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Advanced Ability Levels (ALs)
Alternative Route
and Auditing after Clear



There are a number of Advanced Ability Levels that can be audited after Clear. Many of them can be done Solo. Some of them are audited in a normal session set-up. The Advanced Ability Levels after Clear is also called Operating Thetan band.

Operating Thetan has been defined different ways. A real Operating Thetan has no Reactive Bank whatsoever and is cause over matter, energy, space, time and thought and is completely free. He does not depend on his body to execute things.

Here is the description given by that is a promotional website:

"Operating Thetan is a spiritual state of beingness above Clear. Thetan refers to the spiritual being, and operating means here “able to operate without dependency on things.” An Operating Thetan is able to control matter, energy, space and time rather than being controlled by these things. As a result, an Operating Thetan is able to be at cause over life.

"There are numerous auditing steps called Operating Thetan levels. People on these levels are progressing to the spiritual state of full Operating Thetan and becoming more and more Cause along the way.

How would you describe the state of Operating Thetan?

"The goal of Operating Thetan is to overcome the travails of existence and regain the certainty and abilities of one’s native spiritual beingness. At this level one knows that he is separate and apart from such material things as physical form or the physical universe.

"Operating Thetan is a state of spiritual awareness in which an individual is able to control himself and his environment. An Operating Thetan  is someone who knows that he knows and can create positive and pro-survival effects on all of his dynamics. He has been fully refamiliarized with his capabilities as a thetan and can willingly and knowingly be at cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time.

"As a being becomes more and more an Operating Thetan, he becomes more powerful, stable and responsible as a spiritual being."

There are eight Advanced Ability Levels available at this time. We will  briefly list  and describe them here. The description may not satisfy your curiosity completely; the chapter is meant as an orientation only. Also, Ron Hubbard designated most of these Levels as "Confidential" and we will respect that. Besides that, it is beyond the scope of "The Road to Clear". Our goal with this section on Solo-auditing is to cover the basic auditing skills a Solo-auditor has to have. Having learned these skills he has done his 'Level Zero of Solo-auditing'. The student can now relatively easily audit Solo when he has found a competent Solo C/S to work with. The Solo C/S will ideally have a Course Supervisor that ensures the student is fully trained and prepared for the task. When the student's understanding and Solo-auditing skills are up to the task the Solo C/S or Course Supervisor will give him the theory and drills for the first Advanced Ability Level. Again, the student has to study and drill that particular Level. First then should he be given the actual processes and commands. The student is in this way given one Advanced Level at the time to study and audit Solo. The basic Solo-auditor's skills are checked and re-drilled as needed before each Level.

Here is the list. Each Level is marked "Solo" if it is an action that is done Solo. It is marked "Audited" if it is done in a normal session set-up, and "Study" if it is study only.

Clear Intensive - Audited
When a person has received some Engram Running or Engram Clearing the person may feel he or she went Clear. The State of Clear has to be verified by a competent auditor and C/S doing this action. The outcome can be that the person did go Clear and should go onto Preparation auditing for the Advanced Levels (see below). If it is found the person did not go Clear the pc would continue receiving Engram Clearing until the person goes Clear or that Grade is complete. If the person did not go Clear when complete on Engram Clearing he or she would follow 'the alternative route' described later in this chapter. The Clear Intensive may have to be done as a check several times to determine pc's state of case before going on.

Sunshine Rundown - Solo
This is a very short level. It is done right after the Clear Intensive. The pc does not need any Solo-auditor training to do it. Its aim is to reorient the being to his environment and the physical universe and extrovert after going Clear.  

Advanced Ability Level One - Solo
The Solo-auditor has learned to Solo-audit, using a Meter and all that goes with it. On AL-1 the new Clear gets the first experiences handling his or her own case as a Pre-OT. 
Ability gained from AL-1 is: "A fresh, causative Operating Thetan viewpoint on the MEST Universe and other beings".

Advanced Ability Level Two - Solo
Here the student starts to handle GPMs from his Time Track. There is a lot more to know about the subject of GPMs than we can go into here. That is why you have to do the Level. Ability gained from completing AL-2 is: "Ability to confront the whole track".

Advanced Ability Level Three - Solo
Auditing "The wall of fire". It addresses a disastrous incident that happened 75 million years ago and affected all life-forms in this part of the universe. Handling other life-entities than self plays an important role. These entities were briefly described in "The State of Clear".
Ability gained from AL-3 is: "Return to Self-determinism. Freedom from overwhelm."
Advanced Ability Level Four - Audited
This is the so-called Drug RD for Operating Thetans. It takes a deeper look at the effects of drugs on a case, going way back in time. It handles charge now available to be audited out.
Ability gained from AL-4 is: "Eradication of the last effects of drugs on the being."

Advanced Ability Level Five - Audited
This level is designed to handle anything remaining of body problems, somatics, etc. that didn't get completely eradicated in Engram Clearing due to the individual going Clear or for other reasons outlined in "The State of Clear". AL-5 consists of a series of rundowns that mainly address entities effects on the body and thought process of the student.

Advanced Ability Level Six - Study
Level 6 is a training level which teaches the student advanced Solo-auditing that is then done as Level 7.

Advanced Ability Level Seven - Solo
Level 7 is using in Solo-auditing what one learned on Level 6. This is a long level, usually hundreds of hours of Solo-auditing.
Ability gained from AL-7 is: "Cause over life."

Advanced Ability Level Eight - Solo
This Solo-level is relatively short.
Ability gained from AL-8 is: "Handles the primary reason for amnesia on the whole track."

Alternative Route
For pc's who completed Engram Clearing but did not go Clear there is an alternative route to Clear. Most of it is Solo-audited.

Power Processes - Audited
These are audited actions; originally called Grade 5 and 5A.
Ability gained from these Grades is: "Ability to hold power".

Routine R6EW - Solo
This is also called Grade 6. The student starts to handle locks of GPMs as they affect him in his daily life.
Ability gained from this Solo-level is: "Freedom from dramatization."

Clearing Course
This is also called Grade 7. If the student did not go Clear on Engram Clearing Power Processes, Grade 6 and 7 will take him there.
Ability gained from this Solo-level is: "The State of Clear; a Being who  no longer has his own Reactive Mind."

Non-interference Zone
Doing AL-1 to AL-3 should be planned and done as one continued action. It is important the pc is fully set up before starting on AL-1. That is what the "Preparation for Advanced Ability Levels" auditing program is for.

Preparation for Advanced Ability Levels
The C/S will pay close attention to that all the Grades 0-5 and all major troubles the pc may have in life are fully handled before starting him or her on the Advanced Levels. A tailor-made program called "Preparation for Advanced Ability Levels" is done before Solo-auditing is undertaken. This is a auditing program based on Repair Program and Advance Program. It is designed by the C/S to handle that pc's case difficulties still persisting and done by a qualified auditor.

When finishing AL-3, and before going onto the next Level, the Solo C/S will make sure the student is set up for that Level. This is no different from going from one of the lower Grades to the next. The basic principles were covered in the C/S Mini Hat under Repair, Set-up and Repair Program.


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