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The Following is used as a checklist and included in the pc's folder as the Basic Program for Grade 5, Engram Clearing. Each Step is checked off by the C/S, one by one, when done or verified. Optional Steps are marked 'not needed' if the Step does not apply to the pc.

Step 1: PC Information Sheet
This interview form is done with the pc on the Meter. It gives you the basic date on a pc. His history, what drugs and alcohol he has taken, illnesses, operations, present physical conditions, any mental treatment, medicines and perception difficulties. Some important points from this form are addressed in Engram Clearing as a special RD. Also the drug data are addressed on the Engram Drug RD. 

Step 2: Handle Any PTS Symptoms
If pc manifests signs of PTS it has to be handled. This is true at any level or Major Action. You have to handle any PTS symptoms before beginning any auditing. Pcs who are PTS will not hold their gains. Therefore any PTS symptoms are handled before auditing is begun. 

Step 3: The Cleansing RD
Ensure pc has done the Cleansing RD to good EP. 

Step 4: Recall Drug RD
Ensure pc has already done the Recall Drug RD to good EP.

Step 5: Objective Processes
Ensure pc has had a full battery of Objective Processes per the line-up on ST1. If not complete, make sure it is completed and no Quicke Objectives were done.

Step 6: TRs Course
TRs 0-4 and TRs 6-9 should have been done as part of pc's drug handling. On the Grade Chart it is listed as part of the Objectives Level. Make sure, it was done and pc is happy about it and had the expected benefits from it.

Step 7: Engrams, Basic Definitions
The pc has to know what is expected of him in Engram running. This is done by taking him through, Engram Running, Basic definitions and clearing the procedure.

Step 8: Engram Drug RD
The effects of drugs is a major stumbling block to make real gains. With the Engram DRD this is addressed in a very effective way. The taking of drugs form their own Engrams and engramic incidents. This RD addresses this fact in depth and permanently. The Recall Drug RD addressed the subject to key-out. The Engrams and masses in the mind are still there. On this RD you erase them.  A person who has been on drugs, alcohol or medicine seldom runs any other type of Engram well. He seldom goes backtrack well, and is subject to somatic, emotional and perceptic shut-offs. This makes it the first subject to address with Engram running.  

The Engram Drug RD has five parts: 1) The Pc Info Sheet  which names the drugs, medicines or alcohols the pc has taken in this lifetime. 2) The running of each reading drug, medicine or alcohol Narrative R3RA Quad. 3) The pre-assessment of each of these and the running by R3RA Quad of the items. 4) The prior Assessment to each drug or alcohol. 5) The final step of bringing the pc fully into PT and stabilizing him by the running of further Objectives.

Step 9: Relief RD
This is done based on data from the Pc Info Sheet. If that interview shows severe losses (such as by death) of relatives, friends and pets these losses can be run out as narrative incidents. Loss of possessions can also be run out as part of this Step. It will be found that when all such great changes in a person's life have been handled the person will experience a considerable relief about life.

Step 10: Engram Running Remedies - Optional Step
There are several remedies that can be done as part of Engram Clearing. Once you have gotten drug Engrams and narrative incidents out of the way the pc's track should have opened up considerably as well as his ability to run Engrams. The step may clean up things the pc couldn't completely As-is or erase on the earlier Engram running steps. The remedies are:
(1) The Picture and Masses Remedy. Takes care of pictures and masses in
      restimulation on a case.
(2) Past Life Remedy. Takes care of pc's difficulties or inability to go earlier than this life on Engram Chains.

Step 11: Complete Handling of Pc Info Sheet Items 
We have already handled drugs, alcohol and medicine and all losses the pc has had fully and completely. The pc is now set up to go ahead with handling the rest of his complaints and symptoms. There are a number of other points that should be looked into and run out with R3RA based on the info pc provided.

Step 12: Re-Assessment of Pc Info Sheet 
After all the items on Pc Info Sheet are handled as outlined above we do the same form as a check up. The pc's memory will have improved if you've done a good job of auditing so far. So we reassess the Pc Info Sheet and handle anything now reading.

Step 13: Student Rescue Intensive - Engram Running Style - Optional
If your pc is having any trouble with study he should have this RD. It takes up and handles any and all somatics connected with the subject of study. A Student Rescue Intensive is not run until the pc has been completed up to Step11.  As drugs, if he has taken any, are a major cause to being unable to study that needs to be out of the way. Also the Student Rescue Intensive is not a substitute for proper Word Clearing in subjects causing trouble. It does however handle other reasons why a pc may have trouble with study.

Step 14: Prepared Assessment Form
 This step can produce amazing results. It is done by assessing a prepared list of types of somatics and fully handling each one using R3RA. When you have an F/Ning list and the pc is VGIs this step is complete.

Step 15: Disability RD
This Rundown handles anything the pc considers a disability; mental, physical or otherwise. It handles everything from being too short to not being able to do algebra or afraid of going to parties. It takes each disability and handles related somatics with R3RA.

Step 16: Identity RD
This RD is specifically aimed at getting a pc into valence. It specifically takes up and handles valences the pc may be in by using the Engram Clearing techniques.

Step 17: Auditing Out Sessions - Optional
Bad auditing can form an engramic incident or incidents by itself. They can form Locks on Engrams. This can be handled by  auditing out an auditing session or all auditing. One does this by R3RA, running the incident narrative to erasure and only going earlier similar if it starts to grind very badly. In case all auditing is addressed it is handled session by session as a Chain.