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Study Manual

Intro to Study Manual
Homepage and Introduction
What is a Student?
'Student' defined.
The importance of a student setting a goal for his studies.
Barriers to Study
The three principal barriers to results in study.
Understanding and Study
The anatomy of understanding and how this applies to study.
Conceptual Understanding
Understanding the ideas and concepts of a text is different from merely understanding the words. This chapter explains how it is achieved.
MU's and How to Clear Them
An MU is a misunderstood word or symbol. There are 10 types of MU's. What are they and how do you clear a word completely?
A good dictionary is an important tool of study. How do you find one that is right for you and how do you use it?
A checksheet is the basic study-program the student follows. Explains some details related to that.
Students are paired up with a study partner, a twin, in training. Describes how this system works.
Demonstrations - Overview
When a student has studied something he should be able to show how it works. This is done with various types of Demos.
Clay Demos and Clay Table
How to make a Clay Demo in detail. Tools and materials needed for Clay Table.
Why Twin Check-outs?
About twin check-outs of theory.
Theory Check-out
The continuation of the above. What to ask for in a check-out. What is a pass and what is a flunk?
How Not to Check Out
This is the third and final chapter about Theory check-outs. The three chapters go together and has to be passed before a student is allowed to check out another.
Clearing Words
Tips for clearing words. Small, grammatical words can be troublesome; how to clear them. About synonyms.
Method 3 Word Clearing
This is a simple but effective method of Word Clearing. It can usually be done by the student himself. Sometimes he needs help from his twin.
Coaching of Drills
Teaches students all the fine points of coaching practical drills.
Method 9 Word Clearing
The exact instructions and procedures for M9.
Pink Sheets
This is a supervisor tool. The student is made to study something earlier he is weak in.
Important Study Data
Number of times over materials and personal experience are important.
Cramming is a training service independent of the course. It specializes in trouble-shooting. The person having a difficulty in applying, is interviewed and given a tailor-made study assignment.

Essays on Study

Essays on Study - Intro
The following section is a series of essays mainly based on lectures given by R. Hubbard in 1964.
An Introduction to Study
Study forms the doorway to doing new things. There are some "silly" fundamentals a student has to be aware of to succeed.
Technical Words and Learning
More data about misunderstood words and incomprehensible data. Why specialized words are necessary. How to increase study speed.
False Data Stripping
How false data can prevent the student from accepting true data.
Balance in Study
There has to exist a balance between significance, doingness and mass in studying in order to produce competent graduates.
Skipped Gradients and Definitions
A detailed account of the skipped gradient and misunderstood word phenomena and how to repair the situation.
Confronting and Study
To be able to handle anything you have to be able to confront it. A subject seems as complex as you are unable to confront it.
Levels of Competence
Illiterate people and people 'who know it all' are both handicapped. One has to understand and stay alert to survive.
Also about different levels of competence needed depending on what you are going to use the subject for.
Evaluation of Data
"A datum is as valuable as it has been evaluated". Explains how to evaluate data.
Eval of Textbook-data Drill
Practical drill in evaluating printed information.
The Logics
The Logics are described as the axioms of learning and rational thinking.


What is a Course
A Course has to fill certain requirements in order to be a Course per Study Technology. All the elements are described here.
Courses - What they Are and What they Aren't
Describes the extreme conditions of Study Technology being 'out' and being 'in'.
Student Point System
Student Points measure a students production and success as a student.
Description and values of the Point System.
Guidelines for Students
Rules and regulations for students on course.
Keeping the Technology Working
Ten important points to keep the technology working. 
How Technology Gets Altered
How  to prevent a technology to be altered into something that doesn't work


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Supervisor Section

Supervisor Section - Intro
Short introduction to the Supervisor's Section.
What is a Supervisor?
Defines what a Supervisor is and what he isn't. Basic duties of a Supervisor.
Supervisor's Code
The professional code outlining a Supervisor's duties and professional conduct.
Interest and 2-Way Communication
Tools used by the Supervisor to speed up his or her students.
Enturbulative Students
Disruptive students should not remain in the course room but be handled elsewhere.
Student Point System in Full
Includes point values for all possible study actions, applied on Clearbird Level 0-5. 
Student's Weekly Report
Questionnaire for students.
Content and Checksheet, Side-by-Side
Shows the Content and the Checksheet items for each Chapter side-by-side.



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Appendix, etc.

Introduction to Manual
The homepage of the site.
About Clearbird Publishing
Short about Clearbird, our publications and philosophy.
Frequently Asked Questions
General data about the Study Tech and answer to some frequently asked critical questions.
About Jonathan Livingston Seagull
The inspiration to our name. A summary of  Richard Bach's novel.
Online Handbooks
Dictionaries, encyclopedias, glossaries, translation programs and more can be found online. Check out these links.
The Glossary to Study Technology, also available when you click any illustration.
The print-out page for the checksheet to Study Manual
Site Map
Checksheet and Content Side-by Side.
Can be useful when studying the manual  on a computer.

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