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If earlier Grades are found to be out an Advance Program is needed. In the C/S Mini Dictionary we find:

Out Grade: The pc has attested to Grade 0, but can't communicate freely. Is a "Grade 1 completion" yet has problems all over the place. The Grade is out. The Grades auditing needs to be FES'ed, the pc repaired and the Grade completed to an honest EP. It takes a Repair Program and an Advance Program to fix.

Advance Program: This is also called a "Return Program" in the C/S Series. It gets the pc really up to where he should be by completing earlier Grades and actions that are found to be "out". Each Grade is completed to an honest EP and attested. Then the next Grade is completed and attested. This was especially used in the early 1970s as a catch up. Pc's were previously only audited on one process per Grade. But it is still valid where pc's haven't fully made earlier Grades.

Advance Program EP: Each earlier Grade run taken to full EP, Grade by Grade. Action by Action. Each Grade now fully in is attested before the pc continues on the Advance Program with the next Grade or Action.

These definitions show what is ahead of us.

The way to approach it is to start with repairing the pc's case and thus set him up for the Advance Program.  Depending of what the pc is hung up on, repairing processes or Grades that were overwhelming to the pc may have to be done first. You repair it by getting the BPC off. "Grades Out" could have shown up in  D of P interview or in assessing lists such as Green Form and Green Form 40X. You would always have an FES done of the Grade or action you suspect is out. You may have found out tech in the Grade. This would be addressed in Repair.

Let's say, it has been determined that Grade 0 is out. Pc does not feel he can freely communicate. His last Grade was Grade 3. There isn't any situation of overwhelm; just a lack of Ability Attained. A program to fix it could be the following:

1. L1C "On your Grade 0____"
2. 2-Way Comm: "What did you experience on your Communications Grade?" to EP.
    Put in any out ruds uncovered on the Grade, Rehab any wins revealed.
3. Take first Comm Process previously run and check, "On comm process xx, did you go release?"
    Do a Rehab by Buttons, if positive. 
4. If pc did not go release on a process run it to EP.
5. Do 3, 4 on each process already run. Additional Items may be added to 
    processes requiring Items in  the process.
6. When all original processes are rehabbed/flattened this way,
    do a TWC, "How do you feel about your Grade 0 now?"
7. Depending on outcome either (1) send pc to attest Grade 0.
    (2) Or find additional Grade 0 Processes to run until full EP and Ability Attained is achieved.
8. 2-Way Comm: "What did you experience on your Problems Grade?"

This is the sample program for handling an earlier out Grade. Re (8), Grade 1 may be fine, although Grade 0 was out. But you would check each successive Grade to make sure. Any Grade out would be repaired by the same pattern, more or less, as far as Advance Program is concerned.

This completes the theory of C/S Mini Hat for C/Sing Grades 0-4. You still need to study the Trouble Shooter Tool in sequence. That is the next document. There are additional data on how to C/S Engram Clearing. The basic rules and laws are the same, but there are special points to watch when C/Sing Engram Running by Chains and the Engram Clearing RD's.



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