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PC'S NAME DATE                                            PC'S CASE LEVEL

Starting a Pc on Engram Clearing:
1. Life Repair complete if needed. _________
2. Cleansing RD fully done. _________
3. Full Objectives done. _________
4. Recall Drug Rundown done and very complete. _________
5. Grades done. _________
6. Pc has been checked for having received processing in a past life. ___________
7. No signs of PTSness or PTSness fully handled. _________
8. Pc is not in the middle of another major action. _________
9. TA is in normal range or has been handled in full. _________
10. No trouble with Int or Int has been fully handled. _________
11. Lists (L&N lists, including Why Finding, etc.) okay or have been properly corrected. _________
12. Pc has had Basic Def's for Engrams, incl. procedure and words cleared, and understands it all  _________

Continuing R3RA Auditing:

13. Engram Drug RD done and very complete. _________
14. Runs Engram Chains well including past lives or has had this remedied. _________
15. Can find, run and erase Engrams or has had this remedied. _________
16. Runs R3RA in valence. _________
17. Is not stuck in former therapies or earlier practices or has had them run out R3RA. _________
18. Does not have unrun Engrams flows or bogged and unhandled Engram Chains. _________
19. Pc has been run on on Quads if a Quad pc. _________
20. Pc is not complaining about past auditing. _________
21. Pc can find and run Flow 2 (overts). _________
22. Not currently ill or in ethics trouble. _________
23. Person is not Clear or OT. _________
24. If Clear Intensive done, it has been completed and per outcome pc is not yet Clear and has no attention on whether or not he is Clear. _________
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