How to Supervise a Standard
Clearing Technology Course

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Supervisor writing 
a Pink Sheet.

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metered word 
clearing on a student.


This section contains the essential data for running a course.

It is in particular designed to run courses in Standard Clearing Technology.

The basic textbook used is Clearbird's The Road to Clear, covering Standard Clearing Technology Level 0-5. Additional materials used are R. Hubbard's works. These are used for reference and to clear up any technical questions.

Especially useful and needed are the handbooks "Technical Dictionary of Scn", "Scn 0-8, The Book of Basics". But also other published books such as "Self Analysis", "Fundamentals of Thought", etc. should be at hand. Ultimately the "Red Volumes", that contain all the technical bulletins should be part of a course room library.

Much of the essential data a supervisor uses are already contained in the Study Manual. Especially chapters on What is a Course, Pink Sheet and their use, Keeping the Technology Working are essential. 

A Supervisor with some basic training in Standard Clearing Technology will be much better prepared than one who hasn't. A Supervisor who has done Level Zero will know how to use the Meter, know the TR's and have a much better idea of what he or she is trying to accomplish with the students. Level Zero also includes how to do False Data Stripping, a useful tool in training. Traditionally auditor training is not a prerequisite, but it is here strongly recommended.

What is strictly needed in addition to the Study Manual is stated in this Supervisor section. We have only included the bare-bone necessities here; but from practical experience this is all you need to get started and going. We are not going into the business side of things as different areas will need to approach that question differently. We are concentrating on the course room and how to run the course itself.

We wish you and your students success!



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