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MU's - How to Clear Them
  MU's and Overts  Barriers to Study
Methods of Word Clearing
. Also, Clearbird's Study Manual has additional data on Word Clearing and Study Technology (See Link Page).


Word Clearing Intensive
(Method 1)


The Word Clearing Intensive (method 1) is done in session. It can be done by a student familiar with doing metered auditing (ST0). The first thing to study are the links above. "Misunderstoods - How to Clear them" is part of how you do M1 in session, clearing things word by word. All definitions are taken to F/N on the RD. There are usually many F/Ns per word. The results and benefits from this simple RD are very spectacular! The Word Clearing Intensive M1 is formally described this way:

1. This is done with a Meter in session. A full Assessment of many, many subjects is done. The auditor then takes each reading subject and clears the Chain back to earlier words and or words in earlier subjects until he gets the EP.  2. The auditor assesses and takes the reading items from the best read on down; with E/S he takes each one to F/N. Each MU'd word he finds is cleared to F/N. There can be many F/Ns per subject and even per word. End off with a win on the subject.  3. method 1 is the action taken to clean up all misunderstoods in every subject one has studied. It is done by a word clearing auditor in a formal session. The result of a properly done Word Clearing Intensive is the recovery of one's education. 

Word Clearing Intensive by Steps


1. Fly a rud if no F/N. (See "Auditors Rights" if any trouble with this pc. If errors in previous word clearing sessions use WCCL to handle word clearing corrections needed.)

2. R Factor: We are going to go over a list of subjects to see if there is any word you didn't understand while studying these subjects. (Do not clear the words first. You want to find MUs). 

2. Asses  list below. Assess the whole list rapidly and clearly, good TR1 and noting every read on the Meter.

Religion ________ Grammar ________
Ministers ________ The Humanities ________
Church ________ The Mind ________
College _______ The Spirit ________
Schools ________ Bodies ________
Sacrifices ________ Sex ________
Surgery ________ The Insane ________
Medicine ________ Psychiatry ________
Electronics ________ Psychoanalysis ________
Physics ________ Psychology ________
Technical Subjects ________ Rituals ________
Dianetics ________ Rites ________
Scientology ________ Ships ________
Theology ________ The Sea ________
Theosophy ________ Military ________
Philosophy ________ Armies ________
Law ________ Navies ________
Organization ________ Stars ________
Government ________ Heavenly Bodies ________
Written Materials ________ The Universe ________
Practice ________ Planes ________
Text Books ________ Vehicles ________
Science ________ Machinery ________
Music ________ Illnesses ________
Motors ________ Spoken Words ________
Administration ________
Healing ________
Add items dealing with this Pc's life:
(Interests, profession, past education, etc.).

3. Ask the Question, "Is there any word on this list you didn't understand?" Clear it. (Do not reassess because there was a list word not understood.)
4. Take each reading item, from the best read on down, and take it E/S  to F/N.
"In the subject of ________ what word has been misunderstood?"

He MUST look them up, so have a good dictionary handy. Do not accept I know the meaning'' if the subject or word reads.
Each MU found is cleared by "Clearing words".

It isn't an earlier time he misunderstood that word. It's an earlier word in that subject and it can be an earlier subject.


Use these commands to go earlier:
"Was there an earlier misunderstood word or symbol in the subject of (____)?" 
and when the answer is no to this question, but no EP:
"Is there an earlier similar subject to (_____)?"
and then 
"In (that subject) was there a misunderstood word or symbol?"

Considerations about it and other questions are not touched.
Overts, W/Hs, etc. are neglected. They are not done on the subject of the word. They are done in the session ruds.
Just do the process and it will eventually F/N on each Chain.

5. When all reads on the first Assessment are handled to F/N, REASSESS the whole list. Do not take off the list items already handled.

6. Repeat Step 4.
7. Repeat Step 5.
8. Repeat Step 6, etc.
9. A persistent F/N should be attained on assessing the whole list as the End Phenomena of the Word Clearing Intensive.

Word Clearing Intensive, Print-out



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