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The Auditors Code had this point:

"(3) Use only the standard application of ST to a preclear in the standard way.

Comment: In today's processing we have the benefit of a long development of the subject. Thousands of cases have been put through extensive auditing programs. Therefore we can say, that there aren't any new and unknown case problems that will suddenly sit in the auditor's pc chair. The chapter 'Gross Auditing Errors' covers all instances where the technology apparently isn't effective. You simply have to apply the technology as it is described in ST and you will win to the degree you adhere to the standard procedures."


You could say the Code of a C/S is expanding on that. The Auditors Trust Maxim (Auditor plus Pc greater than Pc's Bank) is being expanded to "C/S plus Auditor plus Pc is much Greater than Pc's Bank". The C/S carries out the duties of his job in a manner which reinforces that. One of the C/S' duties is of course to see, that the auditor keeps the Auditors Code as well as make sure he himself applies the rules of that code as they apply to his C/Sing. The Code of a C/S is more specific to the activities of a C/S:

The Code of a C/S 

1. Always know and keep studying up on the technology up to the Level at which you are C/Sing.
2. Do not look for some imagined error in technical data but always to look for and find the real error in the auditing, programming or C/Sing.
3. Never treat a case as "different".
4. If you cannot find the reason why a session has failed from the folder, suspect a False Auditing Report and get the pc interviewed about the session and get data as to why it failed.
5. Never punish an auditor for querying a C/S.
6. Do not discuss or mention data from pc folders socially.
7. Always correct the auditors' application of the technology in a positive way without invalidation.
8. Always order the auditor to restudy materials for any flunked session.
9. Never order any unnecessary repair.
10. Never use repair processes to get case gain when the pc needs the next Grade.
11. Never give verbal C/S instructions but always write them down in the pc's folder.
12. Never verbally communicate to the auditor about the case.
13. Never verbally communicate to a pc about his case.
14. Always send the pc to the Examiner or D of P, to get data, if unsure why the folder has been sent up for C/S.
15. Never be reasonable as a C/S.
16. Always maintain sufficient Ethics presence to get your orders followed.
17. Never follow advice from a pc about his case or C/S instructions needed but do accept the pc's data.
18. Always read through the pc folder before C/Sing a case.
19. Always have the folders of cases in trouble casewise, ethically or medically reviewed to find the Out Tech.
20. Never put a pc on a Grade to "solve his case".
21. Always order a repair of a mis-audited Grade until the End Phenomena has been achieved.
22. Move the pc up the Grade Chart in the proper sequence.
23. Never order a Grade run that the pc is not set up for.
24. Never practice "Going on Hoping" or  "hopeful C/Sing".
25. Never C/S a session you cannot read but instead return it to the auditor for clarification.
26. Make every effort to find and point out an actual goof and send the auditor to Cramming.
27. Never invalidate or harass an auditor for a correct action or when no technical goof has occurred.
28. Recognize and acknowledge a technically perfect session.
29. Always see to that a pc who knows he has made an EP is sent to Examiner to attest.
30. Never send a pc or who hasn't made it to declare and attest.
31. Always see to that pc's who haven't made it are handled until they have made that specific action or Grade.
32. Always complete cycles of action on the pc and never start a new one while an old one is still incomplete.
33. Always ensure that the auditors for whom you are C/Sing continue to improve in skill and training level.
34. Always maintain a standard of the highest professional conduct.



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