD if problems should arise. There are some additional handlings that a HRD C/S can use.
Assessment Method
In the Assessment Method the auditor assesses a list of all the Precepts from the booklet. He uses the Precepts Assessment List.  He handles those that are reading using the ten steps of the HRD procedure. Use of this method is part of the handlings for questions on the Repair List. It is used to quickly locate charged Precepts. Another of the uses of the assessment method is given below.
If the end of the HRD command sheets has been reached without the full EP of the Rundown having been achieved, an HRL should be assessed and handled to pick up any errors in the auditing. If it becomes obvious that the EP of the Rundown was achieved earlier, it can be rehabbed once any BPC or upset has been handled. 
If     it is evident that the Rundown is incomplete, it is simply redone using the assessment method, as something has been missed.
You may run into a pc whose drug case makes it too difficult to run the HRD. The solution is to end off the HRD at a flat point and get the pc through a full Drug handling. After the Drug Rundown, get the HRD auditing he has already had thoroughly repaired and then complete the Rundown. Such a case should not have been put onto the HRD in the first place.

Evil Purposes and Overts
The Repair List includes questions that will detect situations, where the RD has restimulated evil purposes and O/Ws too much to be ignored. The instructions for handling these questions include use of Fixated Purpose Rundown procedure. This has to be done by an FPRD Auditor.
If, after completing the HRL, the pc is not able to successfully run the HRD, he should be programmed over onto Fixated Purpose Rundown auditing and given the form or forms necessary to free him up from the restimulated O/Ws and evil purposes, and then returned to the HRD.


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