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C/Sing Grade Zero
Communication Grade
Listen Style Auditing



End Product of Grade 0: "Ability to communicate freely, etc."
Correction Lists needed: L1C. Also use of Prompters.
Auditor Skills needed: CT-0 Auditor.

Before starting the pc on this action fill in the FES Checklist for Grades and handle anything out.

All the data in the Intro to the Grade 0 processes are very relevant to C/Sing. Grade 0 is done Listen Style.

For Recall we said: "What is required by the auditor here is mainly good TRs and adherence to the Auditors Code. Sometimes green auditors coming out of drilling the procedure will push the process onto the pc too quickly. They drill of course the "Whats-it line" in training - the auditors questions. Allowing the pc to establish an Itsa Maker Line and an Itsa Line is what makes the process work. It's a good idea to have the session taped to see this point is in as well as other basic auditing skills."

This is very applicable here on Grade 0 as well. Listen style is very permissive and not really what you train in TRs. TR 0-4 is closest to Repetitive style of Grade One and other repetitive processes.

"All we go for at Grade zero is this: Recovering the pc's ability to talk to others freely. Pc's may be frantic to go Clear quickly; but no matter how frantic they are, the most gain and the best start is accomplished by doing Grade 0."

"What we do at Grade 0 is simply this: Recover the pc's ability to talk freely.

"On communication processes we work directly with coaxing the pc's ability to communicate, even about difficult subjects. This leads directly to steady gains, an increased ability and a greater ability to take an active role in life.

"Style of Auditing
The auditing style used is Listen Style. The auditor is a good listener and puts in minimum control. The whole purpose is to get the pc talking happily and with confidence. The use of TR-3 is minimal. TR-2 1/2, half acknowledgments are used when appropriate to keep the pc talking. You can use "OK, tell me more about it" as a half ack if the pc starts out with hesitant answers or you can use the Prompters. The pc is allowed to wander around a bit as long as he is going in the direction of freer communication.

"EP's of Subjects and Processes
A chosen subject/person or process is not left until the pc is comfortable about it. By this is meant, the pc would not feel disturbed talking to the subject or person chosen.

"If pc is shy, uncertain, or if he is aggressive or annoyed, the process or subject is not flat or EP'ed.  A subject or process is not left until the pc really can respond cheerfully. When this is accomplished, a new process or subject is chosen and the Grades processes are continued, using the new process or subject."

C/Sing Grade 0
The C/S has to make sure each subject is taken to EP per above. The pc doing the process is what is important - that means talking more and more freely. Not so much the significance of it all.

Before pc is sent to Attest the C/S has to make sure the pc has made the Grade. This should be expressed in good TA action worked into the Grade and worked out of it. The cognitions expressed should be relevant to Ability attained - not something else.

Ability Attained from Grade 0 is the following:


Grade name Release name Audited on Prere-
Class Ability attained
1 Recognition  Comm.
 Grade 0
Comm. Release Communication processes Recall Release CT-0

Ability to communicate freely to anyone on any subject

Re: Grade 0  - There do exist a compilation of all applicable processes developed by Ron Hubbard for this Grade. They are published as HCOB of 14 November 1987. In the rare case, the pc does not make it on the processes included, the correct action would be: Go over the reports of auditing already done on the Grade (do a folder error summary). Interview pc about the difficulty. Handle any By-passed Charge (including missed earlier actions as needed). Correct anything found and flatten unflat processes. If necessary, use additional processes not run, including processes for the Grade from above HCOB.  




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