What Is a Supervisor?

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The Supervisor is neither a teacher nor an instructor.

A teacher is supposed to explain things to their students and go through new materials by lecturing to them, often using a blackboard.


 A Teacher 
explains things 
   using a blackboard.   


An instructor typically explains things one-on-one to students and show them how to do it.


 An Instructor 
   explains things   


In Study Technology the materials taught all have to be part of a permanent record, such as textbooks, videos, taped lectures, etc. By using this system one can always refer back to the permanent record to get things straightened out. The line that has to be established and working is from the materials to the student. The Supervisor's job is thus to keep this line open and keep the students working at it. He oversees or supervises the process between the materials and the student and repairs it when needed. 


In Study Tech the line goes 
   from the printed materials to   
the student. He learns from 
the materials, not from 
the Supervisor.   


The Supervisor does not interpret, explain or even quote verbatim from the materials. He basically points silently. A supervisor can do most of his work with his index finger. He points at the right materials, points at the checksheet, points at the dictionary, points at the demo kit or the clay table. The student has to do the work; the student is not there to be entertained or lectured to. He is there to study the recorded materials and go through the steps on his checksheet, point by point.


The Supervisor is an 
observer. He makes 
sure the students use 
the Study Tech. When 
   things go well he is quiet.   


The Supervisor is willing to have the students ask him questions. He has to be interested in his students and their progress. He does, however, not answer technical questions in the normal way but points to the materials that contain the answer to the questions asked. Thus he has to know the materials very well to be effective and able to handle the whole class smoothly.

The Supervisor's typical activity is to observe his students. He does that from his desk and he does that by walking around in the classroom and see how the students are doing. If he sees any indicators of a student not doing well he goes to work. He will question the student to how he is doing with the materials and find whatever the student didn't get. Then he has the student look for the misunderstood word, skipped gradient or lack of mass. 

Often he will use the procedure explained under Pink Sheet to handle his students. He may order two students to twin up  and have them coach each other through any difficulties.

In Practical he always has students twin up and work on drills together. Even in Practical it is the printed materials that counts. Anything flunked is only done so because it is contrary to how the recorded materials say how to do it.

Another side of the Supervisor's work is to keep good discipline. Students studying Standard Clearing Technology are there because they want to learn this technology. They usually have personal hopes, ambitions and pride invested in the course. The Supervisor has to make sure the students succeed in their endeavors. He does that through good discipline, holding up the needed standards of excellence, and keeping his course room clean of any distractions from the environment and life in general.

He makes sure anything the students need are right there and available. This includes dictionaries, materials, checksheets, reference books, clay, demo kits, and of course desks and chairs in a neat and pleasant course room. He keeps the course room free of distractions.

The students should have a clear feeling and certainly of  that they are there to study and become experts in the subject. They are kept to this basic agreement no matter what. Any distractions are rooted out. Any intentions to do other things are rooted out. There exists a contract between the student and the Supervisor for the student to be able to graduate as a competent and well disciplined practitioner. This is accomplished by hard study, sacrifice of convenience and other-intentions, hard drilling, and good discipline. The Supervisor makes sure the students keep the schedule and put in the time required; and he makes sure the student does what he is supposed to do and uses good Study Technology at all times.

At all times the Supervisor should keep in mind the overall goal of the course and gear all his activities towards this. His duty is to get the students through the course and become  competent and productive practitioners. Anything he does or have the students do have to have this goal in clear sight.

Supervisor's Duty
It can be summarized this way:

The duty of the Supervisor of a Course consists of:

The Communication of the data of standard technology to the student so as to achieve acceptance, duplication and application of the technology in a standard and effective manner.



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