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Prepared Lists in 'Road to Clear'

Each Correction List contain detailed instructions on when and how to use it, including instructions on method of Assessment - several of the lists can be used both M3 and M5. We refer to the links below to the actual lists with their instructions.

Level 0

False TA Check list  A checklist to determine the physical causes of false TA. 

This list is not assessed on the Meter. It is a check list to use, when False TA is suspected. It goes through all the physical causes (like dry or moist hands) that can cause the TA to be in a false range, that does not reflect the state of case.

TRs Debug List  List the TRs instructor can use (or a Level 3 auditor).

PC Info Sheet  Basic interview form used at the beginning of auditing.

Level 1

20 Prep-check buttons Buttons used to clean up a charged subject and get the rudiments thoroughly in on an area.

Level 2

Joburg Confessional Form  Series of questions used to help a pc reveal his dark and most guarded secrets.

Confess. Repair List, LCRE  Used to repair confessionals and any Overt/Withhold handling.

This list is used to repair Confessional Auditing. It is used in a Confessional session in progress per Confessional Procedure. It is also used to handle troubles from other O/W actions such as O/W write-ups. If the person after any such action has Bad Indicators or if he gets sick or upset or messes up, this list is assessed and handled.

Level 3

L1C:  Handles ARC Broken, Sad, hopeless or nattery pc's. 

Used by Auditors in session when an upset occurs, or as ordered by C/S. It handles ARC Broken, Sad, hopeless or nattery pc's. Questions can be prefaced with "Recently" "In this life" "On the Whole Track" or used without. It is not to be used to handle high or low TA.

L4 Short Handles recent L&N errors. 

This is a short version of list correction. It contains all the most common errors. It is valid on listing in progress or recently done. If it doesn't resolve the difficulties a full L4BRB can be used.

L4BRB: Used to sort out all possible errors related to L&N. Covers a broader area than L4.

Used to sort out all possible errors related to L&N. The L4 is designed to sort out an L&N action in progress. If that doesn't handle, there may be prior or other problems that need to be addressed. The L4BRB is thus designed to cover a broader area.

Green Form, GF handles peculiarities and elements of a pc's life which are preventing gains.

The Green Form is used to detect the peculiarities and elements of a pc's life which are causing case trouble or preventing gains. (It is not used to cure high or low TA.)
Per Auditors Rights it can be used by the auditor in case the rudiments won't fly. In this case it is assessed Method 3 and handled, not going beyond F/N VGIs. But its real use is Method 5 and then sent to C/S for programming.

Word Clearing CL, WCCL  The list to use for trouble in any type of Word Clearing.

The WCCL is the list to use when any form of Word Clearing runs into real trouble. Any and all troubles with Word Clearing should be corrected by assess and handle this list. The WCCL has been designed to handle errors made in Word Clearing. It is not to be used to try to correct study or the person's case. It is used in in context with Word Clearing actions to correct Word Clearing errors only. 

TRs Debug List  List to handle a student's persistent troubles in doing TRs.

Level 4

FPRD Correction List The CL for Fixated Purpose RD. Sometimes used as part of standard procedure to get the full EP.

'Way to Happiness Correction List (HRL). The CL for "Way to Happiness" auditing.

Level 4 Pro

C/S 53 Short Form: Designed to handle high or low TA, but also general case difficulties. 

This list was originally designed to handle high or low TA. It is assessed M5 and the reads are handled in the sequence laid out on the list. It has been called "The Champion of Repair Lists", as it has proven itself to enable a good auditor to handle all kinds of case difficulties - way beyond cases with TA troubles - although C/S 53 is still the list to use for High/Low TA. C/S 53 contains " all the elements known to us that bring about case foul-ups."

C/S 53 Long Form:  Same List as C/S 53 SF but uses longer statements or questions.

This is basically the same list as C/S 53 SF. The difference is, that it uses full statements or questions, while C/S 53 SF uses only key words in the Assessment. C/S LF is thus designed to be used if an Assessment of C/S 53 SF does not resolve the situation, as that would indicate that the charge simply hasn't been made to read. Also, it is sometimes used on beginning pc's as it can be easier to make to read on them.

Hi-Lo TA  Assessment List.  Same use as above, but with many additional questions.

Green Form 40 Expanded  Correction list used to handle resistive cases.

Resistive Cases Assessment is used on a resistive case to locate and solve the reasons for its resistiveness.
The pre-assessment list of  'Resistive Cases' is the same that is included on the GF. It will direct the auditor to the type of the pc's resistiveness. Further Assessment is then done in the corresponding section of the Expanded Green Form 40. The handlings are given there for what is found. GF 40X provides a fast and direct method for solving resistive cases.

Study Green Form  Handles study problems, not related to misunderstood words.

Locates and  handles troubles with the subject of study, mainly independent of or in addition to misunderstood words.
This list is used when a person cannot be trained on something. It is a major action that is programmed for by the C/S in order to find and handle what is wrong with a person's case regarding study. It can also be used to cool off  a 'rebel student' as it finds the BPC.
It will be found, on some pc's, that the subject of study has become so charged that the very idea of study itself has become traumatic. When a person becomes very misemotional about study, has persisting study troubles that do not clean up or when there are other indicators of study-connected Engrams, the person should be given a Study Green Form followed by a Student Rescue Intensive. The end phenomena of the Study Green Form is a person who knows he can study.

Repair Correction List  Cleans up BPC related to earlier repairs.

Use this list to clean up By-passed Charge on improperly done or unnecessary prepared lists or repair actions. This list is done when a pc protests a prepared list or repair action, when bad indicators are present on the subject of repair or prepared lists or when improper past repair or use of correction lists reads on a correction list.
Assess this list Method 5 and handle all reads. The EP of this list is charge off the subject of repair and prepared lists and the pc happy about being audited. This list can, if necessary, be reassessed and taken to an F/Ning Assessment.

Int RD Correction List  Used to repair troubles after Recall Int RD

This list only covers errors on Recall Int Rundown. It does not cover Int RD done with Engram running. The purpose of this list is to correct an unflat, overrun or otherwise messed up Int Handling when the pc's TA either high or low.  (a) When a repair list with the subject of INT-EXT on it reads, and the Recall Int R/D has already been done or corrected and the TA is high or low.
  (b) When a bog occurs in the Recall Int R/D itself.  (c) If the pc is upset after the Recall Int R/D, and/or TA has gone high or low; or when pc is not VGIs on Going into things.

Level 5 - Engram Clearing

L3RH - R3RA Repair List For all errors in Engram Running.

This list covers errors in Engram Running. A high or low TA and a case with bad indicators can stem from failures to erase a Chain of incidents.
As a Chain or Engram can have more than one error you always use this list to repair them with.

Green Form 40X  'Resistive cases'. Full qualifications include knowing how to run R3RA handlings.

Repairing RDs that applied Engram running in the first place. PTS  RD and Int RD may have included use of Engram running in the first place. To repair such RDs (using Prepared Lists or not) the auditor should be a qualified ST5 auditor.


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