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Dictionaries, Glossaries, Encyclopedias, and References




Scn Glossaries, Other
Concise, short definitions. Derivations. Fast server.
Related to Ultra Lingua.
Based on Am Heritage Dict.
Brings several dictionaries to view quickly. Good definitions;
for most simple words as well. Includes derivation.
But: Slow server, Ads, pop-ups

Ultra Lingua
Basic definitions, synonyms good. No derivations.
Translates words to/from
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

Good definitions. No derivations. Audio with pronunciation. Examples of use. Synonyms, idioms under Thesaurus.


Definitions brief and simple. Each word within the def. is cross-linked to its own def. Site can pronounce words and whole sentences. Good beginner's site. Fast server.
But: You have to get used to read over the many links.

Cambridge Dict.
Short, concise definitions with examples. Well organized site. French and Spanish translations. Idioms.
But: No derivation.

Concise, short definitions. Derivations. Audio pronounciation.
Partial spelling search.
Translates words to French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch
But: many ads distract.
Excellent online version. Well organized, good cross references. Easy language. Based on Columbia Enclp. 2003
Excellent encyclopedia.
Language easy.
But: lots of ad distractions slows the download.

Only small excerpts  free. Has pictures and short excerpts of articles. But: Full articles take subscription.

1911 Encyclopedia Britannica 
(in part)
Features large parts of 1911 edition, the most  famous enclp. ever. Articles by 1500 authors. But: over 90 years old. Language difficult.

Enclp. on Philosophy
Specialized handbook in academically approved philosophy. 
Technical Dictionary of Scn
A search engine designed to answer spec. questions. incl .finding  translator pgms. 
Filbert's Excalibur
Supplements 'Road to Clear' with more processes and data - also on Advanced levels (OT).

Translations Software
Such software will give you a rough translation of web pages online. Mainly a help to translators as output has many "misunderstoods" and inaccuracies. Can handle 12 major languages.
Translates from English to 7 languages. Includes Norwegian.
Other translation pgms
5 services on one page. Find one you like.

Yahoo's Dictionary Index
Here you can find many more online dictionaries.
Yahoo's Enclp. Index
Here you can find more online encyclopedias.
Yahoo's Reference resources


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