1st Edition (pilot), September 2003

Prerequisites: Level One.
The course is aimed at teaching student auditors:
1. Grade Two processes
2. Confessional Procedure
3. Confessional Auditors Beingness

* = 100% knowledge and understanding and ability to apply.
0 rated  = read and listened to the data with understanding and no MUs.
A demonstration of any of the materials may be requested by the supervisor.
The checksheet is one time through materials and practical, including the auditing requirements.

Due to the many processes and rundowns contained in The Road to Clear they are not all part of a checksheet at this point. Yet, an auditor can be called upon applying a specific process or rundown  to a pc. As long as the auditor has been checked out and drilled the action per Drilling Processes he should be ready to go. He can do any action listed under a level he has already completed. The checksheets are thus at this point intended to cover a basic training route that brings the auditor's basic skill level up to a point where he easily can tackle any and all actions contained in The Road to Clear.

The student is to apply the Study technology throughout this course. 





Glossary: Look up 'Overt' and 'Withhold'._______

Study: Level Two - Outline._______

Clay: The importance of TA Action in processing.________
Demo: The Grades.________
Demo: Responsibility and O/Ws.________
Demo: The difference between 
Grade 2 auditing and Confessional Auditing.________

Study: "O/W Phenomena"._______
Demo: How MUs can lead to overts.________

Study: The Effect Scale._______
Demo: Basic principles of Effect  Scale.________

* Auditors Trust._______
Demo: Why an accusative attitude does not work in auditing.________

* Auditors Code._______


* Study: Coaching Instructions._______

Study: TRs Instructions._______

OT TR-0._______
TR-0 Bullbait._______

Study: "Anti Q and A Drill"._______
Drill: Anti Q and A Drill._______


* Study: "Reads and the  Reactive Mind"

* Study:   "Meter Coaching"

Meter Drills
 The Meter Drills are done for each level regardless of student having passed them earlier.

Drill: EM-1 Touch and Let Go_________
Drill: EM-2 Basic Controls_________
Drill: EM-3 TA Counter_________
Drill: EM-4A Setting up the Meter_________
Drill: EM 4B - Holding the cans_________
Drill: EM 4C - Correcting False TA_________
Drill: EM-5A Can Squeeze_________
Drill: EM-5B Metabolism Test_________
Drill: EM-6 Moving the Tone Arm_________
Drill: EM-7 Read the TA positions_________
Drill: EM-8 TA Motion/No Motion_________
Drill: EM-9 Body Motion and TA_________
Drill: EM-10 Noting TA Blow Downs_________
Drill: EM-11 Needle on the Dial_________
Drill: EM-12 Defining Needle Actions_________
Drill: EM-13 Body Reactions_________
Drill: EM-14 Reads and No Reads_________
Drill: EM-15 What the Needle is Doing_________
Drill: EM-16 Producing Needle Actions_________
Drill: EM-17 Cleaning a Read_________
Drill: EM-18 Instant Read, Rud Check_________
Drill: EM-19 Instant Reads_________
Drill: EM-20 Comm and Dirty Needles_________
Drill: EM-21A Meter Steering_________
Drill: EM-21B Cleaning a Dirty Needle_________

* Study: "Advanced Meter Data".________

* Study: "Ureading Items".________
(from Auditors Rights)
Drill: From AB-13,6 Checking unreading Items.________

* Study: "The Dangerous Auditor".________
(theory of Repetitive Confront Prcs)
Demo: "The dangerous auditor".________


* Study: "What is a Withhold?".________
Clay: Overt.________
Clay: Withhold.________
Clay: Moral Code and O/Ws.________
Clay: How W/Hs ties the pc to the Bank.________

* Study: "What is a Missed Withhold?"._______
Clay: Missed Withhold.________
Clay: Mystery Sandwich.________
Demo: Recurring Withholds.________ 

* Study: "M/W/H ARC Breaks and Out Ruds"._______
Clay: The 15 manifestations of Missed Withholds.________
Clay: How picking up M/W/Hs prevents ARC Breaks.________

Study: Missed Withholds from 'How to Fly the Ruds'.________
Doll Drill: Pulling a M/W/H per above.________
Doll Drill: Coach dramatizes each of the 
15 manifestations and student handles with pulling M/W/Hs.________

* Study: "The Overt Motivator Sequence"._______
Clay: Overt Motivator Sequence._______
Demo: Each of the 4 Flows and how 
they relate to the pc and the O/M Sequence._______

* Study: "O/W Phenomena"._______
Demo: Causes for Blows._______
Demo: How M/W/Hs can cause carping criticism._______

* Study: "Responsibility"._______
Demo: Responsibility._______
a) Pan-determinism._______
b) Self-determinism._______
c) Other-determinism._______
d) Valence._______
e) Robot._______
Demo: How low responsibility causes valences to gain power._______


Study: Doll Drills._______

Study: Repetitive Style.________
Grade 2 is done Repetitive Style with special attention to any manifestations of M/W/Hs

Study: "Grade Two Processes"._______
Each process is star-rated and then drilled.

Doll Drills, Grade Two:
* 1.R2-25._______
* 2. HAS VIII._______
* 3. Melbourne 3._______
* 4. Repetitive Confront._______
* 5. Continuous Confront._______
* 6. Viewpoint. SW.._______
* 7. Worry Prcs._______
* 8. Criticism SW._______
* 9. Revelation X2._______
* 10. Recall a Secret._______
* 11. "Also"._______
* 12. O/W Flows._______
* 13. Dynamic SW._______
* 14. O/W SW._______
* 15. Not-is SW._______
* 16. "Also"._______
* 17. "Also"._______
* 18. O/W Prcs.
* 19. Universe O/W SW._______
* 20. Know-Mystery SW._______
* 21. Regimen 6 O/W._______
* 22. O/W on Pr Person._______
* 23. Best Responsibility._______
* 24. W/H Process._______
* 25. Loc. Responsibility._______
* 26. Grade 2 Quad._______
* 27. Havingness for 2._______


* Study: "Confessional Techniques"
Clay: Getting the 'Done'.________
Demo: Justifications.________
Demo: How to handle pc giving "Other people's WHs".________
Demo: How "Murder Routine" works.________
Demo: When to vary the Confessional Question.________
Clay: Mutual Out Ruds.________
Demo: Why you always F/N the original question.________
Clay: Cleaning Cleans.________
Demo: How to prevent Cleaning Cleans.________
Clay: Why Man commits O/Ws despite being basically good.________
Demo: Why the Continuous Overt Case 
needs to be handled with Ethics to stand a chance.________  

* Study: "Confessional Procedure".________
Clay: Axiom 38 and Confessionals.________
Demo: Step 8 of Procedure. Show how each point relates to Axiom 38.________
Demo: Step 13; What you do and don't do with unreading questions.________
Demo: How to respond to a Dirty Needle.________
Demo: Why  you check End Rudiments.________

* Study: "Implants and Confessionals".________
Demo: The different types of implants described:
a) Ordered silence.________
b) Hypnotism.________
c) Using drugs.________
d) Electro-chock.________
e) Drugs and chock.________
f) PDH.________
g) Brainwashing.________
h) Non-existent implants.________
Demo: Why the needle goes still and how to handle.________ 

* Study: "Confess Auditors Beingness".________
Demo the difference between confessional procedure and:
a) Religious confession.________
b) AA.________
c) Psycho-analysis.________
d) Psychiatry.________
e) Psychology.________
f) Interrogation.________ 
Clay: How a person gets stuck in an evil valence.________
Clay: How to do a Confessional for the pc without missing WHs.________

Study: "Joburg Confessional Form".________

* Study: "Confess Repair List" (LCRE).________


There are a lot of data  to apply in confessionals. We have broken it down to a series of doll drills, which finally are put together in the full procedure.

Study: Guiding Secondary Style
Confessionals are done Guiding Secondary Style with special attention to any manifestations of M/W/Hs.
Demo: Why you don't do confessionals Repetitive Style.________

Doll Drill: Getting the 'Done'.________
Doll Drill: Step 8 of Confes. Procedure.________
Doll Drill: Getting any Justifications.________
Doll Drill: Handling pc giving 'Other people's W/Hs'.________
Doll Drill: Murder Routine.________
Doll Drill: Grooving in the Question.________
Doll Drill: Using Trouble Buttons.________
Doll Drill: How to F/N one question before going on to the next.________
Doll Drill: Situations of pulling M/W/Hs during a Confes Session.________
Doll Drill: How to prevent Cleaning Cleans.________
Doll Drill: End Ruds (with prefix).________
Doll Drill: How to handle a needle going still.________
Doll Drill: Full Confessional Procedure.________
Doll Drill: LCRE.________


Student Attest Theory and Drilling:

I have completed the theory/drilling section of this checksheet and have left no MUs behind. 
I know and can apply the data.

Student:_______________________ Date:_________________

I have trained this student to the best of my ability and he/she has completed the Theory requirements  and have applied Study Tech correctly and knows and can apply the data.

Supervisor:____________________ Date:_________________


Student to complete at least one pc on Grade Two Expanded.________




I have completed the requirements of this checksheet and I can do basic auditing and confessional procedure correctly and audit correctly on Level Two actions and have done so.

Student:_______________________ Date:_________________

I have trained this student to the best of my ability and he/she has completed the requirements of this checksheet and  can do Basic Auditing and confessional procedure correctly and has taken a pc to Grade Two Release.

Supervisor:____________________ Date:_________________

Clearbird Publishing, 2003.