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R. Hubbard (1911-86) gave 
hundreds of recorded lectures 
between 1950 and 1978, 
   mainly to his personal students.   


The following section of the Study Manual is a series of essays. The five major essays are based upon a series of lectures R. Hubbard gave in 1964 on the subject of study. The essay, "Evaluation of Data" is a summary of Data Analysis as it applies to an individual student. Data Analysis was published in a series of so-called Policy Letters in the 1970'ies. We have also included an illustrated essay on The Logics.

The Study Lectures
The Study Technology in this manual is built on material first published in lecture form. There are a total of 10 lectures in R. Hubbard's Study Technology Lecture Series. Eight of these lectures were given over the summer and autumn of 1964.

Since they were given over a considerable amount of time, and a number of new students attended each lecture, there was a lot of repetitious materila in the recorded lectures. We have therefore chosen to summarize five lectures and have taken care of that all applicable data are in the essays or elsewhere in the manual.

The study Lectures (and the essays) talk about educating auditors. An auditor is a practitioner of Standard Clearing Technology. The client or 'patient' of the auditor is called a preclear or PC. Since Clearbird's publications aim at educating auditors we have kept many examples from this field. We have given it some consideration to include other examples as well. Since the Study Technology can be applied to all skilled activities and formal subjects we have written the essays so they can be understood without any special knowledge of auditing and Standard Clearing Technology. Thus students who are studying this manual for use in another field should have no difficulty in reading the essays. The Study Technology is basically how you most effectively communicate with and assimilate a body of data, a subject, or a single book and has very wide applications. As mentioned the lectures were given in 1964; schooling has changed since then - in part due to the influence of this very Study Technology. The negative traits of traditional schooling indeed may have improved. We have kept the original tone so as to show the contrast between traditional schooling and education for life.

Evaluation of Data
The essay, "Evaluation of Data" summarizes ideas and principles with which R. Hubbard worked extensively with in his Data Series. It developed into an administrative system and a trouble-shooting tool for management experts. The original writing is thus not as accessible to students of other fields. Since the study lectures in many ways were forerunners to this system we have chosen to use the basic terminology as it later developed. We have also chosen to keep it simple and focused to that which an individual student can use with benefit in his studies. Thus we have in this essay attempted to bring the content of the study lectures into the perspective of the later developments, but in a straight-forward manner. To this we have added a drill. There is also an illustrated essay on the Logics. The Logics have been called the axioms of learning and rational thought.



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