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(Attach to the inside left cover of the folder.)


PC'S NAME DATE ____________________________
PC'S CASE LEVEL  _____________________
1. Pc is not in the middle of another major action. _________
(complete it if this is the case)
2. TA is in normal range or has been handled in full. _________
(If not, a CS 53 should be done).
3. No trouble with Int or Int has been fully handled. _________
(If not, handle with Int Data, ICL, Recall Int RD).
4. Lists (L&N lists, including Why Finding, etc.) okay or have been properly corrected. _________
(If not, handle with L4BRB. If tangled verify/correct all lists done on the case).

5. Pc is not PTS or has been fully handled. _________
(Handle with PTS tech).
6. Pc has had a full and complete Basic Def's for Pc's  and understands auditing. _________
(If not, make sure it gets done).
7. Life Repair complete if needed. _________
(Not mandatory). 

8. Cleansing RD fully done. _________
 (If not, get it done).

9. Full Objectives done. _________
(If quickie or not done, complete them to EP).
10. Recall DRD fully complete. _________
(If any doubt, make sure it is handled).
11. Pc is not past Clear (Non-Interferrence Area). _________
(Clears can still be audited on Grades, but you need Expert C/S advice here for pgm). 

12. Resistiveness fully handled with GF 40X if needed. _________________
 (Check against GF40X and decide what to do. You handle Resistiveness,
not things that do not make up resistiveness though on the list).

13. Each prior Grade has been run to full EP on all flows with good Success Stories: _________
(If not, do Advance Pgm).

RECALL  :  Expanded Quad ____ 
GRADE 0: Expanded Quad ____ 
GRADE 1: Expanded Quad ____
GRADE 2: Expanded Quad ____
GRADE 3: Expanded Quad ____
GRADE 4: Expanded Quad ____

14. Pc is not complaining about past auditing and in need of having it reviewed and repaired. _________
(Should show up in D of P. If out, a Repair is needed).
16. By D of P interview, pc is happy with his gains and not still wanting something handled.___________ 
(Repair or other auditing needed. "Wanting something handled" usually mean special problem)

17. Is not reading on past Grades. _________
(If so, an Advance Pgm is needed). 

17. Not currently ill or in ethics trouble. _________
(If so, this should be sorted out first). 

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