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1. Behave as a good representative for the course at all times.

2. Always eat breakfast before morning class. Make sure to start course being well rested and well fed.

3. Be a student when you study or receive coaching. Be a coach when you coach another student. Be a professional when you give Word Clearing or other auditing.

4. Get off all your known withholds about the course and anything related to it. Don't try to keep relevant facts and deeds secret. Holding on to secrets is a sure route not to make any progress and eventually blow. You can write it up and send it to the ethics officer or the supervisor and you should receive no punishment for confessions done in good faith.

5. If you don't know something or are confused about course data, ask the supervisor or send them a written note. Do not ask other students as this creates a chain of worsening errors in data.

6. Give advanced notice if you need a leave of absence from course. You must get permission before you leave a course. This will not be granted until the supervisor is absolutely sure, that it is not caused by misunderstoods, or other irrational reasons. Sign the relevant log book to leave, and again when you return.

Word Clearing and Auditing

7. Do not drink any alcohol 24 hours before course.

8. Do not take any drugs, antibiotics, headache pills, sleeping pills or medical stimulants for the entire course period without the approval of the supervisor or administrator.

9. Do not give or receive any Word Clearing or auditing without clearing it with the supervisor. Emergency assists are excepted (applies to ill or upset students).

10. Do not engage in any "self-auditing" under any circumstances during the course at any time.

11. Do not receive any treatment, guidance, or help from anyone in the healing arts (medical doctor, dentist, etc.), without clearing it with the supervisor or his senior. (Emergency treatment is excepted.)

12. Do not engage in any rite, ceremony, practice, exercise, meditation, diet, food therapy, or any other healing or mental therapy while on course without the express permission to do so.

13. Do not discuss your case, your Word Clearer or auditor, your supervisors, or classmates with anyone. Save your unkind or critical thoughts for your auditing sessions or take up complaints with the supervisor.

14. Do not engage in any sexual relationships or get emotionally involved with any classmate (or Supervisor) who is not your legal spouse.

15. Follow the Auditor's Code during all sessions, including Word Clearing, when being the auditor.

16. Follow technical procedure as outlined on the course exactly and precisely.

17. Be honest at all times on your report forms.

18. Students must not read their own PC folder or that of another student, unless he is auditing that student.


19. Do not make any undue noise either indoors, or when leaving class.

20. Use the correct entrances for entering and leaving the premises.

21. Treat course room, furniture, and material with care and respect.

22. Keep all your supplies and personal possessions in the space assigned and keep your space neat and orderly.

23. Students are allowed to smoke during breaks only and outside any course- or auditing-   rooms.

24. No food may be stored or eaten in the course rooms at any time.


25. Be on time for class and all assignments.

26. Buy any books you need before you need them.

27. Follow all schedules exactly.



A student must not discuss any examination with anyone except persons directly handling it. A student should pass an examination on the basis that he knows and can apply the data, not on the basis that he has been told the exam answers beforehand and knows and can pass the examination. Therefore, students are not to discuss examinations with other students for whatever reason. Further, students who fail examinations or any single question are not to discuss such failure or reasons for such with anyone other than the assigned personnel.



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